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#  From the editor


We have the traditional climax to the end of the summer holidays with the Great Haseley Flower Show and the Village Fete over the Bank Holiday weekend (see pages 10 and 12 for details) and further afield will be the delights of the Thame and Bucks Shows. Harvest Festival is another great tradition (see page 6)

Zena Knight


Please note that the August meeting of the Parish Council will be on 14 August


Sobell House Hospice

Charity Bingo

To all who helped and attended the bingo or bought plants from our house during the year, we have banked for Sobell the grand total of £592.23.

The Unit gave us a good foundation for a hugely successful bingo, of which we for Sobell Hospice are really grateful to Tiddington.

Many thanks

Dawn and Brian Price

Tudor Cottage


Yoga Classes

After the summer break the Fitness and Yoga classes will recommence on Thursday, 7 September at 10.30am.

These classes have been running successfully now for a few years and are open to everyone.

Yvonne Cartwright


Picture of the Neighbourhood Watch logoMilton Common NHW

(West Side)


Over the last couple of months distraction burglaries have been prominent, targeting the elderly; areas affected Kingston Blount, Longworth, and Henley.

Please look out for your elderly friends and neighbours.

We have received several reports, spread throughout our police area, of assaults on cyclists. The assault takes place from a vehicle, which pulls alongside the cyclist, a passenger then reaches out, and pushes the cyclist over. So far nobody has been seriously hurt. Injuries so far have been limited to cuts and bruises.

Flyers are being posted through letter boxes of households, in our area, which offer valuation of silver or gold jewellery, and also to buy pieces. As with all cold callers we advise you not to deal with these particularly "mobile" operatives.

If you require this type of service, we advise you to go to a couple of locally based businesses, which have been recommended to you.

If you receive such a caller, and you experience any problems, please call the police on 08458 505505.

During the Summer School Holidays Dog Watch is going to be in Operation. If pets need to be looked after during holidays and your direct neighbours are away – please give me a call.

Elaine Horne

NHW Co-ordinator M/C


Parish Council News


Parish Clerk – at the June meeting, Zena Knight announced her intention of resigning as Clerk and Newsletter editor to take effect on 30 September. (See advertisement on page 3)


Affordable housing – further site investigations need to be made, causing more delays. (See Chairman’s column for details.)


Pelican crossing – the Council is helping our County Councillor to put together statistics gathered over the years to prove its case for a continuation of the project. (See also Chairman’s column)


M40 road noise levels – as the Council’s representative, Elaine Horne attended a meeting between the M40 Chilterns Environmental Group and the Highways Agency to receive a report on the noise “hotspots” in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Flaws in the Agency’s processes were exposed and Bucks CC and Wycombe District are becoming involved. (See also the press release on page 4)


Planning – Sandy Lane Veterinary Surgery has applied to erect a permanent building on the site of the present surgery.


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Vice Chairman   Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Councillor         Roy Boughton                339497

                       Health and safety, transport

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430

                       Sport, recreation, arts, tourism, grants,

                       awards, lottery

Councillor         Angela Tremayne           279797

                       Planning; highways and Milton Common

Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

Speed reduction measures, London Road, Milton Common – these have been agreed by OCC and we hope they will be implemented during this financial year.


Donations – a contribution has been made to the work of the M40 Chilterns Environmental Group.


Freedom of Information Act

Publication Scheme

Residents of the Parish can see the records of the Council held by the Parish Clerk or learn where they may be accessed. Records include minutes, financial information and responses to planning consultations.

Application can be made to the Clerk (Tel: 339340) and documents viewed by appointment. Any copies required will be charged at 10p per page.


Refuse skips

Skips for non-recyclable waste are available on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Road

8.00 – 12.00 or until full


Skips for non-recyclable waste are available every Saturday at:

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00 or until full

Please note there are no longer skips for separate garden waste


Refuse collection

The collection in August Bank Holiday week will be on Tuesday, 29 August



0845 8 505 505

The single number for non-emergency calls

From your Chairman


Zena Knight

You will have read elsewhere in the Newsletter that Zena has tendered her resignation as Clerk to the Parish Council. Not only did this come as a shock to all of us, but it has been the cause of great sadness and dismay. Sadness because we will miss her so much as a person and dismay as we will be lost without her.

