U  From the editor


Best wishes for a good 2004.

It seems to have gone a little quiet after all the festivities over Christmas and the New Year, but the Village Hall Committee has arranged for a couple of live performances to come soon – Band of Two on 7 February (see page 5 for details) and Instant Wit on 20 March (see page 10)

A way to keep our bodies in trim is a spot of yoga (details on page 7) and for our brains the meetings on science at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (page 9) – and something new – card parties (page 7)!


Zena Knight


Blood Donor Clinic – questionnaire


You may remember seeing this in the last edition of the Newsletter.

Two residents of Tiddington expressed interest and returned their coupons to Sue at the Garage. I also received a telephone call from Imago Publishing in Albury, who had several of their personnel willing to come to Tiddington rather than Thame, to give this very important life saving service.

My thanks to the few, but unfortunately this is a far cry from the 100 needed, and so with regret, it will not be possible for us to provide this facility in Tiddington.


Janet Willis

Poppy Collection November 2003


Once again every house in Tiddington and Albury was visited and boxes were placed in The Fox, Tiddington Garage and Caravan Site and the grand total amounted to £287.01.

Many thanks to all.


Pam Byrne, Freda Brown,

Joan Manning and Pam Morris.




NCH – National Children’s Homes


Thank you to all who contributed through the home collection boxes, in achieving the total of £135.00.

Your continued support enables 460 NCH projects, located throughout the UK, to help vulnerable children.


Jennie Sherlock-Williams




Parish Council News


Precept – the Council agreed a precept of £8,800.00 for the financial year 2004/2005. 


Footpaths – the County Council has asked for information on the nature of improvements required to the rights of way network in the parish. This is in response to a Government initiative. As a result, the Councillors Ken Field, John Nowell-Smith and William Tremayne and the Clerk walked all the designated footpaths over a period of two mornings and were joined by Tony Clark from the Ramblers Association. They will be reporting back to the County Council with suggestions for improvements and modifications.


Pelican crossing – the Council hopes that the County Council will consider the project and include it in the next financial year starting in April, but there is no guarantee, even if the Parish Council were to contribute £10,000.00 towards it. Needless to say, the Parish does not have the funds to promise such a figure.


Milton Common notice board – no objections were received to the siting of a board and it has since been ordered and delivered. Erection will take place shortly.


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Vice Chairman   William Tremayne         279797

                       Public transport, planning, highways,

                       footpaths, street furniture

Councillor         Roy Boughton                339497

                       Health and safety

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430

                       Sport, recreation, arts, tourism, grants,

                       awards, lottery

Councillor         Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

Thame Area Forum – the meeting scheduled for 26 January was cancelled and apologies to those who put the date in their diaries!


Payments – membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks was renewed for 2004.


From the Chairman


A very happy New Year to everybody. Let us hope that 2004 is a trouble-free year.

There will, of course, be problems arising from time to time and if these affect you, please do not hesitate to make them known to the Parish Council. As Alan says below, do come to the Council meetings to have your say and air your grievances.

John Nowell-Smith




From a Parish Councillor


Ok, so I've put it off long enough, it's my turn to write a piece for the Tiddington Newsletter as one of your Parish Councillors.

I've been a Parish Councillor for about 5 years and I'm pleased to say I've enjoyed almost every minute of it. I still think many people don't even know that the Parish Council exists, well let me tell you, it does! The Parish Council operates for a number of reasons. We do our best to feed the views of villagers “up the chain” to District and County Council level. We endeavour to help and support villagers on planning matters. We also manage the spending of the Parish Council's funding. For example we subsidise public transport costs for our pensioners and pay for the upkeep of the playing field. The money is also used to buy new village facilities such as the bus shelter outside The Fox.

Unfortunately, we also have to use the money to pay towards the cost of repairs, many of which are needed as a result of needless acts of vandalism. For example, the tiles on the old bus shelter roof were deliberately damaged last year and these will have to be replaced. Even with generous donations of “free” labour we still have the cost of new tiles. The Village Hall continues to get its fair share of damage but hopefully the new CCTV will help the police with their work. It's a real shame that money which should be spent on the village as a whole, is having to be used to simply repair damage caused by the small minority.

OK, time to be more positive! Please remember the Parish Council is there for you. All monthly meetings are open to members of the public and you can come along and have your say. It's amazing how few people come, but when they do it's always a great way of getting people to open up and let them say what they want to say. The Councillors are there to help and lend support. Zena, the Clerk also sifts through the information which comes in from all sorts of places and passes it on through the Councillors and the regular newsletters. Just remember we're here to help; if it's a tree you think needs cutting back because it's dangerous and don't know who to talk to or you have a suggestion for new village facilities, please come along on the 1st Monday of every month to the Village Hall at 8pm. It's always good to see new faces.



