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Three Villages (with Tiddington)

Hospital Car Service

This service offers transport to and from the doctors’ surgeries in Thame and Wheatley and to the various hospitals for patients who do not have their own vehicles or who, for some reason, find if difficult to use public transport or make other arrangements.   Due to generous grants from the various parish councils, patients are charged £2.00 for a visit to a surgery and £4.00 for a trip to a hospital (+ the cost of parking at the Radcliffe Infirmary).  Visits to podiatrists, opticians and other health professionals are charged at the hospital rate. 

If you would like to use this service please ring me, Fleur Hughes, on 01844 338254 or Thelma Blake on 01844 279567 to make arrangements.  Please give us as much notice as you can.

Fleur Hughes 


Milton CommonPicture of the Neighbourhood Watch logo

NHW (West Side)


There have been reports of door step sellers in our area, i.e. trying to sell Gravel. It is recommended that you do not buy from door step sellers.

Also while walking our dog I am still seeing garage doors being left open while residents go out – please make sure your property is secure.

Last week we had two incidents, one abandoned Ford Saloon, and a suspicious male in a car along Old London Road, which worried a neighbour as she was returning to work after lunch.

On investigation we found a courting couple.......I will say no more…….or do we need another sign as well as the Dog signs!

On the subject of signs there will be three new NHW signs replacing the old ones which have been up for many years.


Elaine Horne

NHW Co-ordinator M/C



Parish Council News


Affordable housing – the architects’ plans were presented at the March meeting. The nine homes proposed consist of one 3-bed and four 2-bed houses and four 1-bed flats.


Bus passes and tokens – please see article on the arrangements made by SODC to provide the statutory free bus passes and the changes to their provision of bus tokens. This Parish Council will continue to provide £13.00 of tokens for all residents over 60 years of age.  


Pelican crossing – surveying of the site has recently been carried out and it is hoped that the installation will begin in the new financial year, possibly in May.


Litter blitz – this annual event has been arranged for the weekend of 8-9 April. Volunteers to give the village a spring clean would be welcome on the Saturday at 10.00am outside the Village Hall.


SODC new garden waste service – please see separate article on the proposal for recycling garden waste. This Council is of the view that an annual charge of £29.00 is exorbitant and has asked SODC to continue the provision of


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Vice Chairman   Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Councillor         Roy Boughton                339497

                       Health and safety

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430

                       Sport, recreation, arts, tourism, grants,

                       awards, lottery

Councillor         Angela Tremayne           279797

                       Planning; highways and Milton Common

Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

ecosacks and retain the community garden waste skips at Wheatley and Thame.


Road safety, London Road, Milton Common

the results of a survey of the road traffic showed that there was much excessive speeding. Mr Peter Ronald of OCC Highways will attend the May meeting to explain his proposals for improvements to road safety, based on the funding available in the new financial year.


Milton Common notice board – it has been agreed to order a new name sign which will incorporate “Milton Common” above the name of the Parish.


Parish Council Annual Meeting – this will be held on 8 May and all parishioners are welcome to attend to hear what has been happening during the past year and to have their say.


Donations – recent donations have been made to the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind and to the Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau. The Council will also be giving a grant to the Three Villages (with Tiddington) Hospital Car Service.

The Council policy for donations is that the charity concerned should provide support to people within the Parish.




Refuse and Recycling

Bank Holiday Collection Days

Easter Monday 17 April to be collected on Tuesday 18 April

May Day Monday 1 May to be collected on Tuesday 2 May

Spring Bank Holiday Monday 29 May to be collected on Tuesday 30 May



Concessionary Fares Scheme


Bus passes for residents of South Oxfordshire

The Government has introduced a free bus pass for all people over the age of 60 and disabled people and their necessary travel companions from 1 April. The new pass will be valid for five years from the date of issue and can be used on journeys starting and finishing within the district and also on journeys to Reading, Oxford, Abingdon, Aylesbury, Princes Risborough and High Wycombe. It can also be used to travel within Oxford City and Reading Town Centre. There is no limit to the number of journeys that can be made any time after 9.00am on weekdays and at any time at weekends or bank holidays.


