Monthly Meeting

Monday 3 February, 2003, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall





Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman) Mr K Field, Mr I Malin, Mr G Morrish, Mr A Stratton, Mr W Tremayne, Mrs A Purse (County Councillor) and four members of the public.


1.                   Apologies

Mr C Neail (District Councillor)


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were amended, approved and signed.


3.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                  OCC Highway matters – Chairman outlined all the outstanding problems which had been listed by the Clerk. Matters now completed included three extra bollards for the Sandy Lane junction and a new sign at the M40/A418 roundabout. This latter would be monitored to ascertain whether it will solve the lorry turning problem.

Mrs Purse reported that a meeting on the flooding problems will take place on site on 6 February at 2.00pm between Brian Purcell-Smith of OCC and Trevor Gwynne of SODC. Mrs Purse and Mr Neail will also attend. It was agreed that Mr Field should attend together with the Clerk and whoever else can be available.

b.                  Children’s Playing Field and Village Hall charity matters – Charity Commission had provided charity details and Clerk was now able to complete the annual return required by the Commission. 

c.                  Freedom of Information Act 2000 – publication scheme model code – Information Commissioner had accepted the Council’s code and this would be publicised in the next Newsletter. It was agreed to charge 10p per sheet for any photocopying of information requested.

d.                  South Oxfordshire Rural Strategy Action Plan – Chairman outlined the points made from the responses from Councillors and it was agreed to respond with comments accordingly.

e.                  SODC Housing Allocations Policy consultation – a reply acknowledging our response had been received.

f.                    Thame Area Forum 13 January – Mr Morrish and Clerk had attended the meeting and the minutes were in the February wallet.


4.                   Planning matters

a.                  P02/NO727/LB  Albury Grange, Albury – erection of a single storey sun lounge extension.

Decision: SODC granted.

b.                  P02/NO733  Albury Grange, Albury – erection of single storey sun lounge extension.

Decision: SODC granted.


5.                   Correspondence

a.                  SODC Scrutiny Committee meeting: flooding issues, 20 February, 6.00pm, Council Offices – Chairman to attend.     

b.                  OCC Scrutiny Review of Highways Maintenance and Drainage – questionnaire completed.

c.                  SODC Arts Database – Mr Stratton to complete details of facilities at the Village Hall.

d.                  SODC Response to Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill – it was agreed to say no to a referendum.

e.                  Age Concern Oxfordshire charity activities – a letter had been received asking for guidance on requesting donations. It was agreed to reply asking that any request be submitted in October.

f.                    Dog hygiene bins – SODC is willing to order bins to take advantage of bulk order discounts. It was agreed not to provide dog hygiene bins.

g.                  The Best Kept Village competition will take place in May and June. It was agreed not to enter.


6.                   Financial matters

a.                  Grasscutting contract 2003 – Grassroots had provided an estimate. It was agreed to remove the bark raking from the contract. This would be done by volunteers from the Playing Field sub-committee. Grassroots to be asked to quote for spraying the nettles. It was agreed to ask for a quote from Mr Mike Robinson before accepting Grassroots.

b.                  Bus shelter repair estimate – an estimate of £80.00 + VAT had been received from Mr Field. Mr Field declared an interest. Acceptance of the quotation was proposed by Mr Nowell-Smith, seconded by Mr Stratton. Clerk reported that there is an excess of £75.00 on the insurance policy so it was agreed not to make a claim.

c.                  Donation of £25.00 to East Oxfordshire Education Business Partnership proposed by Mr Malin, seconded by Mr Morrish.

d.                  Payment of £52.88 to MediaLane International for website management Feb/Apr proposed by Mr Morrish, seconded by Mr Malin.

e.                  Payment of £158.76 to Parchment (Oxford) Ltd for Newsletter printing Feb/Mar proposed by Mr Tremayne, seconded by Mr Malin.


7.                   Open discussion

a.                  Mrs Purse reported that a unit had been established at Abingdon Police Station, at which OCC and the Police were liaising over the problems of travellers.

Mrs Purse said that there had been no money for road maintenance until last year, but the Government had now acknowledged the problem and were giving more money. However much Government money was now being diverted to the North and this would make difficulties for OCC.

b.                  Mr Tremayne asked whether the Council could again ask for a post box at Milton Common. Clerk to write again.

c.                  Mr Stratton advertised the performance by Instant Wit in Tiddington Village Hall on 8 February and also a digital photography course needing at least 8 people to make it viable.

d.                  Mr Nowell-Smith gave his apologies for not being able to attend the March meeting. He also mentioned that he had suggested in the Newsletter that any prospective councillors may like to attend the March meeting.

e.                  Mr Willis of Spring Cottage asked about the flooding situation. It was agreed that he would be most welcome at the forthcoming meeting on 6 February.

f.                    Mrs Cheesman asked whether a street light might be possible at the A418 bus stop on the south side. This will be considered.

g.                  Mr Williams commented that an Arriva bus driver had recently discourteously failed to wait for a passenger trying to cross the road to catch the bus.


8.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 3 March 2003 at 8.00pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.