Solar water heating at discounted prices for your home


§         Free energy for your home

§         Save money all the year round

§         Works even on cloudy days

§         Reduce pollution


Supported by District and County Councils in the Thames Valley, Solarsavers offers independent advice and discounted prices and will give advice on applying for a £500 ClearSkies grant.


For further  information call 0800 107 0044 or visit the website www.solarsavers.co.uk

Now on a personal level, compared to most people, I'm still a newcomer to this village, having lived here for just 7 years. Joyce and I really enjoy the village life and always look forward to the various activities (mainly social) that go on. When I used to work in London, my colleagues couldn't believe it when I told them about all the things we did in the village, from Aunt Sally on a Friday night to Christmas Parties and the annual Tug of War! I'm a true believer in the idea of “village spirit” and in the Tiddington with Albury Parish it's quite clear, we've got it!

Alan Stratton

Parish Councillor


Refuse skips

Skips are available every Saturday at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Rd

8.00 – 12.00

1st & 3rd Saturday for garden waste

2nd & 4th Saturday for non-recyclables

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00

or until full


From your County Councillor

New proposals have come from the Boundary Commission to change some of the County Council boundaries. At the moment Tiddington, Waterperry and Waterstock come under the Wheatley division that I have been representing for the last ten years. Under the new plans, that would cease to be the case, and your village, together with Waterperry and Waterstock would be in the Chalgrove division.

The proposals are by no means final, and the County Council is considering them and will send back a considered view to the Boundary Commission. They will then come back with a final recommendation. Any changes would not come into effect until the next County Elections in 2005.

I am writing about this for two reasons. Firstly, I would like to know the views of people in this area, so that I can report them as part of the consultation process. Secondly, I would like to assure people that, whatever the outcome, I will continue to work as diligently for Tiddington, Waterperry and Waterstock as for the rest of the division that is not being considered for changes. A Councillor can, anyway, only be sure of representing any or all of their ward or division up until the next election, and so there will be no difference to the way I serve the electorate in the various villages.

I have enjoyed working with the villages east of Wheatley, and they do give a more balanced feel to an area that is otherwise quite close to Oxford, but we must wait and see what the final decision is.

With very best wishes for 2004



Tel: 01865 351404

The Cottage, Otmoor Lane, Beckley, Oxford, OX3 9UX

Anne Purse

County Councillor



Church News

The big news is the licensing of Caroline King, our new House for Duty Priest. This will take place in the Church on Sunday, 15 February at 3.00pm. Everyone is welcome and there will be tea at the Village Hall afterwards.

Caroline will be known to many of you, as she has taken several services here and has been active, home visiting as part of her job as Curate at Wheatley. We can consider ourselves very fortunate that she is taking up this new position. The nature of her job and her responsibilities are described in the note from James Watson, Team Rector, which appears below.

John Nowell-Smith



From the Team Rector


As announced in December, we are pleased to welcome the Revd Caroline King as the new priest responsible for the parishes of Albury, Holton, Waterperry and Waterstock. Caroline begins her ministry on 15 February, when she is licensed by the Bishop of Dorchester at St Helen’s, Albury.

To all intents and purposes Caroline will exercise her ministry in the parishes just like any other vicar, but it is important for people to recognise that her appointment is not full-time. By virtue of living in the vicarage rent free (but without stipend), she will work for the equivalent of two days per week plus Sundays. As seems to happen with part-time jobs, they soon become three quarter-time and even full-time jobs when they are performed by people who are conscientious. Caroline is such a person and so I hope that you, her congregation, will help to ensure that she will be able to maintain, as far as possible, the correct balance between work and home. As we all want Caroline and her family to flourish in all aspects of their new life, I would ask people to be aware of the part-time nature of her appointment.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the parishes for holding the fort during the interregnum. When a parish has no priest, a lot of work is carried out by the churchwardens and lay officers of the church and I have been touched by the dedication which church members have shown to make sure that the life of the parishes has continued much as before.


James Watson

Wheatley Team Ministry



See over for Church Services



Church Services





1 February

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Evening Prayer


8 February




Holy Communion


Holy Communion


15 February

Morning Prayer


Holy Communion




22 February

Holy Communion


Family Communion


Evening Prayer


Holy Communion


29 February

Cluster Service

Venue and time to be decided

7 March

Holy Communion





To be advised

14 March



21 March

Morning Prayer


28 March

Holy Communion




Weather statistics


Pleasant month with 26 rain free days.

Highest temperature on 9th was 66degF 19degC

Coldest day on 30th with 38degF 4degC.


Temperatures for this month have been close to the 100 year highs.

