Monthly Meeting

Monday 6 January, 2003, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall





Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman) Mr K Field, Mr I Malin, Mr G Morrish, Mr A Stratton, Mr W Tremayne, Mr C Neail (District Councillor) Mrs A Purse (County Councillor) Sergeant I Brown, Constable R Pribyl (Area Beat Officer) and nine members of the public.


1.                   Apologies

No apologies.


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were approved and signed.


3.                   Police matters

Sergeant Brown outlined the local arrangements for contacting the Police. Non-emergency calls requiring a same-day response should be directed to 01235 776000. Messages for the Area Beat Officer based at the Wheatley Office should be left on 01865 875568. Thame Police Station is open from 9.00am to 7.00pm. Outside these hours, although manned, the answerphone 01844 264920 will be switched on. Acknowledging that these arrangements are not ideal, Sergeant Brown said that further improvements to communications are to be implemented in April.

Constable Pribyl said that the Area Beat Officer for Milton Common was Aiden Lacey, based at Thame. He indicated that he was familiar with the vandalism problems in Tiddington and had on several occasions had contact with the possible offenders, some of whom were from outside the village.

Jody, a resident of 8 Thame Road asked about the possibility of a youth club and said he would be prepared to assist if required. The Chairman thanked him for his offer and said he would be in touch.

A resident asked about the procedure for reporting severe flooding which probably necessitated closing of the road. Sergeant Brown said that this would be a 999 call to both Police and Fire Brigade.

Chairman thanked the Police Officers for attending the meeting.


4.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highway matters – the severe flooding experienced over the New Year period highlighted the problems of the broken drain outside the Village Hall and other drainage problems in the vicinity. Several residents were concerned that they were unsure who to contact for the supply of sand bags. This situation pinpointed the problem of knowing the division of responsibilities between the County Council and the District Council. Mrs Purse and Mr Neail assured the meeting that there was much closer co-operation than perhaps there had been in the past and they would meet to discuss this particular situation with Trevor Gwynne of SODC. Meanwhile Mr Neail suggested that the Parish Council write to SODC asking for a survey of the watercourse which overflowed at New Year. It was also agreed to mention in the Newsletter again that dumping of rubbish in ditches was not acceptable.

Mrs Purse said that Brian Horton from OCC had already ordered a sign for the roundabout and it was agreed to wait and see whether this would reduce the number of turning lorries before arranging a meeting. An acknowledgement of our formal request for traffic calming in the Ickford Road had been received from Mr Khan. It will be assessed in the next couple of months. The damaged bollards had been replaced and four new ones erected at the Sandy Lane junction with the A418. It was agreed that further bollards would be needed to stop the parking problem. Clerk to write to Mr Khan.

b.                   Tree planting A418 – two hawthorns have been planted.

c.                   Children’s Playing Field and Village Hall charity matters – Secretary of Village Hall Committee has written to Charity Commission asking for clarification of charity details. 

d.                   Freedom of Information Act 2000 – publication scheme model code – Clerk will provide to Councillors relevant information in advance of discussion at the February meeting.


5.                   Planning matters

a.                  P02/NO727/LB  Albury Grange, Albury – erection of a single storey sun lounge extension, amendment no 1.

For information only, no decision required.

b.                  P02/NO733  Albury Grange, Albury – erection of single storey sun lounge extension, amendment no 1.

For information only, no decision required.

c.                  P02/NO747  MSA Junction 8A M40, Wheatley – sales building extension, relocation of HGV canopy and repositioning of HGV fuel island, amendment no 1.

For information only, no decision required.


6.                   Correspondence

a.                  South Oxfordshire Rural Strategy Action Plan – comments from Councillors still being collated. Discussion to take place at February meeting.     

b.                  SODC Housing Allocations Policy consultation – Mr Field had considered the document and suggested that mention be made of the policy concerning local residents being able to stay in the village, in the light of a recent example of a family having to move away from the village although housing was available.

c.                  OCC Review of financially supported bus services – discussion took place on Route 275 and a suggestion made that journeys each way were extended to early morning and late evening and less in the middle of the day, rather than increasing the number of journeys per day. It was also suggested that the service terminate at Thornhill and link up with City services. Although Route 280 is a commercial service, it was agreed to comment that a later journey from Oxford after 2300 hours would be welcome.

d.                  Notice had been received that Thelma Cottage and Honeysuckle House have been converted into one property and will be known as Thelma Cottage.


7.                   Financial matters

a.                  A grant of £300.00 towards the cost of installation of CCTV at Tiddington Village Hall was proposed by Mr Field, seconded by Mr Morrish.

b.                  Payment of £43.00 for membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks was proposed by Mr Morrish, seconded by Mr Stratton.

c.                  Payment of £141.00 to HLB AV Audit plc for auditing of accounts for the year ending 31 March 2002 proposed by Mr Tremayne, seconded by Mr Malin.

d.                  Payment of £539.01 to Gopak Limited for 6 tables for Tiddington Village Hall proposed by Mr Morrish, seconded by Mr Malin. The Parish Council will be reimbursed from Village Hall funds.

e.                  Payment of £36.44 to Z.M. Knight for stationery expenses proposed by Mr Stratton, seconded by Mr Malin.

f.                    Payment of £10.00 for petty cash proposed by Mr Morrish, seconded by Mr Malin.


8.                   Open discussion

a.                  Mr Morrish asked whether a claim should be made for the damage to the roof of the bus shelter. It was agreed that this would be considered when Mr Field had provided an estimate for the repair.

b.                  Mr Tremayne offered to attend the Thame Area Forum on 13 January at Watlington Primary School. Clerk will also attend.

c.                  Mr Malin reported that the hedge in Brookside Close had been trimmed. A letter of thanks would be sent to Mr Brian Hubbocks for arranging it.

d.                  Mr Stratton advertised the performance by Instant Wit in Tiddington Village Hall on 8 February.

e.                  Mrs Purse reported that she hoped that the problems of flooding would be an issue considered in the Oxfordshire Structure Plan. She had been pressing for its inclusion for some time. There need to be targets set for alleviating the problems and money set aside.

f.                    Two residents on Thame Road asked whether a street light could be considered to light the pavement east of the Ickford Road junction and commented that, since the white line hatching in the centre of the road, lorries drove much closer to the kerbs on both sides of the Thame Road.

g.                  Mr Price said that he had been told that under Human Rights legislation, it would be possible to press for a 20mph speed limit in built-up areas. Could this be a possibility for the A418?


9.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 3 February 2003 at 8.00pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.15pm.