Travel tokens from South Oxfordshire

As an alternative to the bus pass, the District Council will continue to offer travel tokens to the value of £20.00 but the eligibility age has changed to 70 and over and the disabled. These tokens may be used on local journeys by bus, train, taxi or on voluntary/transport and community schemes.


Travel tokens from the Parish Council

These will continue to be provided to the value of £13.00 to all residents over the age of 60.


Please contact Anne Edwards on 339794 for further information or if you have not received a bus pass application form from the District Council


Please note that delivery of the tokens may be delayed for up to two weeks from 1 April





Freedom of Information Act

Publication Scheme

Residents of the Parish can see the records of the Council held by the Parish Clerk or learn where they may be accessed. Records include minutes, financial information and responses to planning consultations.

Application can be made to the Clerk (Tel: 339340) and documents viewed by appointment. Any copies required will be charged at 10p per page.


Refuse skips

Skips are available every Saturday at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Road

8.00 – 12.00

1st and 3rd Saturday for garden waste

2nd and 4th Saturday for non-recyclables

There is no skip on 5th Saturday or the Saturday after Bank Holidays

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00 or until full



Please note that the collection service for garden waste in the brown paper sacks will be discontinued on Friday, 28 April.

Sacks may be purchased from the Clerk at 30p each (Tel: 339340)

Please arrange for any full paper ecosacks to be collected before 8.30am Friday (for Monday collection)

Freephone: 0800 7318752 or

Email: public.amenities@southoxon.gov.uk  



South Oxfordshire District Council

Proposed New Garden Waste Service

Following the recent trial scheme using ecosacks, the District Council is considering a new, improved and more permanent garden waste collection scheme from April. Residents will be provided with a fortnightly kerbside collection from brown wheeled bins. No booking will be required. The cost to residents for this service will be £29.00 per year. The garden waste collected, such as grass cuttings, branches, leaves, weeds and hedge clippings, will be composted locally.

If you are interested in signing up please contact the Public Amenities Team on 01491 823416 or email public.amenities@southoxon. gov.uk or visit www.southoxon.gov.uk


From your District Councillor


The main event at the District Council last month was the approval of the Council budget, which also involved setting SODC’s Council Tax precept for 2006/2007. SODC has been fortunate in receiving an unexpectedly good settlement in the Government Grant which it receives and, as a result, has not had to increase Council Tax, unlike the precepts of the County Council, the Parish Council and the Police Authority which have all gone up.

There have, however, been some changes to services, two of which are of concern to villages such as ours. First, the arrangements for collecting green waste have been revised so that the ecosacks will be discontinued from the end of April. In their place wheelie bins will be provided at a cost of £29.00 per annum. These bins will be collected every two weeks without requests having to be made to the Council. My own view is that the ecosack service, which has on the whole proved popular, should have been continued alongside the wheelie bins scheme at least for a trial period.

Secondly, the change in the Government’s bus pass scheme so that everyone over 60 is now entitled to a free pass has led to SODC cancelling its travel token scheme for those aged between 60 and 70, except for certain categories of disabled people. This, of course, has a particularly adverse effect on villages which do not have access to a frequent and reliable bus service. Those of us living on, or close to, the route of the 280 may not be so disadvantaged, but the same cannot be said for the residents of Milton Common. The tokens are also valuable for those with heavy shopping who require to take taxis.

One other service to be lost is the Thame Information Bureau which has been closed. Certain information is available from the One Stop Shop in Thame Town Hall and tickets for events such as the Thame Players can be obtained through Tickets Anywhere in Greyhound Walk or by calling 0871 222 7232. The nearest surviving Information Bureaux are in Henley (Tel: 01491 578034) and Aylesbury (Tel: 01296 330559)

John Nowell-Smith

District Councillor

Tel: 01844 339650


From your County Councillor


Road Traffic Issues at London Road, Milton Common

Mr Peter Ronald, the Area Engineer, will present the results of the traffic survey at the 8 May meeting of the Parish Council, when he will have the details of his spending allocation for the financial year April 2006 to March 2007. As we knew, there is a considerable amount of speeding going on and we hope that Peter will be able to make some suggestions to improve road safety.