The highest temperature in Tiddington was on the 7th, reaching 60degF  16degC. This was one of the highest in the country.

There were 15 days when we had rain, and 4 nights of frost.


According to statistics, December has got colder in the last three decades.

We had 6 days of frost and 15 days of night frost.

The coldest was 24degF   -4degC on the 9th.

January up to 18th

So far we have had 12 days of rain.

The highest temperature was on 6th and 7th with 50degF     11degC and we have had 6 days of frost.

The price of crude oil has been going up, due to a large extent to the USA building up supplies because of the expected cold temperatures.

Many places in the Mid West have had temperatures of –20degC. The thought of it is enough!

2003 was only the fifth warmest on record.

Highest temperature was 101.3degF  38.5degC.

The hottest year was 1999.

2004 is predicted to be the warmest ever.


Glen Evans


United Neighbours In Tiddington


Our annual Dinner Dance on 6 December was yet again a very pleasant and successful evening, enjoyed by seventy plus members, partners and friends, and was a good start to the holiday period.

The usual Christmas card delivery was well-used and made extra money for our charities (amount to be confirmed at the AGM).

Our Christmas Meeting was yet again in party mood following a demonstration of a makeover and a range of Body Shop products.

Our February meeting is on the 24th and March on the 23rd.

If you need more information about our club please contact Josie Adams, Julie Smith or any committee member.

Pat Wise



Card parties

Are you interested in hosting a card party at home or in a local venue?

Birthday cards, invitations, wrapping paper, notelets and cards for all occasions at reasonable prices.

If you are then please contact Louise for more information or a brochure.


01844 339671



Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


At our December meeting we were in festive mood with sherry and seasonal refreshments provided by the committee members. The atmosphere was greatly enhanced by the sight of the Village Hall already beautifully decorated for Christmas. We had entertainment from the “Bakehouse Buskers”, a group of three who had put together a programme of ancient and modern literary readings and sketches, all with a Christmas flavour.

In January we met Mrs Betty Collins, an amazing lady of 64 who had rafted down the Zambezi, shooting the rapids, encountering dangerous animals such as hippopotami and elephants and roughing it in camp. It was a highly entertaining talk with vivid descriptions, which meant there was no need of a slide show to accompany it.

In a change to the published programme, we will have a talk by Mrs Patsy Dudley on 12th February entitled “A house, a family, a business”. It is the history of a local family in Thame and their old house in the Upper High Street. The competition is for a yellow object.

On 11th March we hold our Annual Meeting and the competition will be for an article connected with zebras.

Several members will be attending three music taster sessions organised by the County Federation and learn about the works of the composers Elgar, Rachmaninov and Saint-Saens.

Four members are also visiting Denman College to have lunch and a guided tour of the facilities of the national WI educational institution at Marcham.

A forward date for members to put in their diaries – the Group Meeting in Thame Town Hall on 21st April with Tudor times brought to life by costumed men and women from Sulgrave Manor.

Our monthly meetings are held in Tiddington Village Hall on the second Thursday in the month at 7.30pm. Visitors and new members will be made very welcome.

Zena Knight



Anyone for Yoga?


It has been suggested by a good friend of mine in Tiddington that the village may appreciate a Yoga class. With this suggestion in mind I would like to do a Taster class in the Village Hall to establish how many people would be interested in attending a regular class, to take place every week.

If you are interested – please come along with your comfortable clothing and floor mat or blanket on:

Wednesday, 4th February at 10.30am

Tiddington Village Hall


Yvonne Cartwright

Tel: 01844 279205



News from Newington Nurseries


Orchids are the ultimate exotic houseplant and – with Valentine’s Day upon us again – the most unusual and romantic gift.

“But don’t such elegant plants demand a lot of attention, and aren’t those delicate blooms short lived?” It’s a question we are often asked at the nursery. The answer is that, while there are orchids that need controlled environments, many others will bloom for months in the average living room, kitchen or bathroom. And with at least 25,000 species and more than 110,000 man-made hybrids, there is quite a selection to choose from!

For sure-fire success choose a Cymbidium (Wind Orchid) or a Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid). These are incredibly popular now so you will have no trouble finding either.

For something more unusual, but still easy, try the following:-

Brassia (Spider Orchid)

The fragrant yellow flowers of this plant have long, thin petals with green and brown markings. For full impact, grow it in a hanging basket, give it plenty of light, and keep it cool and moist during the summer.


This is another orchid that loves cooler conditions, lots of light, plenty of water in summer and less in the winter. It produces several flower stems carrying sprays of flowers in various colours that are, again, best displayed in a hanging basket.

