Monthly Meeting

Monday 6 August, 2007, 8.00pm at Tiddington Village Hall




Present: Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr R Boughton, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mrs J Willis, Mr David Hignell (Jeffrey Charles Emmett) and 4 members of the public.


1.                   Apologies

Apologies were received from Mr K Field and Mr D Turner (County Councillor).


2.                   Declarations of Interest

Mr Nowell-Smith declared an interest in planning P07/W0634/5LB as the owner of a neighbouring property.


3.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highways matters. Electronic 30mph sign the Clerk has written to Mr Peter Ronald to request a speed survey to ascertain the level of speeding and will send a reminder. A329 M40 bridge closure information has been received that this is provisionally planned for October and will continue for several months. However confirmed plans have not been communicated by Highways. Mr Giddy has written to Highways to request that they take advantage of the traffic management that will need to be in place to also work on a solution to noise reduction, and Mr Giddy and Mrs Horne are organising a leaflet drop in Great Milton to raise support. Pelican Crossing Mr Turner and Mr Boughton had met Mr Boris Johnson who was very supportive of the continued effort to reinstate the withdrawn funding and who has written to the Department of Transport to ask them to review the decision.

b.                   OCC review of external transport posts Mrs Willis and Mrs Knight have comments following the letter circulated. Further comments to be sent to the clerk who will send a reply to OCC.

c.                   Affordable housing some dates were suggested for a meeting with Marita Coles, OCHA, and Helen Scullard, SODC. However it was agreed that Anna Kennedy from ORCC also needs to be present. The clerk to ask for possible dates.

d.                   Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Tiddington Mrs Willis will discuss Tiddington Neighbourhood Watch with the current co-ordinator with a view to advertising for more support.


5.                   Planning matters

a.                  P07/W0616 Land at Rycote Lane (former GPO repeater station): Application withdrawn.

b.                  P07/W0634/35LB Albury Grange, Albury: Single storey rear extension and listed building consent decision - rejected amenity considerations. On a separate note, concern was raised over the consultation procedure followed SODC Planning. The clerk was asked to check a previous application made on 28 October 2002 to ascertain which neighbouring properties were contacted.

c.                  P07/W0808 Sandy Lane Farmhouse, Sandy Lane, Tiddington: Erection of cart style garage, retention of access driveway and shed decision approved subject to the condition that the applicant complies with the enforcement notice currently in place at the property.

d.                  P07/W0822/23LB Tiddington House, Tiddington: Minor alterations and single storey extension to rear of service wing decision approved.


6.                   Correspondence

a.                  SEERA provision of sites for travellers the clerk to complete and return the questionnaire on behalf of the Parish Council. Option B is preferred when looking for sites to ensure a distribution which seeks to protect and enhance the natural environment whilst making best use of previously developed land and existing or planned infrastructure provision, and facilitates access to employment opportunities and local services to support social inclusion.

b.                  ORCC Migrant workers in rural communities a letter has been received asking whether there are any groups living in or near the community who may be finding it difficult to access support services. The clerk to reply that no such groups are known to be in the Parish.

c.                  SODC 2008 National bus pass scheme details to be published in the next newsletter.

d.                  SODC Free tree scheme it was agreed not to participate this year.

e.                  SODC Review of polling districts and places notices of the review have been posted on the village notice boards and it is felt that the current arrangements are satisfactory.

f.                    OCC Review of primary school provision details were circulated via the wallet. Wheatley and Headington area review will be the next one to be undertaken following the completion of the pilot.

g.                  Aylesbury Vale District Council site allocations details were circulated via the wallet and it was noted that Haddenham is a likely area for development.


7.                   Financial matters

a.                   Audit three queries were raised by the auditor and addressed by the clerk. Variances to other payments after deducting donations to the cricket club relate to expenditure on the village hall floor and furniture, repairs to the bus shelter and the play area. It was confirmed that the Parish Council considers that the standard cover for fidelity guarantee insurance is sufficient, and the issue of the early payment of the first part of the 2006 precept was reiterated.

b.                   Risk assessment Mrs Willis provided a report on the items owned by the Parish Council. The bus shelters in Tiddington and Milton Common require refurbishment as does the bench outside the Fox. The clerk to obtain quotes. The trees on the Oxford road are to be included in the next risk assessment. The clerk to request grass and hedge trimming in Milton Common around the notice board and road signs.

c.                   Starlight a request for a donation was declined.

d.                   Oxford Association for the Blind a donation was made for 50 proposed by Mr Boughton and seconded by Mrs Horne

e.                   Payment of 226.24 to Parchments of Oxford for the newsletter was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.

f.                     Payment of 35.00 to Mr M A Wise for hedge trimming around playing field was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mr Boughton.

g.                   Payment of 381.88 to Robinsons Garden Care for mowing the playing field was proposed by Mr Boughton and seconded by Mrs Knight.

h.                   Payment of 323.13 to Robinsons Garden Care for mowing the churchyard was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mr Boughton.

i.                     Payment of 620.17 to Earth Anchors for dog waste bins was proposed by Mrs Horne and seconded by Mrs Knight.


8.                   Open discussion

a.                   Mr Stratton, on behalf to the Village Hall Committee, asked for a donation to fund the evening entertainment following the village fete. A band would cost in the region of 600. Mrs Willis declared an interest as a Committee member. A donation of 300 would be considered.

b.                   Mrs Knight and Mrs Willis attended the recent Citizens Advice Bureau AGM and suggested consideration be made to increasing the donation made when it next comes up. More publicity is to be given to the outreach centre in Wheatley.

c.                   Mrs Willis had received complaints about cars racing around the village hall car park. This should be on the CCTV if it is wished to pursue with the police.

d.                   Mrs Willis enquired about the possible sale of land adjacent to Spring Cottage and the Albury turn. Nothing is know of this and there is a tree preservation order in place.

e.                   Mr Boughton reported that the vegetation is very overgrown around the village gates. It was agreed that this should not be tackled by anyone other than Highways due to the safety risk.

f.                     Mrs Knight advised that she would be attending the forthcoming South Oxfordshire Partnership workshop.


9.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 3 September 2007 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.35pm.