Zena took up her position as Clerk in May 1996 and since then she has kept the Council functioning. Her knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of clerks and councillors has kept us on the straight and narrow and without her efficient handling of so many council matters, most of us Councillors would long since have gone to our graves!

She has worked tirelessly, putting in many hours beyond the course of duty, all without complaint, at the same time refusing additional payments to which she would have been entitled. Throughout all this she has maintained the utmost good humour.

We have implored her to change her mind but to no avail. There is a notice opposite seeking volunteers to replace her – but she is literally irreplaceable.

Affordable housing

We have just heard that a second contamination survey of the Station Yard is now required as it was previously used as a sawmill. This will cost approximately £22k and set the affordable housing project back six months. In the circumstances, OCHA has threatened to withdraw. Efforts are in hand to see if the cost can be reduced or if SODC will make a contribution. They have the money and are desperate for more affordable houses to be built in the district.

Pelican crossing

You will have gathered that our long awaited pelican crossing has been, if not cancelled, put on a back burner. This was a decision of the County Council forced on them by the Government. We are, however, trying to produce arguments as to why we should be treated as a special case – such as the danger to the disabled and the fact that the Police have been operating a hand-held speed camera because the road is dangerous! We will not give up lightly.

Vet’s Surgery

Appeals against SODC’s refusal to grant planning permission for the building of a vet’s surgery in the field adjoining Sandy Lane Farmhouse were held recently in the Village Hall. The Parish Council objected to the granting of permission on the grounds of the undesirability of commercial development on that site and of traffic danger. Dr Bennett has now lodged a further scaled down application which can be viewed by arrangement with the Clerk. It is understood that she wishes to pursue this application regardless of the outcome of the appeals

John Nowell-Smith

Parish Council Chairman

Tel: 01844 339650



Applications are invited for the posts of

Clerk to Tiddington with Albury

Parish Council


Editor of the Tiddington with Albury and Milton Common Newsletter

Salary on Local Government pay scales for five hours per week.

The posts could be shared by two people.

To commence on 1 October 2006


Apply to the Chairman, John Nowell-Smith

Tel: 01844 339650

For an informal chat about the duties contact the Clerk, Zena Knight

Tel: 01844 339340

From your District Councillor


You may have noticed some changes to the roundabouts in the vicinity. They have been tidied up and advertising signs placed opposite roads accessing the roundabouts. This has been done as part of an SODC initiative and has been vehemently opposed by the local branch of the CPRE, whose Chairman lives in a nearby village. The legality of the advertising signs has been called into question and has aroused quite some comment in the Press and on Radio Oxford.

More administrative services are being shared between SODC and the Vale of the White Horse District Council, which may be an indication of SODC’s preference if there is a reorganisation of local government.

Worries persist about the number of new houses the Government wishes to build in this area and rumours are beginning to circulate of a Stone Bassett type project being resurrected. In the meantime, SODC and the Vale of the White Horse have approved an outline proposal for 3,200 more houses in Didcot.

From 2007, when the new Gambling Act comes into force, SODC will be responsible for licensing premises for gambling activities, just as they are now for entertainment and liquor licensing.

 John Nowell-Smith

District Councillor

Tel: 01844 339650


From your County Councillor


Road Traffic Issues at London Road, Milton Common.

Peter Ronald, the area highways engineer, advises that he has placed the order to put warning red surfaced areas on the road, 30mph roundels on the road and white gates at the sides of the road at the entrance to the 30mph limit.  This he believes will at least draw a driver's attention to the fact that they are entering an area where extra driving care is needed.

Pelican Crossing in Tiddington on the A418.

