Monthly Meeting

Monday 3 March, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:        Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field,

Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Willis, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk) and Mr B Price

Mr K Poyser in attendance and one member of the public.


1.           Apologies for absence

Mr D Turner (County Councillor)


2.           Declarations of interest



3.           Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.           Appointment of Clerk

Mr Nowell-Smith proposed the appointment of Mr K Poyser and this was seconded by Mr Field and approved. Mr Nowell-Smith welcomed Mr Poyser.


5.           Matters arising from previous minutes

a.         No meeting yet arranged with Boris Johnson re pelican crossing.

Mrs Stoker agreed to follow up matter relating to speeds on A418 and noise abatement onM40. Closure of M40 J7 to begin July 2008 and last for 6 months. Meeting between contractors and County Council to be held on 18 March; local parties to be contacted by email. It is apparently not feasible to keep bridge partly open. Alternative routes to be signposted. Meeting with Tom Harris re M40 CEG group now on 26 March.

Mr Field has pointed out the main potholes to County Council.

SODC core strategy response – this has been dealt with as far as we can.


b.        Commemorative tree

Situation as at last meeting. Nothing on website about guidance/rules for tree felling. Mr Price will follow up. Chestnut tree opposite entrance to village hall appears to be dying. Clerk to speak to Timothy Shickle at OCC.


6.           Councillors’ responsibilities

            As before with Mr Price taking on responsibility for health and safety and transport



7.        Planning matters

P07/W1497 – Station Yard, Tiddington – will be considered at the planning meeting on 12  March. Mrs Horne to attend with other Parish Council members to present our objections. A lengthy discussion of this matter ensued.


Oxford park and ride – the proposal at J7 of M40 does not have our approval. Clerk to write to this effect.


P08/W1309/1310/LB Albury Grange, Albury. This has been refused by SODC.


P08/W0162/184LB Tiddington House, Tiddington – merely replicates structure which previously existed. No objection.


P08/W0177 Chenar, Oxford Road, Tiddington We have not had copy of plans, so cannot consider at this stage.


Sandy Lane Veterinary. Trading will cease and vacation will be by 6 April at latest.


Lassco tourism signage. Too many proposed on plan. Clerk to write.


P05/W0332 Three Pigeons Public House, Milton Common – development refused by SODC.


8.        Correspondence

Parish remuneration Panel Report – Councillors do not receive remuneration but expenses considered on a case by case basis.

Code of conduct training. Training session on Thursday 10 April. Four members attending.

OCC review of Primary School provision – Surplus places in some schools and waiting lists for others. No intent to implement any closures.


9.         Financial matters

Mears/Scion Estates payment for dog bins £164.50 proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Horne.

Ryder Cheshire Volunteers – application for assistance does not meet our criteria.

Clerk’s salary – payment to Mrs Stoker of £476.43 proposed by Mr Field, seconded by Mr Price.

SODC grant remittance - £3294 re toilets for village hall. Invoice to British Gas for £1413.51 to be paid on receipt of quotation in support.


10.      Open Discussion

            Deadline for copy for Newsletter is 16 March.

            Damage to tug of war pole.

Bench in children’s play area needs to be  anchored.

            Letter of thanks to be sent to Richard Ilbury for hedge-cutting.

            New planning application pending for Lantern Service Station.

A vote of thanks was given to Mrs Stoker for her past services and Mrs Stoker thanked         councillors for their kindness to her.


11.      Date of next meeting – Monday 7 April at 8.00pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.15pm