Tiddington 4 Village Plan 

Bulletin 1 - Winter 2012


Your participation in preparing the plan and your feedback to us on our proposals is of the utmost importance to us.  So please give us your views, using the contact details on the final page.


Better still, come and join us.  We especially need people from Tiddington itself, either on the Steering Group or as Friends of the Steering Group, helping at particular events or tasks and helping spread the word and deliver the feedback


And we are making progress, we have been awarded grants totalling almost 2,000 from the parish council and the district council, for which we are most grateful, and have started to record parish opinions with the Village Voice event


A Pelican Crossing Will Villagers Pay For One?


Do you want a pelican crossing on the A418 in Tiddington?
   A further 40,000 needs to be raised to make this happen
  This money has to be raised by the local community through fund

      raising or higher council tax

  What do you want to do?  Whats your view?    Contact us to tell us

      (see final page for details)



More Housing in the Parish?


South Oxfordshire Housing Strategy aims to increase the overall supply of   

     housing , especially Affordable Housing

  A total of 775 new houses in Thame are being proposed
  It is quite conceivable this will increase pressure for more houses here
  Should we welcome more houses?  If so, for whom? Where?  How many?
  Whats your view?  Contact us to tell us (see final page for details)


Do You Want Faster Broadband, and Would You Pay to Get It?


Most people in Great Milton have said they are happy with current rates, unlike

the whole of Oxfordshire, as shown in the poll results below


You can register your interest in improving our broadband in the link http://bit.ly/owAkiv


Could You Help Improve the Playground?


Do you think we need a new play area for the under 5s?
  Have you seen the picture, in the village hall, of an all-weather sports area?
  People have asked when it will be built?  Only when we (you and us) do so!
  So, come to a meeting to be held at 19.30 on 6th March at Cate Teidemans,

     14 North Close, Tiddington please.  Or contact us using the details on the

      last page


Extended Cycleways, Better Paths


Cycleways there is significant interest in a cycleway to Thame and, to a

     lesser extent, to Wheatley and on to Oxford


  Pavements concerns reported focus mainly upon fouling by dogs and

      an insufficiency of bins


  Footpaths footpaths appear well used by villagers and there are few if

      any complaints about their adequacy


  Whats your view?  Contact us to tell us (see final page for details)



We Really Need Your Input, Please


Be a Member of the Steering Group, one and a half hours once a month


Be a Friend of the Group, helping with events and encouraging and giving feedback on ideas and proposals


Give us your feedback on the ideas outlined in this bulletin


Contact Nigel Draper on drapernigelf@yahoo.co.uk

01844 339 347 or Albury House, Albury OX9 2LP