I have invited Cllr David Robertson to attend a forthcoming meeting of the Parish Council to explain the decision, following changes in Government policy, not to proceed with the long awaited Pelican crossing in the middle of Tiddington.  As you know the planning, including surveying and design, had been done in the last financial year and we were expecting the crossing to be installed early in the summer of this year.  David Robertson is the OCC Cabinet member responsible for highway issues.  I have also provided the Parish Council with a 10 year report on accident statistics for the 30mph area of the A418 in Tiddington.  I believe we must keep up the pressure on this very important issue.

Early Years Publication.

An interesting publication is now available featuring Oxfordshire County Council's Early Years Development & Childcare Partnership Plan for 2006/8.  This gives details of the early learning and childcare teams based within the early years and family support service which is part of Oxfordshire County Council's Young People and Families Directorate, which in turn provides education and children's social services. To obtain a copy please call 01865 815630.


Please feel free to contact me about County Council issues that concern you.

My contact details are as follows:

Address:       50 Hardings, Chalgrove, Oxford, OX44 7TJ.

Home Telephone:     01865 891169

Email:             david.turner@oxfordshire.gov.uk


David Turner

County Councillor

21st July 2006


400 years until quieter M40

News release from

Member of Parliament for Aylesbury

David Lidington, 17 July 2006


It will take four hundred years for the Highways Agency to put noise-reduction measures in place along the M40 in Bucks and South Oxfordshire, under current priorities and spending levels. That was the message from campaigners to their local MPs at a meeting in Westminster on 13 July.

Members of the M40 Chiltern Environmental Group met Paul Goodman, Dominic Grieve, David Lidington and Boris Johnson, to discuss their progress in persuading the Highways Agency to prioritise the M40 noise problem.

After the meeting, David Lidington, MP for Aylesbury, said:

“Ken Edwards and his team told us that the M40 is an old motorway which would fail current design standards. As a result, my constituents in Stokenchurch and other residents in villages such as Loudwater, Lane End and Lewknor, live closer to the route than would be allowed today and suffer from dangerously high noise levels as a result.

“Yet it could take decades for quietening to be considered. The Government’s priorities seem to be weighted against rural areas and do not take enough account of the environment, for example the fact that the motorway runs right through the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“I shall be tabling questions in Parliament to encourage Ministers to have a good look at the problems suffered by residents in Bucks and Oxfordshire.”


Help us improve our website and receive £20

South Oxfordshire District Council’s website, www.southoxon.gov.uk, provides a wide range of information and services. We are continually looking for ways to improve our site and make it easier for people to use.

Could you spare an hour of your time to help us test our website?

We are looking for volunteers to help us work out which parts of our website need improving. The sessions will take place at the Council Offices in Crowmarsh Gifford, and will involve a few tasks to see how easy or hard it is to use our site. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge about websites to take part. The session will involve looking at the website for around an hour. At the end of the session, volunteers will receive £20.

If you are interested and able to come to our offices during weekdays (7am-7pm), please send your name, contact details (address, phone number, email) and when you are available between 24 Jul - 24 Aug, to:

Sam Shepherd, Consultation Officer

South Oxfordshire District Council

Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford


Tel: 01491 823093

Email: Sam.Shepherd@southoxon.gov.uk

We will contact you to ask you a few details about yourself and to make an appointment.


From the Vicar

This month’s letter is part of an occasional series when we shall receive contributions from other members of the Wheatley Team Ministry and is written by Angela Butler who

will be a familiar face to many of you.  Angela has a special responsibility for our ministry to young people.

If you have ever grown your own grapes, made your own wine or just planted a vine in your garden, or for that matter visited a vineyard in France or Italy, you will know how rapidly vines get going in the spring. It was when I had the job of growing grape vines for Imperial Chemicals that I made the discovery that the roots of the vine have a sweet aroma. Vines are truly wonderful plants.