Epidendrum (Crucifix Orchid)

This rampant grower produces aerial roots and pendant flower stems up to two metres long. So, again, it’s ideal in a hanging basket. It will survive with very little attention. Give it good light, a minimum temperature of 12 degrees centigrade and, for even better results, feed it during the summer.

Zygopetalum (Ladybird Orchid)

The unusual green, brown and purple blooms on this sweetly scented orchid normally appear in spring and autumn. This plant likes dappled shade and lots of water in summer and good light in winter.

Basically, the rules are simple. They may look precious, but with care, orchids will bloom for months –and live forever!


§         Newington Nurseries is on the A329 just outside Stadhampton

§         Tel: 01865 400533


Tiddington Cricket Club


Now that Christmas and New Year have been safely negotiated and daylight hours are getting longer, we begin to turn our thoughts to another summer’s cricket.

Thankfully we have not had a repeat of last year’s dreadful flooding on New Year’s Day, as this put back pitch preparation, only to be followed by the drought at the end of the summer. Hopefully the mild autumn and winter (so far) will give better wickets during the summer.

Club teams continue a winter season of Aunt Sally, Cribbage and Darts, of which the men’s “A” team are still in the Knock-out competition.

Pre-season indoor nets have been booked at Thame Lower School on the following dates:

Sunday 7th March               5-6pm

Sunday 21st March             1-2pm

Sunday 28th March             1-2pm

Sunday 4th April                 1-2pm

We also plan to repeat last year’s indoor fitness sessions on Thursday evenings starting on 4th March, with four further sessions. Times and venue are currently being finalised.

New players and members are most welcome. Please contact me or enquire at the club bar (open Thursday through to Sunday evenings and Sunday lunchtime)


Ray Manning


Tiddington Village Hall


The Village Hall Christmas events once again proved a great success. Thanks to all those who helped and supported the Bingo, which raised over £400.00 and the two Christmas parties on the 20th of December.

The next Village Hall event features a duo called Band of Two, who perform a wide selection of Celtic songs from artists such as Van Morrison, The Pogues, Christy Moore, The Dubliners, Ralf McTell and many more. It takes place at the Village Hall on Saturday, 7th February at 8.00pm and tickets are available now from Tot Boswell on 338146. Live music in your own Village Hall, what more could you want!

On 20th March there will be the welcome return of “Instant Wit”, a live version of “Who’s line is it anyway?”

It may well be eleven months away, but we do plan to have another Village Hall New Year’s Eve Party this year. However we need your input. Please feel free to pass on your comments to me or any other committee member about what kind of party you would like – fancy dress? winter BBQ? it’s up to you!


Alan Stratton





Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Free public lectures

13 February 7pm What is nanotechnology

Explore the world of the very small with Professor Tony Ryan. Recommended for age 11 and over.

12 March 7pm Creating faces

Facial reconstruction with Dr Caroline Wilkinson. Recommended for age 9 and over.

To reserve a place contact Lisa Faircloth Tel: 01235 445789

Free Open Day

24 March 1.30-4.30pm

Suitable for age 16 years and over

To reserve a place contact Emma Gilgunn-Jones on 01235 445553


Great Haseley Baby and Toddler Group

This group meets every Thursday during term time (including half term week) from 10.15 to 11.45 in Great Haseley Village Hall, and despite Great Haseley being in our name, the group is attended by people from other villages such as the Miltons, Stadhampton and Rycote. We have mats and baby toys for the youngest attendees and a range of other toys – slide, cooker, ride on toys, dressing up, to name a few, for the older or more mobile children.

We have snacks for the children, served at a table half way through the morning, and refreshments for the grown ups, and most sessions end with some songs. Periodically we have a more closely supervised activity of some sort, such as play dough or puzzles. At the end of each term we have a “party” session. We also aim to meet up in the evenings every so often (grown ups only!) in order to have complete conversations.

You can attend as many or as few times as you wish and it all costs just £1.00 per session, with your first visit being free.

If you are caring for a pre-school age child (or children) do come along one Thursday and try us out.

For any further information, please contact Denise on 01844 279810 or Caroline on 279762.





Happy New Year from us all at the Library.

To help the cold dark evenings pass more quickly, during the month of February, we are offering 3 videos/DVDs for the price of 2. So do come along and visit us.

There will be a storytime for 4-8 year olds on Tuesday, 17th February. FREE tickets must be collected in advance.

For your convenience, our opening times are as follows:-

Tuesday        2.00 – 7.00

Wednesday   9.30 – 1.00                2.00 – 5.00

Thursday      2.00 – 5.00

Friday                       9.30 – 1.00                2.00 – 6.00

Saturday      9.30 – 1.00


Tel: 01865 875267

Carole Underwood

Library Manager