Monthly Meeting

Monday 6 September, 2004, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall





Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr R Boughton, Mr K Field, Mr A Stratton, Mr W Tremayne and Mrs J Willis.


1.                   Apologies

No apologies.


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were approved and signed.


3.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highway matters – the A329 from Thame to Milton Common was now closed for extensive repairs and the notice placed at Sandy Lane “no access for diverted traffic” had not discouraged drivers. Agreed to write to OCC to request temporary traffic lights at the Waterstock Turn and a “concealed entrance” notice for Fieldfare, Sandy Lane. 

b.                   Affordable housing – no further news to report.

c.                   Pelican crossing – the census of adult and child pedestrians crossing the A418 between 7.30am and 7.30pm on a Tuesday will be taken on 5 October, the timetable being Nowell-Smith: 7.30-9.30, Stratton: 9.30-11.30, Boughton: 11.30-13.30, Tremayne: 13.30-15.30, Clerk: 15.30-16.30, Field: 16.30-18.30, Willis: 18.30-19.30.


4.                   Planning matters

a.                   P04/W0762/RET  Ardhaven House, Old London Road, Milton Common – a lean-to roof following the line of the existing roof to hide external pipework and to improve the front aspect of the house.

Decision: SODC approved.

b.                   P04/W0983/O  Between 46-50 Ickford Road, Tiddington – erection of one dwelling.

Decision: refused as it would extend the built-up area on the edge of the Tiddington settlement contrary to Local Plan policy H6 (iii).


5.                   Correspondence

a.                  Future of Waste Disposal in Oxfordshire – public meeting, Thursday 16 September, 7.00-9.00pm, Benson Village Hall. Mr Field and Clerk to attend.

b.                  The Office of Deputy Prime Minister is carrying out a survey of allotment sites under the management of town and parish councils. Those sites within Tiddington are privately owned.


6.                   Financial matters

a.                  The estimate for bark raking of the Play Area by Robinson’s Garden Care was £20.00 per time. Acceptance was proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Field. Mr Robinson to liaise with Mr Stratton over frequency of raking.

b.                  Provision of CCTV for the Play Area at a cost of £78.50 + VAT proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Boughton. Mr Stratton and Mr Field, as members of the Village Hall Committee declared an interest.

c.                  Friends of Meadowcroft donation of £40.00 proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mrs Willis.

d.                  Robinson’s Garden Care had quoted £60.00 per mowing of the churchyard. It was agreed that one more cut before the end of the season would be needed from Robinson’s and estimates would be reviewed at the beginning of the new season.

e.                  Payment of £917.00 to Z M Knight for Clerk’s salary proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Tremayne. The nationally agreed increase had been recently notified, giving a total annual salary of £1834.00, agreed at the April Council meeting.

f.                    Payment of £35.00 to M A Wise for hedge trimming proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Stratton.

g.                  Payment of £92.24 to MediaLane International for CCTV Camera for Play Area proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Boughton.

h.                  Payment of £155.10 to MediaLane International for Play Area signs proposed by Mr Boughton, seconded by Mrs Willis. It was agreed that the Village Hall Committee would pay half the net cost. Mr Stratton and Mr Field declared an interest.

i.                    Payment of £65.00 to SODC for garden sacks proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mrs Willis.


7.                   Open discussion

a.                   Mr Stratton reported that provisionally the Village Fete had made a profit of £650.00.

b.                   Mr Boughton asked about a bank account which would pay a higher rate of interest for the Council’s money. Clerk to investigate.

Mr Boughton also asked whether more advertising could be gained for the Newsletter, as surrounding village newsletters have a great deal more. Clerk advised that our newsletter has quite a small circulation and we might need to register for VAT if there is an increase in revenue.

c.                   Clerk reported that she would be unable to attend the meeting in October 2005 on the first Monday and proposed moving it to the second Monday. This was agreed and will be given extensive publicity nearer the time.


8.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 4 October 2004 at 8.00pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.