At our Team Eucharist in Cuddesdon in May there was an exciting moment when the children of the twelve parishes held up a big frieze of vine which they had created. This large picture was a demonstration of the way our village churches work together. It was also a pictorial way of portraying Jesus’ words “I AM the true vine”  As Christians we belong to Christ and just as vine branches remain alive by staying connected to the parent vine and so produce fruit grapes and wine, so we as Christians by staying part of Christ can share his life.

I sometimes wonder how much is lost in life by those who cannot feel part of the spiritual life of Christ and his family the church. Being able to communicate with God, however poorly we may think we do it, offers to add a whole huge new dimension to our human existence. In a phone call from New Zealand recently an old parishioner of mine said how he had been able to pray in Intensive Care as he watched the monitor rise and peak and he had felt able to connect with God. Why do parents so often bring their children to be baptised in the church which they knew when they were children, surely because it is the place where they feel they connect best to God or with that “True Vine”.  At the end of a wedding service as I stand with the newly weds in front of the altar I know that once again a man and a woman have chosen to stand in the “Holy place”   because they intend to be in God’s presence  and commit to him at this most special moment of their lives.

Yes, Jesus is the True Vine, the one who has made it possible in spite of all our mistakes for us to connect to God; made it possible for us to discover and light up that part of us, that spiritual part of us which, when we recognise it can enable us to produce really Good things for God, for others and for ourselves.

Have a great summer.   God Bless.          Angela



22 June Ivy May Coppock

May she rest in peace.


9 July William Henry Bull

Welcome to the Lord’s family


Young People in the Wheatley Team please keep Sunday, 10 September free to come to a party with boat trips at Angela’s house from 1.15 to 4.00pm. Give Angela a ring on 01189422055 or email her on angelabutler@nestledown68.fsnet.co.uk or speak to Caroline on 01865 873451 or email caroline.king@virgin.net and I will make sure Angela knows you are coming.



This year’s Harvest Festival will be on Sunday, 17 September at 6.00pm, followed by a Harvest Supper. There will also be a children’s activity in church on Saturday, 16 September from 2.00 in the afternoon. It would be great to have lots of people at both these events.


Oxfordshire Historic Churches

Ride or Stride

The Oxfordshire Historic Churches “Ride or Stride” is on Saturday, 9 September this year.

Sponsor forms will be available from Anne Edwards, Tel: 01844 339794 or support the event by walking or cycling to as many churches as you can and get sponsors yourself.

Anne Edwards

Church Services

St Helen’s Church, Albury

6 August

9.30am Morning Prayer with John Nowell-Smith

13 August

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

20 August

9.30am Morning Prayer with Albert Eastham

27 August

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

3 September

9.30am Morning Prayer

10 September

9.30am Holy Communion

17 September

6.00pm Harvest Festival

24 September

9.30am Holy Communion


Oxfordshire County Council

Children, Young People and Families


Important dates for your diary


If you have a child who was born between 1 September 2002 and 31 August 2003, you can apply for a place in an Oxfordshire Primary or Infant School for September 2007.

·         You can obtain a booklet entitled “Starting School” from any Oxfordshire maintained Primary or Infant school from 11 September 2006.

·         The closing date for applications is 20 November 2006.

·         You will receive a letter in February 2007 informing you which school your child has been allocated.

If you live in Oxfordshire and have a child who will be in Year 6 from September 2006, you can apply for a place in a Secondary school for September 2007.

·         You will be able to obtain a booklet from your child’s current maintained primary school in September 2006.

·         The closing date for applications is 20 October 2006.

·         You will receive a letter in March 2007 informing you which school your child has been allocated.

The closing dates above are very important, as late applicants may not be successful in getting the school of their choice.

This year for the first time you will be able to apply for a school place on-line at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/admissions


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the admissions team by telephone on 01865 815175 or you can write to the team at Macclesfield House, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1NA



Great Milton C of E Primary School



The summer term has been a very busy one with plenty of events taking place at the school.

