Monthly Meeting

Monday 1 August, 2005, 8.00pm at Tiddington Village Hall




Present: Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr R Boughton, Mr A Stratton, Mrs A Tremayne, Mrs J Willis and three members of the public.


1.                   Apologies

Mr K Field, Mr D Turner (County Councillor).


2.                   Approval of previously circulated minutes

Previously circulated minutes were approved and signed.


3.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.                   OCC Highway matters Mark Francis of OCC had reported that signs will be erected by the end of August indicating a width restriction of 2.6m at the Ickford Bridges, reduced from 3m. OCC has liaised with Buckinghamshire County Council.

b.                   Affordable housing OCHA was expecting written confirmation of the Station Yard as an exception site at the end of July and then authorisation for a site investigation to reveal any contamination will proceed.

c.                   Tree planting and maintenance Mr Turner had reported that Kieran Murphy of OCC should be contacted about lights on a permanent tree. However, a decision is required from OCC on whether the Council has permission to plant a tree. Judith Osborn of OCC had reported that the chestnut tree had been inspected and it was advised that the crown should be lifted within the next two years. Clerk to contact Judith Osborn to ask about a permanent tree and who is responsible for the chestnut tree.


4.                   Planning matters

a.                   P05/W0575 The Oxford Belfry, Milton Common extending dormer windows to roofspace bedrooms, previously approved and partially implemented.

Decision: SODC granted.

b.                   P05/W0576 The Oxford Belfry, Milton Common amended layout to leisure club and bar extensions, previously approved and partially implemented.

Decision: SODC granted.

c.                   P05/W0782 Rosewood, Ickford Road, Tiddington erection of ancillary barn style building in garden for use as games room and storage.

Decision: refused unless condition imposed that the building is not used for living accommodation in the future, extending development beyond the built area of the village. Commented that the plans were inadequate.


5.                   Correspondence

a.                  OALC Planning and Community Development seminar, 12 October no one to attend.

b.                  SODC Draft Statement of Community Involvement Chairman and Clerk advised that there was nothing needing adverse comment.

c.                  Town and Parish Council Forum, SODC, 20 September, 6.00pm agreed that Mr Boughton would attend and choose the Licensing and Waste and recycling workshops and the Clerk to choose the Highways and Planning sessions.

d.                  Review of Dial-a-Ride minibus service general feeling that the service had not been well publicised and unaware that anyone in the village had used it.

e.                  County Council Grant Aid for Village Hall OCC had agreed a grant of 4,000 towards the costs of refurbishment and disability access, 50% of the figure asked for. Mr Stratton reported that the Village Hall Committee was still awaiting the result of the SODC application for a grant.

f.                    Changes to Arriva Bus Service 280 from the beginning of September the service has been retimed by a couple of minutes on every journey and will now stop at all stops between Oxford High Street and the Rail Station.

g.                  Temporary Road Closure, Sandy Lane, 22-23 August for essential water pipe replacement works. Notice to be posted on the notice boards.

h.                  Countryside Agency conclusive map of registered common land and open country has been issued. There are no relevant areas within the Tiddington Parish boundary.

i.                    Scrutiny matters, OCC suggestions are invited for areas that scrutiny committees should be considering during the coming year.

j.                    SODC survey of sports and physical activities in rural areas Mr Stratton to consider answers to the questionnaire and report back to the September meeting.


6.                   Financial matters

a.                  Statement of Receipts and Payments, 2004/2005 Clerk reported Receipts of 11,628.81 and Payments of 9,066.12 and a Balance carried forward of 9,981.91. Clerk also reported that payments would be likely this financial year to the Cricket Club of approximately 2,550 and to the Village Hall of 2,000. The Statement of Receipts and Payments, the Bank Reconciliation and the Supporting Statement were certified by the Chairman and Responsible Financial Officer.

b.                  Annual Audit Statement of Assurance, 2004/2005 was certified by the Chairman on behalf of the Council.

c.                  Purchase of green sacks Clerk reported that all the stock of green sacks had been sold and 29 ecosacks. Agreed that only the ecosacks would be available for purchase for the time being.

d.                  Wheatley Park School had asked the Council to sponsor awards of 10.00 book tokens to Years 11 and 12. Agreed to donate 50.00 subject to confirmation at the September meeting.

e.                  Payment of 15.50 to Three Villages Hospital Car Service for transport costs Jan-Jun 2005 proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Boughton. It was agreed to enquire whether a further donation would be acceptable and put it on the agenda for September.

f.                    Payment of 182.88 to Parchment (Oxford) Ltd for Newsletter printing Aug/Sep 2005 proposed by Mrs Tremayne, seconded by Mr Boughton.

g.                  Payment of 40.00 to P Papps for internal audit of accounts 2004/2005 proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mrs Tremayne.


7.                   Open discussion

a.                   Mrs Horne asked whether the Three Pigeons planning application had been withdrawn as it had disappeared from the website. Clerk reported that no confirmation had been received.

Mrs Horne reported that Keith Blades from Milton Common had contacted the Highways Agency regarding road noise on the M40. A reply from Darren Rhoden indicated that no resurfacing was planned. Chairman to contact Darren Rhoden to discuss a noise barrier as Keith Blades had originally requested. Kevan Richardson commented that when the route of the M40 was finalised a written reason for its route past Milton Common was sent to the Parish Council.

b.                   Mr Richardson asked whether the footpath along the old railway line could be kept if affordable housing is built on the yard. As it was not a designated footpath, this could not be guaranteed.

Mr Richardson said that Sustrans had no plans to extend the cycle route beyond North Weston.

Mr Richardson asked about the footpath from Choseley Cottage towards the motorway. Clerk to enquire as this was in Great Milton Parish.

c.                   Mrs Willis reported that drain covers outside her property were loose. Clerk to report.


8.                   Date of next meeting

Monday, 5 September 2005 at 8.00pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.05pm.