Monthly Meeting

Monday 7 November, 2005, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr R Boughton, Mr K Field, Mr A Stratton, Mrs A Tremayne and Mrs J Willis.


1.                   Apologies

Mr D Turner (County Councillor)


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were approved and signed.


3.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highway matters – the sign indicating the M40 before the Waterstock Turn is still awaited. Requests for pothole repairs and manhole cover replacement had been satisfied and it would appear that loose drain covers on the A418 have been inspected.   

b.                   Affordable housing – the exhibition had been well attended and 41 responses received from the survey. Chloe Hillsdon of SODC had collated the comments and these were circulated to Councillors. It was agreed that a meeting should be arranged with Suzanne Willers, SODC and OCHA to discuss the way forward, particularly in relation to outstanding questions – need for more shared ownership, two or three bedroom properties rather than one bedroom, more to be built from the beginning.

c.                   Tree planting and maintenance – site meeting has been arranged with Matthew Jones of OCC to discuss problems of siting the fir tree where required. Clerk and Mr Field to attend on 14 November at 9.30am.

d.                   M40 road noise levels – Mr Nowell-Smith had spoken to Darren Rhoden of the Highways Agency and he is aware of the concerns and sympathetic. A survey is being done in the High Wycombe area and is likely to be extended to Junction 7. He suggested that we register our concerns with Dr Ken Edwards of the Chilterns Environmental Group.

e.                   London Road, Milton Common – road safety concerns – the site meeting was attended by Mr Ronald of OCC, Mr Turner, Mrs Tremayne, Clerk and two residents of Milton Common. Mr Ronald said he would order speed and volume of traffic counts between Sandy Lane and the A329. He also suggested 30mph roundels painted at intervals on the road and would register our request for speed activated signs. The problem of the large vehicles queueing at the Lantern Service Station was a Police matter and was being attended to by them. Mr Ronald has since advised that the Fire Service cannot take any action against the dispensing of diesel fuel into a vehicle standing on the highway, only petrol.

f.                     21,000 new homes Oxfordshire 2016 – 2026 – SODC had registered their objection to housing on the outskirts of Oxford in the Green Belt.

g.                   Village Hall grant – Mr Nowell-Smith had spoken to Jane Bolton of SODC who apologised for not informing the Village Hall Committee sooner of the failure to secure a grant. There had been a change of dates for receiving submissions; the next is now 31 December. Jane Bolton will be willing to come and discuss the plans on site. Mr Stratton to arrange and Mr Nowell-Smith will attend if possible.  


4.                   Councillors’ subject responsibilities

Clerk asked Councillors to consider what subject responsibilities they would be prepared to take and they will be discussed at the December meeting.


5.                   Planning matters

a.                   15 Brookside Close – Mr Nowell-Smith had spoken to the owners, Mr and Mrs Andrews and ascertained that the triangle of land adjacent to the footpath leading to the rear of the properties belonged to no. 15 and was registered as such. Mr Andrews’ solicitor could be contacted if further confirmation was required. Mr Andrews had been in touch with OCC Highways, who were happy that the strip of land adjacent to the front footpath could be gravelled rather than reinstated as grass. Agreed that Mr Nowell-Smith contact the solicitors and following a satisfactory outcome, the Clerk will write to the residents and inform them of the position.

b.                   P05/W0901  42 Ickford Road, Tiddington – erection of two storey extension to front, side and rear.

Decision: SODC refused. Mr Nowell-Smith had been in touch with the Planning Department to register concerns about the refusal.

c.                   P05/W0950  - The Bungalow, Old London Road, Milton Common – erection of two storey side extension.

Decision: SODC refused.

d.                   P05/W1072/LB  - Tiddington House, Albury View, Tiddington – demolition of derelict shed and greenhouse.

Decision: approved.


6.                   Correspondence

a.                  ORCC AGM followed by Chief Executive’s retirement lunch – Mr Stratton to attend if possible, Mr Boughton will deputise if necessary.

b.                  OCC Highway functions Agency Agreements - parish councils are invited to take over grass cutting and associated functions, being reimbursed at the rate paid to OCC contractors. It was agreed not to take up the offer.

c.                  SODC leaflets publication review – Clerk to complete survey of the usefulness to residents of leaflets printed by SODC.

d.                  South Oxfordshire Voluntary Sector Forum, 30 November, Benson Village Hall – no one to attend.


7.                   Financial matters

a.                  South and Vale Carers Centre donation of £30.00 proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Boughton.

b.                  ORCC Chief Executive’s retirement present – agreed not to contribute.

c.                  Payment of £49.22 to Z M Knight for administration expenses proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mrs Willis.

d.                  Payment of £10.00 for petty cash proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Field.


8.                   Open discussion

a.                   Mrs Willis asked whether it would be possible to advertise events from other local villages in the Newsletter. Mr Stratton felt that with so much going on in Tiddington, it might be counter-productive.

Mrs Willis also asked whether recycling bins for glass, etc could be put in the Village Hall car park. Mr Stratton said that this had been suggested some time ago but was felt to be impracticable as the site would need constant monitoring and was too close to residential properties.  

b.                   Mr Boughton complimented Mr Stratton on the new advertising sign on the grass island.

c.                   Mr Stratton reminded the meeting of the forthcoming events – Line Dancing on 12 November, Church Bazaar and Jazz Band on 19 November and Christmas Dinner on 3 December.


9.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 5 December at 8.00pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm.