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#  From the editor


What a grand day for the Fete! Thoroughly enjoyed by all, even visitors from France and Australia commented on the delightful traditional family day out it turned out to be. See more details of its success on page 11. The annual Cricket Club Dinner and Dance takes place on 13 October (see page 13) but soon thoughts will turn to the coming of Christmas. The familiar Church Bazaar will be held on 10 November with a few extra stalls to tempt customers (see page 7). Finally please note that the October Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday, 4 October instead of Monday, the 1st.


Zena Knight  


Roy Boughton

16.10.1922 – 29.8.2007


Having moved from Thame some five or so years ago, Roy soon settled into village life and his love of good beer and cricket meant he soon found his way to the cricket club. He joined the old codgers’ corner on a Thursday evening, where the conversation, though varied and interesting, inevitably turned to cricket. At 84 year’s young his cricket days were pre-league and the modern game was definitely not the gentleman’s game he had played.


Nearly every week he let us know that John Batty, a product of Repton School like himself and also Mark Ramprakash should be in the England team, that money was ruining cricket and there were too many rules and regulations. Roy, a Vice President of T.C.C. was a gentleman and a cricketer of a bygone age and I, like many others at Tiddington Cricket Club, will miss his company.


Don Brooks


Thank you

A very special “thank you” to all you lovely ladies out there who kindly called at my door with bags of wool for my mum-in-law. She (May) is busy knitting through it all! The next “batch” of cardigans are due to be taken out by the missionary just before Christmas. Mum asked me to pass on her thanks for your kindness.

Janet Willis


Anne and Harold Edwards would like to thank everyone who supported them with the Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride Appeal.

They are pleased to report that the proceeds will amount to over £350.00.


Parish Council News


Affordable housing – a further meeting has been held with representatives from OCHA, SODC and ORCC in order to resolve the various outstanding concerns raised by councillors on behalf of the parish. Following this meeting, the Parish Council had to decide whether or not to support the scheme as it stands, and to form a view on the specific design of the development. The Parish Council voted not to approve the building of affordable houses in the Station Yard on the lines presented to the Council by OCHA. The main concerns of affordability, allocation policy and appropriate size and composition of the dwellings were felt to have been inadequately addressed.

South Oxfordshire District Council – Performance Plan 2007/08 - South Oxfordshire District Council has produced a Performance Plan for 2007/08.  The plan sets out the Council’s aims for the next three years – a corporate plan – and summarises performance against national and local performance targets.  The plan may be viewed online at www.southoxon.gov.uk. The Clerk also has a copy available for viewing by appointment.

Annual Canvass – don’t lose your right to vote!  During August to November each year, the Council sends out a canvass form to every property in the district to collect information on those eligible to vote.


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chair               John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Vice Chair        Zena Knight                 339340

                       Planning; recreation, arts, grants

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Elaine Horne                279520

                       Planning, highways and Milton Common

Councillor         Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Clerk               Jenny Stoker               339709

                       Thelma Cottage, Tiddington

 By law, every property in the district must make a return for their household to register everybody who is living at the property and eligible to vote.  The updated information received from the forms is used to produce a new Register of Electors published on 1 December each year.  If you do not fill in your form and your name is not included on the register then you will not be able to vote when there is an election. You may also have difficulty obtaining credit or a loan or opening a bank account as the Electoral Register can be used to check residency for these purposes.

To make sure that you are registered and able to have your vote please complete your canvass form as soon as you receive it. If all the pre-printed details on the form are correct then you can use the telephone, internet or text response service to record that no changes need to be made to the information held.  For more information on this service please read the notes on your form.

If you need to make changes to the information that is on the form, for example because you are a new resident at the property or you have changed your name, please make the amendments clearly on the form and post it back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

For help and advice about the annual canvass please call 0800 389 5560 or email elections@southoxon.gov.uk

Recycling of electrical items

From 1 September, residents of South Oxfordshire are able to take their unwanted electrical goods such as stereos, irons and toasters to a county waste recycling centre for recycling or safe disposal.  Sites such as Oakley Wood, Drayton and Redbridge will have clearly labelled containers designed to collect an assortment of electrical goods.  To help prevent electrical waste going to landfill and harming the environment, community waste vehicles will not collect electrical goods and advise residents that they must not dispose of them through their normal refuse collection. 


Larger electrical items such as fridges and cookers will still be collected through our bulky waste collection at a cost of £7.75 per item. You can book a collection online at www.southoxon.gov.uk/bulkywaste.

For further information contact Environmental Services 01491 823416


2008 National Bus Pass Scheme

In April 2008 the current concessionary travel scheme which allows free local travel on off-peak bus services will be replaced by a national scheme.  Because the scheme will be nationwide, it will be necessary to have a nationally recognised bus pass.  South Oxfordshire will be arranging for the production of new passes for all existing pass holders to replace all existing bus passes which will be despatched in February/March 2008.  Existing passes will be accepted until the end of March 2008.  Bus pass holders will be asked to submit a request for their new bus pass with a new passport size photograph.  Digital photographs can be taken free of charge at the Council Offices in Crowmarsh.  Please phone 01491 823413 for an appointment.  Application forms will be available in due course.


South East England Regional Assembly – Provision of sites for travellers - the Parish Council has been consulted as part of the review of sites for travellers and has responded that sites should ensure a distribution which seeks to protect and enhance the natural environment whilst making best use of previously developed land and existing or planned infrastructure provision.

Donations – the following donations have been made:

Oxford Association for the Blind - £50.

Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau – £75.

Wheatley Park School prize giving –£50. 


Minutes of the monthly Parish Council meetings can be viewed on the Parish website -  www.tiddingtonoxon.co.uk.

Green Bins for recycling

Remember these may be collected free from Tiddington Garage



Refuse skips

Skips for non-recyclable waste are available on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Road

8.00 – 12.00 or until full

Skips for non-recyclable waste are available every Saturday at:

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00 or until full

There are no longer skips for garden waste




and refrain from dumping garden clippings in our hedgerows or ditches


Garden waste and composting

The District Council's garden waste service provides residents with a fortnightly collection from a wheeled bin, for items such as grass cuttings, leaves, branches, weeds and hedge clippings. The cost is £29 a year for the service (£27.50 if paid by direct debit).  There are two sizes of wheeled bin available:

·         240 litre

·         140 litre (recommended for people who do not create much garden waste)

In exceptional circumstances SODC may be able to offer garden sacks to residents that don't have room for a wheeled bin and meet specific criteria.

For further information contact Environmental Services on 01491 823416.

Home Composting

You can buy a home composter and compost your waste at home. The Council has negotiated a deal with WRAP to allow residents to buy reduced price composters from the manufacturer for £8 (inc delivery).   Call 0845 077 0757 to order your composter or  visit www.recyclenow.com/compost.

*Terms and conditions. Order online and receive £1 off your total order. Offers are limited to 3 bins per household and to residents of Oxfordshire only. Expect delivery within 28 days. Offer is subject to availability and closes December 2007, though stocks of some bins are limited and may run out sooner than offer end. One kitchen caddy per household with bin purchase, whilst stocks last. Actual colour may vary.


From your Council Chairman


The death of Roy Boughton has saddened us all. In particular, the Parish Council will miss his dogged determination to pursue those projects he had taken to his heart to a conclusion. If we do not get our Pelican Crossing it will not be because of his lack of effort; if we do it will be, in no small part, because of his perseverance. (A further tribute appeared on page 1)


As you will see from the Parish News the Affordable Housing Scheme in Station Yard was discussed both at an informal meeting between Parish Councillors and the other parties involved (OCHA, SODC and ORCC) and at the most recent Parish Council meeting. Following those discussions the Parish Council decided it could not support the scheme. This was on grounds of affordability, allocation and appropriate size, composition and positioning of the development. Our worries have been communicated to OCHA and parishioners will be fully informed of all developments.


A new planning application has been made for redevelopment of the Lantern Service Station to provide four new houses. The previous application was turned down by SODC despite the Parish Council having voted to approve it. We have voted for approval of the revised application.


