Tiddington 4 Village Plan

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The process of creating a village plan for the parish of Tiddington was begun successfully with a public meeting in the village hall on 25 July 2011.  Some 59 people drawn from all age groups and all parts of the parish attended and gave their views on what is good and not so good about living here, and what things they would like to see done.  Almost everyone present agreed that having a parish plan would be a good thing and a number of them agreed to join a Steering Group to lead the preparation of the plan.

What is a Village Plan?

Our community led plan will set out a vision of how our community wants to develop and identifies the action needed for us to achieve it.

The key features of developing the plan are:

         It is community centred the whole basis of the plan is what the villagers themselves want and central to its preparation is leadership by community members, extensive participation of community members and full consultation with community members.

         It focuses on action defining a) what is wanted, b) how it can be achieved (including costs and funding), c) when it should happen and d) who will be responsible for it

         It enables the parish to reach support and advice not readily available to the Parish Council.  Therefore it acts independently of but in co-operation and liaison with the Parish Council, who will hopefully take a key role in implementing the agreed plan.

Steering Group

The members of the Steering Group, together with their agreed roles and contact details are listed below.

There is plenty of scope to increase the numbers on the Steering Group, so if you would like to play a leading role in the development of the plan please contact anyone of the above members.  The Group meets on the evening of the third Monday of each month, for around 90 minutes.  We would particularly welcome additional members from Tiddington, as that part of the parish is under-represented in proportion to its population, but that does not mean that anyone from other parts of the parish should not put themselves forward.

Action To Date

The Steering Group has now met twice and has:

         Chosen a name for itself Tiddington 4 Villages (Tiddington, Albury, Draycot and Milton Common) to reflect the dispersed nature of our parish

         Established a constitution

         Defined a preliminary timescale for producing the plan, taking us from now to December 2012

         Defined the following topics for potential inclusion in the plan, each with a specific lead drawn from the membership of the Steering Group:



Roads (including pedestrian crossing and street lighting)           

Ian Morris


Cycle Paths

Christine Craddock

Amenities (including Village Shop, Coffee Shop, Film Club)

To be confirmed


Rob Richardson


Tony Giddy

Policing & Crime Control

Elaine Horne

Activities for Youth

Rob Richardson

Services for Older People

Christine Craddock


Tony Giddy


The groups are based upon the suggestions and concerns put forward at the original 25 July open meeting, but they are not exhaustive, so other topics can be added as and when the Steering Group receives feedback from the community that something else needs to be addressed.

Each lead will be responsible for developing initial ideas for testing with you, the residents of the parish.  They will start from the feedback given by the participants at the 25 July meeting and from any current plans and proposals, but will be looking to add to or amend or even replace these plans depending on the feedback they get from you.    

If you

         have a specific idea, suggestion or concern please contact whoever you feel is the relevant lead from those named above or Nigel Draper as the secretary to the Group. 

         would like to join a group to prepare proposals please contact the group lead

         Are happy to give some time to help us but do not want a specific role or be committed to a regular meeting, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Tony Giddy.