Venturing Vikings – What a brilliant week with class five and six entertaining their families and friends with “The Venturing Vikings”, a history lesson with a difference! As always the children rose to the occasion and their sheer enjoyment of performing together shone through  – see photos on the school web site.

Area Sports - Primary schools in the Thame and Wheatley partnerships compete each year for an area sports trophy. The children who represented Great Milton were chosen as usual following sports day this year. The children did very well, coming a well deserved 3rd place.

Kwik Cricket - A Year 6 mixed team and an Under 11’s girls’ team have represented the school at kwik cricket tournaments this term. The children all played really well and their skills improved with each game they took part in.  They all showed excellent team spirit and thoroughly enjoyed.

SATs Results – Best Ever! We are all very pleased, particularly as there was a change of teacher at Easter which had the potential to unsettle the children and affect the overall results!!

English               Level 4 and above    100%

Cohort # 23


Level 5              14                     61%

Level 4              9                      39%

Level 3              -                       --

Writing       Level 4 and above    87%

Level 5              10                     43.5%

Level 4              10                     43.5%

Level 3              3                      13%

Reading       Level 4 and above    100%

Level 5              15                     65%

Level 4              8                      35%

Mathematics  Level 4 and above    91%

Level 5              12                     52%

Level 4              9                      39%

Level 3              2                      9%

Science       Level 4 and above    96%

Level 5              15                     65%

Level 4              7                      30%

Level 3              1                      4%

School reopens on Tuesday  5th September  – Happy Summer Holiday !


The school web site will be kept updated throughout the school year with articles and pictures of activities taking place at the school. The web site can be viewed at www.great-milton.oxon.sch.uk.


Mark Stoker


Chilworth House School

Locals may have noticed a school sign appear on the A418 between Waterstock Golf Club and Tiddington.

Chilworth House School is part of the Witherslack Group of Schools based in the North West of England and catering for children with various “Special Needs”.

Chilworth represents their first school in the south and is a Day Primary School supporting referrals from various local authorities for children who have a statement of Special Needs. We are registered for up to 24 pupils who have complex learning and communication difficulties and challenging behaviour. In April this year we had a successful OfSTED which described us as a “good school making a very promising start”. The “values” based curriculum was quoted as being “highly relevant” and “stimulates pupils’ imagination”.

We wish to develop community links with the area and welcome suggestions on how to do so.

For further information or suggestions please contact the head teacher, Mr Robert Marchbank on 01844 339077 or email head@chilworthhouseschool.com


Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


Jill Bailey’s experiences researching and filming frogs with Earthwatch in the wild parts of Australia brought much admiration from members at the meeting in June. An amusing interlude for the expedition was the mysterious disappearance of tent pegs – no, not stolen by other tenters when they had mislaid theirs but by a kookaburra!

In July the details of Dick Jennens’ trip with Oxfam to Bangladesh in February were very thought provoking. The deprivation of the people, particularly the women were very telling, but the excellent work of Oxfam gave cause for optimism for the future.

On 10 August we will learn about “Clinical holistic aromatherapy in a forensic setting” with Jane Birchenough, and on 14 September the speaker, Alan Copeland, has the intriguing title for his talk “Tales of the unexpected”.

As autumn approaches there will be a variety of events organised by the County Federation, including an evening with Pam Ayres on 26 September, poetry reading sessions and a trip to Wells in October. These and other activities are usually open to non-members, so please get in touch if interested.

We shall be serving teas and home made cakes at the Village Hall Fete on Bank Holiday Sunday and would welcome cakes made by members.

The WI will also be responsible for the produce stall and would be grateful for any home-grown produce, plants, cakes, pastries, jams, pickles, etc from everyone.

Our monthly ,meetings are on the second Thursday at 7.30pm in Tiddington Village Hall.

Zena Knight

Tel: 339340


Something for Free

I have two Pine Tall Stools that I no longer want. They are 27” high with 11” diameter seats.

If you would like to give them a home please call me on 01844 339415.