There have been a number of complaints concerning dog fouling. Four dog bins have been ordered and supplied and will shortly be fitted. This will make it easier for dog owners to dispose of dog mess, but parishioners are reminded that it is their responsibility to clean up behind their dogs whether or not the bins have been installed.

John Nowell-Smith



From your District Councillor


Jenny Stoker has provided details of various initiatives SODC is taking to involve Parish Councillors more in local activities with which SODC is concerned. Some of these will in due course involve greater participation by members of the Parish and more questionnaires and invitations to attend parish forums, etc. can be expected. If you have any concerns about District Council matters please contact me.

John Nowell-Smith







A Co-ordinator

for Tiddington

Neighbourhood Watch


If you would like to volunteer to help

support this valuable service,

please contact the Parish Council or

Milton Common NHW Co-ordinator

Elaine Horne


01844 279520




From your County Councillor


Highways Issues - Future Temporary Closure of A329 at Milton Common.

We are still waiting for the exact details and timing of the closure of the A329 at Milton Common for the bridge safety repairs to be done.  You will recall that I referred to this in the last newsletter.  As soon as I have them I will keep you advised.

In addition the M40 action group is trying to get the Highways Agency to install noise reduction panels at the same time to make life more peaceful for the people living in the properties alongside the motorway.

Growth in the Thame area and its effect on Lord Williams and the Icknield Schools and their partner primary schools.

Growth in the Thame Area and the effects it will have on Lord Williams School in Thame, the Icknield School in Watlington and their partner primary schools will be discussed at a meeting in September.  I will keep you advised.

Please feel free to contact me about County Council issues that concern you.

My contact details are as follows:

Address:       50 Hardings, Chalgrove, Oxford, OX44 7TJ.

Home Telephone:     01865 891169

Email: david.turner@oxfordshire.gov.uk

David Turner

16 September 2007



Freedom of Information Act

Publication Scheme

Residents of the Parish can see the records of the Council held by the Parish Clerk or learn where they may be accessed. Records include minutes, financial information and responses to planning consultations. Application can be made to the Clerk (Tel: 339709) and documents viewed by appointment. Any copies required will be charged at 10p per page.


Boris Johnson, MP

Surgery Dates 2007/08

Thame Town Hall

Friday, 14 December 2007, 4.00-6.00pm

Friday, 7 March 2008, 4.00-6.00pm


To make an appointment to see Boris

please call 01491 612852


Arriva Bus Service 280

The Monday-Friday journey from Oxford at 0720 now leaves at 0715 reaching Tiddington at 0755 instead of 0757.

There are no other changes to the timetable


Lady Mary Bertie Foundation


This Trust was founded by will in the year 1737 and regulated in recent years by a Scheme made by the Board of Education on 27 August 1926. With the closure of the Village School, this Scheme was updated on 12 May 1967. The Scheme provides for making payments to assist in promoting the education (including social and physical training) of boys and girls in the Parish who, in the opinion of the Trustees, are in need of financial assistance. Anyone interested in seeking a grant, or further information, is invited to apply in writing to the Secretary – Anne Edwards, 6 Sandy Lane Estate. The closing date for applications is 31 October and all submissions will be considered by the Trustees.


Church News


As you can see from what follows, Caroline is raring to go, ignoring all advice to take things easy. We, especially I, will be relieved to have her back so that services can return to normal. On a sadder note, the PCC has lost a much valued member in Roy Boughton.

John Nowell-Smith

From the Vicar


I would like to begin on a personal note and thank everybody for their prayers, cards, practical offers of help and good wishes during my recent illness and recovery from surgery. I am delighted to have fully recovered and look forward to being back in action again. Special thanks are due to Moo, John and the PCC and my colleagues in the Wheatley Team Ministry for so ably and willingly keeping things running so smoothly.

I am very aware that one thing congregations generally enjoy is hymn singing. Those who play the organ at church possess a great gift and greatly enhance our worship. Sometimes it is marvellous to join together at the top of our voices and sing a much loved hymn; conversely it is often very disappointing if you look forward to singing a well known hymn and then find that the words have been changed slightly or that there is an unfamiliar tune. Not all church services have hymns but where we do singing is a corporate and important part of our services. During the hymn singing we can join together and give voice to our deepest beliefs without embarrassment.


Many of our favourite hymns were written by Charles Wesley. This year celebrates Wesley’s tercentenary; Charles Wesley was a remarkable hymn writer. From the time of his conversion in 1738 until his death in 1788, Charles Wesley was writing two hymns every week. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with one sermon a week! This amazing output continued for fifty years. Of course not all these thousands of hymns became popular but many did – and one of them in particular. In 1747 Charles published a collection of fifty-two hymns under the general title, “Hymns for those that seek and those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ.” In this collection there was one hymn that would gain universal popularity, especially as a wedding hymn.

Love Divine, all loves excelling
Joy of heaven to earth come down …

It is a lovely hymn with a popular metre so it is able to be sung to a number of memorable and beautiful tunes. The hymn itself is full of theology and biblical images and Wesley wrote the hymn to express his deep rooted belief in the love of God whose love for our world moved him to send his Son to be the Saviour (John 3:16). It is also a prayer that the indwelling Holy Spirit will transform Christians into the likeness of their Lord. Jesus our Saviour is “pure, unbounded love,” so the hymn prays that he will come and dwell within our hearts.


Fix in us thy humble dwelling
All thy faithful mercies crown …

Visit us with Thy salvation
Enter every trembling heart.

When the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, he dispels fear and doubt. Our hearts become the dwelling place of God! – he lives in us! With Christ we have all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19). In Christ a “rest” is promised to his people (Heb. 4:9), and also an “inheritance” (Eph. 1:14). Charles Wesley brings together all these rich and wonderful descriptions of the Spirit’s indwelling and prays:

Breathe, O breathe Thy loving Spirit
Into every troubled breast
Let us all in Thee inherit
Let us find the promised rest.
Take away the love of sinning
Alpha and Omega be
End of faith as its beginning
Set our hearts at liberty.

One of Paul’s descriptions for Christians is that “in Christ” we are “a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17). The grace that saved us is continually at work in us, making us more and more like our Lord. Peter’s injunction applies to every Christian. “As he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct” (1 Pet. 1:15). Holiness is purity of heart and life, so Charles’ final verse invokes the Lord to carry on his great work of transformation in us.

Finish then Thy new creation
Pure and spotless let us be
Let us see our whole salvation
Perfectly secured by Thee.

Writing to the Corinthian Christians Paul reminded them that in Christ we are “being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another” (2 Cor. 3:18). Charles Wesley takes this theme of glory to glory and sees it as describing the Christian’s pilgrimage to the “final glory” – being for ever in the presence of the Lord!

Changed from glory into glory
Till in heaven we take our place
Till we cast our crowns before Thee
Lost in wonder, love and praise!

Based on an article by Dr Herbert McGonigle.

Next time you join to sing this wonderful hymn at a wedding or other occasion, do pause for a moment and think of Wesley giving thanks to

God for his legacy of great hymns and his Christian witness.

With best wishes







Tiddington Village Hall


Saturday, 10 November




Stalls selling new goods to include

Usborne Books, handmade jewellery, Christmas/Birthday cards, handmade and embroidered cushions and cards, Noodle Jewellery Ceramics


Usual Bazaar items to include

Produce and Cake Stall, Tombola, Raffle


Proceeds to St Helen’s Church

to fund work to be carried out on heating and stonework repair




Church Services

St Helen’s Church, Albury

7 October

9.30am Morning Prayer with John Nowell Smith

14 October

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

21 October

9.30am Morning Prayer with Caroline King

28 October

9.30am Holy Communion with Brenda Knight

4 November

9.30am Morning Prayer with Caroline King

11 November

10.50am Remembrance Sunday Joint Service at Waterstock War Memorial

18 November

9.30am Morning Prayer with Caroline King

25 November

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King




-Working Together-Striving for Excellence-

An Introduction to our School


This month’s article aims to introduce our school to those in the village who may not be familiar with it or whose children may attend in the future. There has been a school in the village of Great Milton for over 130 years – the original school was built in the centre of the village in 1864, and was relocated in 1971 to a larger, more open site about 100 yards away. In 1994, to accommodate rising pupil numbers two more classrooms were added along with a sports hall.


