Monthly Meeting

Monday 6 June, 2005, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr R Boughton, Mr K Field, Mr A Stratton, Mrs A Tremayne, Mrs J Willis and three members of the public.


1.                   Apologies

Mr D Turner (County Councillor)


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were approved and signed.


3.                   Co-option of new Councillor

Mr Boughton proposed the co-option of Mrs Angela Tremayne and this was seconded by Mrs Willis. Co-option was approved and Mrs Tremayne was welcomed to the Council. She signed the declaration of acceptance.


4.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highway matters – the sign at the Waterstock Turn indicating the route to the M40 and confirmation of the pelican crossing are both still awaited. It was agreed that if nothing is heard soon, our County Councillor would be asked to pursue. 

b.                   Affordable housing – OCC Highways favour sketch plan B to allow for more room for the cycle track. There is currently a disagreement between OCC and SODC over whether the site is an exception site or a brownfield site. This will affect the price required for the land.

c.                   Tree planting and maintenance – replies still awaited from OCC. Agreed to ask our County Councillor to pursue if nothing heard by the July meeting.

d.                   Bus shelter refurbishment – Mr Field reported that he had made a window frame and would install soon.

e.                   VE Day seat maintenance – Mr Field reported that he would contact Mr Monty Adams to discuss and if he was unable to do it, Mr Field offered to complete the job himself.


5.                   Planning matters

a.                   P05/W0321  Sandy Lane Farm, Sandy Lane, Tiddington – conversion of existing veterinary surgery and adjacent barn to form a single dwelling and a single holiday let unit.

Decision: SODC granted

b.                   P05/W0575  The Oxford Belfry, Milton Common – extending dormer windows to roofspace bedrooms, previously approved and partially implemented.

Decision: no strong views.

c.                   P05/W0576 The Oxford Belfry, Milton Common – amended layout to leisure club and bar extensions, previously approved and partially implemented.

Decision: no strong views.


6.                   Correspondence

a.                  Roadside bus timetable displays – OCC will no longer supply timetables as the bus operators have the responsibility. Any problems locally should be reported to OCC.

b.                  Oxford Minerals and Waste Development Framework – OCC has asked for comments on how the community should be involved in the consultation process. It was agreed that as this Parish does not have direct involvement, except perhaps transportation problems on rural roads, information through news-sheets, local forums and the local County Councillor would be the most suitable.

c.                  60th Anniversary of end of World War 2 Service at Christ Church – Mr Boughton accepted the invitation to attend as a representative of the Parish Council. 


7.                   Financial matters

a.                  Paper ecosacks and green plastic sacks subsidy. Paper ecosacks will be available for purchase at 65p each from 13 June and kerbside collections will be made from 4 July. It was agreed to purchase 100 ecosacks and publicise them on the notice boards and in the Newsletter. All households may purchase up to 10 sacks per year at a cost of 40p each. Senior citizens may purchase ecosacks at the same rate as for green sacks.

Payment of £65.00 to SODC for ecosacks proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Field.

b.                  Payment of £20.00 to ORCC for membership proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Boughton.

c.                  Payment of £7.00 to SLCC for updates to the Clerks’ Manual proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mrs Willis.

d.                  Payment of £212.80 to Parchment (Oxford) Ltd for Newsletter printing Jun/Jul proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Field.

e.                  Payment of £70.50 to MediaLane International for website management Feb/May 2005  proposed by Mr Field, seconded by Mrs Willis.

f.                    Payment of £45.00 to M A Wise for hedgecutting proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Boughton.

g.                  Clerk reported that the external auditors HLB AV Audit have changed their name to BDO Stoy Hayward from 1 June.


8.                   Open discussion

a.                   Mrs Willis reported that the sandbags which had been supplied at the time of the floods and then stored on Mr R Manning’s land need to be removed. The bags were splitting open. Mr Field offered to remove them.

b.                   Mr Boughton expressed concern for the safety of children allowed to run free at the Cricket Club while play was in progress. It was agreed that this was a matter for the Club.

c.                   Mr Field reported the loose drain covers on the A418. Clerk to note and report to OCC.

d.                   Mr Nowell-Smith reported potholes in Albury Lane. Clerk to report to OCC.

Mr Nowell-Smith said that he would be attending the forthcoming meetings of the Grants Committee, at which the application from the Cricket Club will be discussed.

e.                   Mr Giddy from Milton Common reported that he had received a reply and visit from the Police in response to his reporting of the accident outside SVS. The vans have since been removed from the verge at the front and are now at the back. Mr Giddy asked who is responsible for the verge and any public liability issues. Mr Nowell-Smith thought that OCC was responsible for the verge.

Mr Giddy also reported that he was to have a meeting with Mr Moore at SODC regarding the planning applications at Sandy Lane Farmhouse. Any appeals are likely to take up to eighteen months to resolve. Mr Nowell-Smith offered for the Parish Council to write to Boris Johnson, MP on the situation.

Mr Giddy also said that he had been in touch with Mr Potten of Punch Taverns who had said that the Three Pigeons was not for sale. A Punch Taverns manager has been appointed.

f.                     Mrs Horne asked about the noise levels on the M40. Clerk to find out more details of the Highway Agency’s M40 Route Management Strategy.

g.                   Mrs Tremayne asked whether a post box could be installed at the top of Sandy Lane. It was agreed to pursue the matter again, following enquiries a few years ago.


9.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 4 July 2005 at 8.00pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.