Janet Willis


Thames Valley


0800 555 111

Call anonymously with information about crime

Tiddington Village Hall


The Village Hall Fete & Social Evening 2006
Many of you will remember the great day we had last year, we were not only blessed with brilliant weather but the crowds came too and we ended up raising a record breaking £1,100.

Well, we thought we'd do it all again this year!
The date for your diary is Sunday 27th August. We'll have many of the usual attractions during the day and the ever popular Pig Roast and Social (including prize giving) in the evening. The Fete starts at
2pm and we plan to serve the pig at about 8pm.

During the day we've got beat the keeper for the kids (and adults) as well as the now classic egg throwing contest, darts, aunt sally, target golf etc. Refreshments will also be available throughout the afternoon so bring along your family and friends. There will be a Books, CD's, Puzzles and Games stall as well as the Tombola and produce stalls. As usual we welcome any donations of 'stock' for these stalls.  The produce stall (run by the WI) is looking for plants, cakes, gifts, home grown vegetables, etc.

If you have anything you would like to donate then please contact a Village Hall Committee member or call me on 339430. We will also try and do a door-to-door visit during the week beginning 21st August.

This year we will be having a special handicraft competition for the kids. It's their opportunity to get creative and make something special using the raw materials we will provide. The winner will receive a new trophy which is being presented in memory of Audrey Taylor, who passed away earlier this year. Audrey was famous for her brilliant knitted dolls which she very kindly made and donated to the Fete every year. Some of you will remember having to try and “guess the dolls name”.

As I mentioned in the last Newsletter, we really do need your help to make this event a success. If you can help in any way either on the day or perhaps making cakes, etc., then please let us know. Even if it's just to give one of the stall runners 15 minutes off to look round the rest of the Fete!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th


Alan Stratton


Tiddington Village Hall Committee

Tel: 01844 339430



Tiddington Cricket Club


Whilst I’m sat writing this article, the day after record July temperatures, I’m thinking like many others that a break from the sunshine would be a good thing especially for the garden. Monday or Tuesday would be best so as not to interrupt weekend activities.

On the cricket front it was sad to have to pull out of the village KO after beating Oxford Downs in the county quarterfinals, as we realised that a recent rule change meant that one of our players was ineligible. Downs went on to win the county final where they beat Shipton under Wychwood and then progressed to the second national round when they succumbed to Timsbury, the Somerset champions.

The First Eleven are currently mid-table and still have much to play for as it is a very close division, apart from Cumnor who are leading by a long way.

The Seconds, after struggling for quite a few seasons now, are getting stronger and much more competitive and we have every confidence that they will improve their current position.

The Thirds, having only won their first match in the middle of July, are now much stronger too, with promising younger players making useful contributions. Whilst currently bottom of our division we have high hopes that we can be very competitive for the rest of the season.

This season’s junior teams at under 11, 13 and 15 have all had mixed results but with many playing for the first time we can see the benefit of the efforts made on Wednesday evenings’ coaching sessions. A big “thank you” for all parents who have supported these matches.

Thanks too to all of the Club coaches for their sterling work running the junior coaching. These sessions are now finished for this year.

For the first time ever we have been coaching over 13’s on Friday evenings this year, something we have wanted to do for some time, but never had the resources to do it. The benefits have been clearly visible and we intend to continue this next season. Sincere thanks to the coaches who have run these sessions.

Aunt Sally

Our Wednesday team are currently 2nd in division 3 of the Oxford and District League. This is a very competitive division with the top six teams very closely bunched but it seems that the balmy evenings suit our team as they are in a rich vein of form at the moment.

The “A” team on Fridays are also doing well and are in the top half of their division.

Similarly the “B” team are also doing well and are comfortably in the top half of their section. Congratulations to Stan on his first ever “Six”!


Sincere thanks to everybody who supported the Promises Auction by providing the promises or bidding on the evening. Thanks, too, to the organisational team for their work prior to and on the evening and to Auctioneer Alan Stratton who “squeezed” an incredible £2429 for the new pavilion.