The school fosters a positive attitude where every child can flourish in a caring, yet challenging environment.  Children enter school with an eagerness and enthusiasm for learning, and the primary years are a vitally important time for sowing the seeds of curiosity, fostering good working habits and encouraging a love of learning.  Teaching staff seek to nurture and sustain this love of learning and also to work in partnership with parents and the local community to achieve this aim, working together to help all children  settle in happily and to feel enthusiastic about their work.  Older pupils are encouraged to develop a responsible and caring attitude towards younger ones and this is promoted through a buddy system. The children take an active part in the development and management of the environment and of the school. 

The use of a wide range of teaching methods and learning opportunities ensures that pupils are offered a rich and varied educational experience, including modern foreign language which is taught from Reception upwards. There are smartboards in every classroom, together with two computer banks and a mobile ICT classroom. A wide variety of musical and sporting activities is also offered. At its last Ofsted inspection, the school was described as a very good school where relationships and the provision for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development were very good. The pupils enjoyed the challenge presented in lessons because of the quality of teaching. Pupils in Year 6 made good progress in English, maths, science, and attained standards that were well above average.


The school offers wrap around care from 8.00am to 6.00pm through the popular breakfast and after school club, and is involved in the Healthy Schools scheme offering milk, fruit and cooked school lunches.


The children, staff and governors are very proud of the school, its history and its achievements and will continue to build upon this in the years to come and strive to ensure that the school plays an active part in the local community.   

Great Milton School, 01844 279388






Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


Several members enjoyed a lovely day out to Highgrove with Chalgrove WI in August. Many thanks to those members who helped to serve teas and cakes and look after the produce stall at the Village Fete. A grand total of £300.00 was made from these two activities.


I would personally like to thank all those who helped and supported my coffee morning the following Saturday. CHOX will benefit by £118.00.

The talk at our September meeting on Mountain Flowers was given by Peter Sheasby, who has an impressive knowledge of all the Latin names. The close-up views of the beautiful flowers found at all mountain levels showed in detail the wonders of nature.


On 11 October Carole Richardson will give a talk on “Decorative Living” and the competition is for a cover for a passport. The winning entry will represent the Institute at the Group Meeting competition.


Our Institute will host the Group Meeting on Wednesday, 24 October, when the speaker will be Alastair Lack and his subject “My travels with Auntie: being a BBC Correspondent”. Members have a chance to meet with other local institutes and we will need volunteers to help serve teas.

On 8 November we will hear about the local Donkey Sanctuary from John McLaren and the competition is for a flame-coloured object. There will be a bring and buy stall.


Advance notice is given that this year’s Christmas meeting on 13 December will be in the Village Hall and there will be entertainment from the Thame Players. Oxford Operatic Society will be performing “The Boyfriend” this autumn and members and friends can take advantage of the coach and ticket package on Wednesday, 21 November for £16.50. We look forward to seeing you on the second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in Tiddington Village Hall. We welcome new members and anyone joining in October at the annual subscription rate for 2008, will get three month’s free membership!

Zena Knight

Tel: 339340


Tiddington Village Hall


Village Hall Fete and Social Evening 2007

On behalf of the Village Hall Management Committee, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone in the village (and beyond) who gave up their valuable time to help make this year’s fete yet another huge success! It was so great to see so many helpers turning out on the Sunday morning to make sure we were ready to welcome the crowds in the afternoon. Considering the poor summer we have had we were blessed with one of the best days of the year, which I’m sure helped bring in the people. I’m pleased to say we broke all previous records and returned a profit of something in the region of £1,300.00. The money will go towards the upkeep of the Hall and the new kitchen extension. We made a few changes to the evening social, which was enjoyed once again by so many. As we didn’t have the usual pig roast it gave us all a rest and meant that everyone could relax and enjoy the evening. We’d also like to thank the Parish Council for very kindly agreeing to pay for the live music in the evening.


