Monthly Meeting

Monday 3 September, 2007, 8.00pm at Tiddington Village Hall




Present: Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mrs J Willis, Mr F Dixon (Planning Consultant) and 4 members of the public.


Before the start of the meeting, Mr Nowell-Smith announced with sadness the death of Councillor Roy Boughton. All present expressed their deep sympathy to his family and their appreciation of his hard work and dedication as Councillor during his tenure.


1.             Apologies

Apologies were received from Mr D Turner (County Councillor).


2.             Declarations of Interest

Mrs Willis declared an interest in planning application P07/W0992 as the owner of a neighbouring property.

Mr Field declared an interest in planning application P07/W0969/70LB as a near relation to the applicant.

Mr Nowell-Smith declared an interest in the request for a donation to the Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau in his role as an adviser.


3.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.             Matters arising from previous minutes

a.             OCC Highways matters. Electronic 30mph sign the Clerk has sent a reminder to Mr Peter Ronald for the request for a speed survey. A works order has been made to refurbish the remaining three gates on the A418. There is no further information about the A329/M40 bridge closure.

b.            Affordable housing a meeting has been held with Marita Coles, OCHA, Helen Scullard, SODC, Anna Kennedy, ORCC, and colleagues, in order to resolve the various outstanding concerns raised by councillors on behalf of the parish. Following this meeting, the Parish Council had to decide whether or not to support the scheme as it stands, and to form a view on the specific design of the development. Comments from members of the public attending the meeting were also considered. The Parish Council voted not to approve the building of affordable houses in the Station Yard on the lines presented to the Council by OCHA. The main concerns of affordability, allocation policy and appropriate size and composition of the dwellings were felt to have been inadequately addressed. The clerk is to draft a letter advising the various organisations of the decision.


5.             Planning matters

a.            P07/W0958 Lantern Service Station: Demolition of service station and erection of four dwellings. Mr Dixon, Planning Consultant for the development, explained the outcome of recent planning committee discussions of applications for the site. Planning policy dictates that brown field sites within the green belt may only be developed for further commercial use unless other material considerations apply, and planning officers are of the opinion that the site should be marketed more aggressively. The current use of the site, however, is unsatisfactory, and Mr Dixon has had correspondence from the Highways department outlining damage and safety issues on the site. Mrs Horne has shown the plans of the proposed development to local residents who are in support of the application subject to planning conditions being applied to fencing, landscaping and decontamination of the site. Decision approved provided appropriate planning conditions are in place as described above.

b.            P07/W0969/70LB Manor Farmhouse: Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey extension and cart shed and listed building consent. Decision approved.

c.            P07/W0992 Land facing Albury View, Thame Road, Tiddington: Erection of single dwelling. This application was received just prior to the meeting giving insufficient time for consideration. The clerk to apply for an extension and Mr Field and Mrs Knight will review the plans before the next monthly meeting.


6.             Correspondence

No correspondence was received for discussion


7.             Financial matters

a.             Audit the audit has been completed. It has been agreed in prior years that the Parish Council considers that the standard cover for fidelity guarantee insurance is sufficient. However, the clerk is to check the cost of the increased guarantee for the decision to be ratified.

b.            Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau a donation was made for 75 proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.

c.             Wheatley Park School a donation was made for 50 proposed by Mr Field and seconded by Mrs Willis.

d.            Payment of 27.00 for the 3 Villages Car Service, Mrs F Hughes, was proposed by Mrs Willis and seconded by Mr Field.

e.             A bank withdrawal for 10.00 by Mrs Stoker for petty cash was proposed by Mr Nowell-Smith and seconded by Mrs Horne.

f.             Payment of 188.00 to BDO Stoy Hayward LLP for carrying out the audit was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mr Field.

g.            Payment of 76.38 to Robinsons Garden Care for mowing the playing field was proposed by Mrs Willis and seconded by Mrs Knight.

h.             Payment of 129.25 to Robinsons Garden Care for mowing the church yard was proposed by Mrs Horne and seconded by Mr Field.

i.              Payment of 1656.75 to Robinsons Garden Care for village hall refurbishment was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Horne.


8.             Open discussion

a.             Mrs Knight reminded all present that the deadline for the newsletter is 20th September. Mr Nowell-Smith will write a few words to be published in memory of Mr Boughton.

b.            Neighbourhood Watch the clerk is to compose an advertisement for a co-ordinator for Tiddington.

c.             Mrs Willis asked if the overhanging vegetation growing around the stream at the back of the cricket club could be cleared. It is not known who owns the land and the clerk is to enquire. Mrs Willis also commented that she had received reports of garden waste being dumped in the ditches around North Close and Brookside Close. A notice is to go in the newsletter asking that garden waste is disposed of responsibly.

d.            Mrs Horne advised that road signs on the A40 are obscured by vegetation. The clerk will report this.

e.             Dog waste bins the clerk has contacted the various utility companies as required by OCC and is awaiting response. Mr Nowell-Smith is to place a reminder via the newsletter that until these are in place dog owners should clear up after their dogs. Dog fouling is a particular nuisance along the pavement between the A418 and the playing field.


9.             Date of next meeting

Thursday, 4 October 2007 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.