This year’s member versus players cricket match will take place on Sunday, 13 August so as not to clash with the summer Fete on Bank Holiday weekend and the Annual Dinner Dance will take place in the Village Hall on Saturday, 7 October.

Ray Manning


Weather statistics


May was the wettest for the past twenty years. We had 20 days of rain recorded in Tiddington. On the other hand the temperature for the first fortnight was the warmest since 1945. The highest temperature in Tiddington was on 5th May at 79degF 27degC


A very pleasant month. There were four days of rain in Tiddington. We had ten days of temperatures over 80degF          28degC.


So far, the temperatures have been much higher than what we used to have. We have had four days with temperatures over 80degF 28degC, three days over 90degF 32degC.

The highest temperature recorded was on the 19th, with temperatures over 97.3degF, the highest for a hundred years. Tiddington was down on this at 96degF and was cooler than the previous day.

According to the pundits, we are due for more warm weather before the end of the month. So let us enjoy it before we face up to the winter.

Glen Evans


Wheatley Library

Summer Storytime

We will be holding two sessions during the school holidays – 8 August and 22 August. These events will take place from 11.00am until noon and are open to all 4-8 year olds. Tickets are FREE but must be collected in advance from the library.

The Summer Reading Event takes place until 16 September and is called the Reading Mission. We have new books and many exciting initiatives to support this.

Carole Underwood

Library Manager



September is National Pet Smile Month


Pets’ teeth need care too, just like ours. Ideally brushing once a day is the best way to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

  • To start, you will need some pet toothpaste (you can’t use human toothpaste) and a very soft bristle toothbrush or finger toothbrush.
  • Begin by putting a small ball of toothpaste on your finger and giving it to your pet as a treat, followed by praise.
  • Next, as you are giving the toothpaste treat, just gently rub the toothpaste on to the gums as your pet is licking it off your fingers. This gets your pet used to you having your hands in their mouth.
  • Now comes the toothbrush – you can either start with a finger toothbrush which is like a thimble with bristles or go straight for the big brush. It is very important to use the softest bristle toothbrush you can find as the gums can be quite sensitive. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on to the brush and try to push it down into the bristles, then gently lift up your pet’s lip and brush softly in a circular motion around all the teeth – not forgetting the back ones!


Teaching your dog or cat as a puppy or kitten is obviously the best way, but older dogs and cats can be taught to let you brush their teeth too – it just takes a bit more time and patience!

For animals that absolutely will not - no way, no how - let you brush, a gel product is available that is designed to help fight the bacteria which causes the formation of plaque and tartar. This works by simply squeezing a bit on to your finger or some gauze and wiping it over the teeth and gums.

And if all that fails, there are various treats on the market specially designed to help promote dental health. If you are in any doubt about the condition of your pet’s teeth, a check-up is advised as bad teeth and gums can affect the heart, liver and kidneys and overall wellbeing. Poor dental health is the number one cause of stroke like episodes in older pets.

This September many vets are offering free dental health checks to all pets. You can check www.PetSmile.org to see if your vet is involved with the program.





Newington Nurseries

Patio Perfect using Pots

Plants in pots give instant impact. They bring flexibility and convenience as well as being ornamental in their own right. Use them to “redecorate” your patio this summer. Bamboo and flowering grasses are great for creating an exotic, faraway feel in the most suburban situation! Decorative foliage and seed heads will also provide a longer lasting effect than many other plants.

Flowering grasses are a plant kingdom all of their own. Here are examples from some of the main families. Pennisetum villosum (Feathertop) is a compact flowering grass (height and spread 60cm). In late summer it produces gorgeous seed heads, covered in delicate bristles. Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis “Kleine Fontane”) produces lovely sprays of light brown seed heads in summer (height and spread 1m and 60cm). Carex flagellifera, with its arching, evergreen leaves, is perfect for container growing. Flower heads are brown and form at the end long stalks which will trail down over the edge of a pot (Height and spread approximately 1m).