Christmas Dinner 2007

OK, I know it’s still some months away but due to the timing of the Newsletter, I need to talk about Christmas now! Last year was basically a sell out so we thought we’d do it all again! This year’s event will be on Saturday, 1 December. You can expect the same warm welcome, a drink on arrival, top entertainment, a fabulous 3-course meal and of course great company. Tickets are just £28.00 (a bargain I know!)

We hope that you will be able to come and enjoy the event that so many people say is the start of their Christmas celebrations. Tickets need to be purchased in advance (and the earlier the better) so that we can organise the catering, etc, which will once again be supplied by Jayne Clark from Wheatley. Please call me to book your tickets! (01844 339430/278534)


Village Hall Committee AGM

The date for the 2007 AGM is Monday, 12 November. We are always looking for new people to join the committee to help lessen the load on those who are already on it! So if you fancy finding out more or just want to come and hear what the Village Hall team has to say, then the AGM is a public meeting so please feel free to join us at the Village Hall at 7.45pm.


Alan Stratton, Chairman

01844 339430/278534


Tiddington Cricket Club


The first cricket season with the new pavilion has now come to a close and it proved to be a most frustrating one with nearly a third of the fixtures cancelled due to rain. The first eleven finished third in Cherwell’s league Division Two without performing consistently. The second’s unfortunately were relegated from Division Six. A much improved performance in all aspects of the game is essential to push the club forward as the first eleven cannot be supported by a team languishing in Division Seven. The third’s finished mid-table with much better results than last year and easily beat the division’s winning team when availability provided a strong side. The biggest disappointment was the number of matches cancelled due to rain, thus denying valuable match experience for our young players. This year for the first time player assessments have been held at under 11, 13, 15, & 17 age groups at four of South Oxfordshire District’s clubs of which the U11’s were hosted at Tiddington. (Thanks to our coaches who carried out these assessments) The five county groups (South Oxfordshire, Vale, Cherwell, West and City) now refer for county trials those they consider good enough to play for the county. This year’s big success story has to be Aunt Sally with the Wednesday team finishing third in Division 3 of the Oxford and District League and then both of Friday’s teams winning their respective sections 2 and 3 in the South East Oxfordshire League. And then to cap this, Friday’s “B” team will play in the final of the handicap KO competition on finals night (Details in the club house). Congratulations to all who have contributed to make this a very special season. As we already know how much the rain affected cricket, it also had a major impact on this year’s tug of war. With teams fit and ready for the early August pulls the postponement until mid September meant an additional 5 – 6 weeks training. Our commiserations go to the junior team (much lighter than the opponents as usual) and the Ladies Team (who didn’t realise that “take the strain” actually meant start pulling) and congratulations to the men’s team and their coaches for their magnificent win over Ickford! Winter teams in Cribbage, Aunt Sally and Ladies and Men’s darts will start their programmes this month. Winter opening times are as follows: Alternate Monday’s for Cribbage, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday lunchtime. Week by week opening times are posted in the bar.


The Annual Dinner Dance and Presentation Evening will take place on Saturday, 13 October in the Village Hall.


As ever new members and players are most welcome.                       Ray Manning Tel: 338911




Newington Nurseries


Top fruit for all gardens


Fresh fruit from the garden – what could be better for you and your family? Beat food miles and packaging for a few weeks at least by growing your own apples and pears. Designate a space in your garden and buy a tree or two – it really is that easy. Get them in the ground and watch them blossom!

Planting trees is also great fun, a brilliant way to mark a special occasion and brings so much extra value to the garden. Fruit trees are especially effective at connecting you with the seasons because spring, summer or autumn they offer something wonderful to appreciate.

Apple (Malus) is a vast family with edible and ornamental varieties to choose from. All offer blossom in spring, many are attractive simply as garden trees. Nothing gives quite such a powerful sense of homeliness as branches laden with quietly ripening fruit. Pear (Pyrus) offers similar benefits as well as being a more individual choice.

In both cases, there are varieties which, owing to their growth habit or compact size, are ideally suited to smaller gardens. The great opportunity with home-grown is to produce fruit that really suits your own palette. “Sunset” and “Fiesta”, for example, are great eaters that you probably won’t find on the shelves but if you want to go for Cox’s, Braeburn’s or Bramley’s, they’ll work in the garden too.

