Monthly Meeting

Monday 7 April, 2008, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight (& minute secretary), Mr B Price, Mr D Turner (County Councillor), Mrs J Willis and five members of the public.


1.             Apologies

Mr K Poyser (Clerk).


2.             Declarations of interest

Mr Field declared a personal interest in Planning Application P08/W0352


3.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.             Matters arising from previous minutes

a.            Affordable Housing, Station Yard – Mrs Horne presented the Council’s case for refusal at the SODC Planning Committee meeting, also attended by Mr Field, Mrs Knight, Mr Price and Mrs Willis. The Planning Committee had been unanimous in their approval. Chairman advised that we would probably have a strong case for appeal but suggested that the Council get advice from a planning consultant. All agreed that the Chairman pursue this route and research costs.

Thanks were expressed to the members of the public who had written in objection.

b.            Pelican crossing – Mr Turner reported that he had been in contact with Boris Johnson, providing him with the previous correspondence but was still awaiting reply. Chairman to write to the MP expressing disappointment at delay.

c.            Closure of A329/M40 bridge – now scheduled for six months from July. A bailey bridge was considered too expensive and there are still problems setting up diversions. There will be problems for the A418 and Milton Common and Mr Giddy is still consulting with John Gardner.

d.            M40 noise abatement – Mr Giddy reported negative answers from Darren Rhoden and only referral back to him from Ruth Kelly, Minister. Boris Johnson instigated a ministerial debate, resulting in a written response from the Highways Agency. M40 CEG had presented a report which showed 70-75 decibels in Milton Common gardens, needing ear defenders and discrepancies in the costings provided by the Highways Agency. Tom Harris, Minister has called for a review of costings as management could be incorporated with bridge closure, thus reducing costs. Mr Nowell-Smith and Mr Turner have asked for SODC and OCC to fund the consultation with Charles Parker, a Euro consultant. They are hopeful they will share the costs.

e.            Highway repairs – Mrs Knight reported that one broken drain in Albury View had been repaired following the meeting of Councillors with OCC. Other repairs awaited.

f.             Commemorative tree – to be pursued as time is running out for planting this spring.

g.            Chestnut tree – to be pursued.


5.             Planning matters

a.            P08/W0177 – Chenar, Oxford Road, Tiddington. Raise roof height and provide additional accommodation within roof area. New conservatory.

Decision: SODC refused. Parish Council response of refusal given in error. No decision had been made at March meeting because of lack of plans. Letter to be sent to SODC to ask for correction to their files.

b.            P08/W0245 – 56 London Road, Milton Common. Construct two storey side extension, two single story side extensions and front extension.

Application withdrawn, being in the Green Belt and over 40% increase in build area.

c.            P08/W0352 – Albury Farm, Draycot. Extension and alterations to existing garage to include the raising of ridge line and installation of dormer windows.

Decision: approved. Plans supplied by owner in absence of paper copies from SODC. To write letter requesting paper copies for all future plans.

d.            P07/W1416 – Oxford Belfry Hotel. Proposed new staff accommodation, amendment 3: changes to roof finishes and improved ground works.

For information only, no response required.

e.            Sandy Lane Veterinary Surgery – the practice has now moved to the Edon Business Park at M40 Junction 8a. The portakabins are in the process of being removed.

6.             Correspondence

a.            Petition from Cambridgeshire Parish Councillor – request to sign petition against increased bureaucracy for Parish Councils. Agreed to discuss at May meeting when the wording of the petition has been retrieved from the website.

b.            Questionnaire from Neighbourhood Policing Team – PC Ken Cooney has asked for details of village events, newsletters and local venues with which the police can be involved. Mrs Knight to respond with details of the annual fete, newsletter and possible surgery in the Village Hall at the time of the Post Office, every two months.

c.            Calor Oxfordshire Villages of the Year Competition 2008 – agreed not to enter.

d.            CPRE Thame AGM, 29 April, 8.00pm at Punches Barn, Holton notice given.

e.            Community Policing Awards, 2008 – deadline for nominations is 18 April. Advertised on notice boards.

f.             Concessionary fares – notice received of the national bus pass scheme starting on 1 April and the number of passes issued by SODC. Following discussion on whether the Parish Council should continue to provide tokens as before, it was agreed that Mrs Edwards would report back with the number of residents over 70 years, with a view to changing the criteria to over 70 instead of over 60. To be discussed at the May meeting.

g.            Audit Commission appointment of external auditor BDO Stoy Hayward for 2007/08 – 2011/12 confirmed.


7.             Financial matters

a.            Payment of £28.00 for CPRE membership renewal proposed by Mrs Horne, seconded by Mrs Willis.

b.            Payment of £15.00 for membership of Oxford Green Belt Network proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Price.

c.            Payment of £211.47 to Parchments of Oxford for newsletter printing April/May proposed by Mrs Willis, seconded by Mr Price.

d.            Payment of £286.00 to P Pridmore for repairs to Play Area seats proposed by Mr Field, seconded by Mr Price.


8.             Open discussion

a.             Mr Nowell-Smith reported that he had received an enquiry about available allotments. Mrs Knight said that they were privately owned but that the person asking for one had already been in touch with her and she had given the name of one who could help.

Mr Nowell-Smith suggested putting the Open Discussion item earlier in the agenda to encourage more residents to attend. It was agreed to try this as an experiment.

b.            Mrs Horne asked for the time of the Councillor training meeting at Thame on Thursday. To be advised.

c.             Mr Price reported that the Village Hall Committee wished to ask the Parish Council to fund the purchase of a Christmas Tree, at an approximate cost of £400.00. Agreed to place this on the agenda in May.

d.            Mr Turner reported that the Meadowcroft, Thame building was on schedule with the first phase ready in October and the second phase due early in 2009.

e.             Mrs Edwards asked that preparations towards launching an appeal against the affordable housing plans be treated with urgency.


9.            Date of next meeting

Monday, 12 May 2008 following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.