For foliage, form and a strong yet sympathetic personality, bamboo (Pleioblastus) should be high on your shopping list this month. Producing wonderful woody canes and long pointed leaves, sometimes variegated, they are fully hardy and range in height from 1.2 - 3m (Pygmy bamboo height reaches 40cm). Looking at specifics, Pleioblastus auricomus is a great choice that would enhance any garden. The yellow, pointed leaves are striped green and look fabulous in the sun. Ideal for container growing, this bamboo can spread to cover larger areas if planted out. Pleioblastus variegatus (Dwarf white striped bamboo) is another small bamboo well suited to container growing. It reaches a height of 75cm and carries stylish dark green leaves striped with cream. Some varieties of bamboo can be very vigorous, so container growing can be an ideal way to keep them in check and enjoy them too!

Once you've chosen your plants, follow a few simple steps to get the best results from your pots. Put stones or crocks in the bottom of pots to ensure good drainage. Choose a good quality, compost; this will help to preserve moisture and maintain healthy plants. Water and feed plants regularly during the growing season. Cut out dead leaves on grasses during summer. Shelter bamboos from cold drying winds. Although most of these plants do not have any particular soil requirements, always check the needs of individual varieties. Full sun or partial shade is generally suitable. A layer of slate mulch or pebbles in the top of the pot will not only help to retain moisture but enhance both pot and plant.

For more inspiration and advice, visit Newington Nurseries on the A329 just outside Stadhampton.

Tel:  01865 400533 ~ www.newington-nurseries.co.uk





Le Manoir Great Milton Gardens - Wednesday 6 Sept & Thursday 7 Sept at 6.00pm

A visit to Le Manoir, to see the garden and vegetable garden in its late summer glory. We will be taken round by Anne Marie Owens, the Head Gardener. She would prefer small groups, so we have arranged for two groups, on successive nights in September.

There is a limit of 10 people for each group.

Members £2    Non Members £3

Please contact Mary Isaac on 01844 279606 or maryisaac606@hotmail.com for further information or to make a booking.



Great Milton Neighbours’ Club

Outings Programme 2006

16 August Luton Stockwood Craft Museum and Gardens. Tea room for light lunches and a shop. Afternoon at Wardown Park Museum or we could drop you off at the Arndale shopping centre. Cost: coach only, entrances are free.

6 September 2-hour river cruise from Caversham Bridge. Arrive at Beale Wildlife Park and gardens for hot and cold meals, train ride. Cost: boat £7.50, Beale Park £3.40 + coach.

For more information please ring Celia Cope on 279459.


Witness Service

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Do you want to make a difference…??

If so we are currently recruiting for Volunteers to work in courts across the county, providing witnesses and victims of crime with support, guidance and reassurance.

No experience required as full training provided

The next training programme begins in September

If you are interested please contact

Muriel Hindhalgh, 45 The Slade, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7HL

Tel: 01865 751511

Email: Muriel.greenhalgh@victimsupportoxon.org.uk


Thames Valley Police Museum Open Day

Saturday 12 August, 10.00am – 4.00pm

At Thames Valley Police Training Centre

Sulhamstead, near Reading

For more information visit: www.thamesvalley.police.uk/news_info/info/museum/index.htm


Thame and District

Citizens Advice Bureau

Opening Hours

Monday          10.00am-1.00pm       Open door

                       1.30pm-4.00pm         Appointments                                                        Phone advice

Tuesday         10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Wednesday    Closed

Thursday        Closed

Friday             10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Advice line: 01844 214827

Appointments line: 01844 217186

British Heart Foundation

New Recycling Banks in Supermarkets

New British Heart Foundation banks for the recycling of books, CDs, videos, DVDs, cassettes and records have been located in the following supermarket car parks:-

Asda, Wheatley

Waitrose, Thame

The resale of the best collected items through the British Heart Foundation charity shops will

assist in revenue generation for research into heart disease.