If you are not interested in actually eating the fruit, then choose an ornamental variety. Malus “Evereste” is an outstanding small tree, ideally suited to garden applications. Its wide pyramidal crown, blossom that ranges from light purple to pinkish-white and orange/red ornamental fruits all have major appeal. “Golden Hornet” is another winner, with light purple/white flowers and yellow fruits.

For pears, the range is more limited but again, there are small trees suitable for the garden which will produce either edible or ornamental fruit.

Now is a great time for planting fruit trees because growth is slowing but the soil is still warm. This keeps stress on the plant to a minimum and helps to ensure strong establishment (although container grown trees can be planted at any time other than drought or frost if properly fed and watered after planting). Plant fruit trees in fertile soil in the case of pear and moderately fertile soil in the case of apple. A full sun position is preferable although apple will tolerate some shade. Plant away from underground features like pipes, drains and prune to remove untidy or excess shoots in late winter or early spring.

So grab your spade and get into home grown top fruits this autumn!


For more inspiration and advice, visit Newington Nurseries on the A329 just outside Stadhampton.

Tel:  01865 400533 ~ www.newington-nurseries.co.uk









Are you a warm, caring, friendly person?  Do you have about 16 hours a month to spare?


If you enjoy a challenge and think you could make a difference to the life of a local bereaved child, SeeSaw (Grief Support for the young in Oxfordshire) would like to hear from you.  We are currently looking for new volunteers to work with children following the death of a parent or close family member.


To find out more please come along to our

Taster Evening in Oxford


Wednesday 7th November

6.30 – 8.00pm


Please phone SeeSaw for further details


Tel. 01865 744768


Reg. Charity No. 1076321




Wheatley Library

Opening Hours

Monday     Closed

Tuesday     2.00pm – 7.00pm

Wednesday 9.30am – 1.00pm                                                   2.00pm – 5.00pm

Thursday   2.00pm – 5.00pm

Friday             9.30am – 1.00pm

                       2.00pm – 6.00pm

Saturday    9.30am – 1.00pm


The Merry Bells, High Street, Wheatley

Tel: 01865 875267


0845 8 505 505

The single number for non-emergency calls



Great Milton Neighbours’ Club

Outings Programme

24 October The Birds and the Bees – A City Safari

Lunch at Natural History Museum, coach tour of City of London with animal connections, guided tour of London Wetlands Centre followed by supper.

Cost: £13+coach+supper


28 November Christmas Eye Spy

Refreshments on arrival in London, 3-hour guided tour of Christmas Lights and Sights, incl Somerset House Ice Rink, Dark Ride on the London Eye and evening meal.

Cost: £15+coach+meals


Contact: Mrs C Cope, Woodbine Cottage, Great Milton OX44 7NF. Tel: 01844 279459







Eighth page                 £5.00

Quarter page               £7.00

 Half page                   £10.00

 Whole page                £15.00

Published six times a year.

20% discount to businesses within the Parish

The above charges are to help cover the costs of printing

Please make cheques payable to Tiddington with Albury Parish Council and forward to 24 Albury View, Tiddington, Thame, OX9 2LY





Thame and District

Citizens Advice Bureau

Opening Hours

Monday         10.00am-1.00pm      Open door

                       9.30pm-4.00pm        Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Tuesday        9.30am-4.00pm        Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Wednesday  9.30am-1.00pm        Appointments

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Thursday      Closed         

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Advice line: 01844 214827

Appointments line: 01844 217186


An Outreach session is held at the offices of the United Reformed Church, Crown Square, Wheatley on Monday mornings from 10.00am

To book an appointment ring the Thame Appointments line




Age Concern

Oxfordshire, City and County


Could you make a difference to older people in your area as a Local Link volunteer?

We would greatly value any time you have to give to help with any of the following:


  • Distributing publicity about the services and opportunities that Age Concern offers
  • Helping an older person with the odd errand
  • Keeping in touch with an isolated older person
  • Letting Age Concern know of older people’s suggestions, concerns or requests


For more information, please phone our Abingdon office and speak to Amy on

01235 849400