This year's budget showed a County Council Tax increase of 4.375% compared with last year's increase of 4.5%.  You may recall that a manifesto commitment of the now ruling Conservative Group was to reduce the rate of increase of the Council Tax.  However this was done at the expense of a cut in the Social Services budget of £2.2 Million, a cut in road maintenance of £1 Million and reducing the mobile library service by one vehicle.  This will reduce the frequency to rural areas.  In addition all service budgets are required to find savings or cuts whichever way you look at it.  I am particularly disappointed about cuts to the road maintenance budget, as I get more complaints about the state of the highways than all other items put together.

Older Peoples Homes

The new homes replacing older ones policy, which was decided on about three years ago is now producing good results.  The new homes are being designed and built to modern standards.  For example, larger rooms and removing the shared room situation which was not liked, in particular, by new residents.  New homes have been opened in Wallingford, Didcot, Witney and Woodstock.  A new home on an extended Meadowcroft site is planned for Thame, where the design work is complete and planning permissions are awaited.

Please feel free to contact me about County Council issues that concern you.  My contact details are as follows:

Address:       50 Hardings, Chalgrove, Oxford, OX44 7TJ.

Home Telephone:     01865 891169

Email:             david.turner@oxfordshire.gov.uk


David Turner

19 March 2006


Oxfordshire Highways


In conjunction with its partners on highway matters, Isis Accord and Jacobs Babtie, the County Council has launched

Oxfordshire Highways

From 3 April there will be a new single telephone number for all highway enquiries to the Area offices


0845 310 11 11



0845 8 505 505

The single number for non-emergency calls


SOLL Leisure

SOLL are pleased to announce the launch of their new website


View all the latest offers, up to date programmes and information about membership benefits

From the Vicar


This year, Easter Day falls on 16 April.  The week leading up to it, which begins with Palm Sunday on 9 April, is very important in the church year, and is known as Holy Week.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the day when the Church remembers the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  The gospels tell us that he had gone up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, and that when he entered the city, the crowds gave him a rapturous welcome, throwing palm fronds into his path. On this day churches worldwide will distribute little crosses made from palm fronds in memory of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.  In our four parishes we will celebrate Palm Sunday as we always do by beginning our service in Waterstock with the blessing of the Palms and then walking the river path to Waterperry were we will re-enact the Passion and celebrate the Eucharist.  The service begins at 9.30am in Waterstock; we usually arrive in Waterperry about 10.00am. 

The next highlight of Holy Week falls on Maundy Thursday.  Maundy Thursday focuses on one of the final acts concerning Jesus to be related in John’s Gospel – the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus. The ceremony of the “washing of the feet” of members of the congregation came to be an important part of the regular worship of the medieval church, symbolising the humility of the clergy, in obedience to the example of Christ.

In England, in by-gone years, as an affirmation of humility, the monarch would wash the feet of a small number of his or her subjects.  This has now been replaced by the ceremony of the “Maundy money”, in which the Queen distributes specially minted coins to the elderly at cathedrals throughout England.  There will be a Maundy Thursday service in St Mary’s Wheatley at 7.30pm.

Good Friday (14 April) is the day on which Jesus died on the cross. It is the most solemn day in the Christian year, and is widely marked by the removal of all decorations from churches.  The custom of observing a period of three hours’ devotion from midday to 3.00pm on Good Friday goes back to the 18th century. The “Three Hours of the Cross” often take the form of an extended meditation on the “Seven Last Words from the Cross”, with periods of silence, prayer, or hymn-singing.  We shall observe the first of these three hours in Waterperry at 12.00 noon.

Holy Week ends on Holy Saturday; this is the day we decorate the churches for our Easter celebrations.  Easter is the principle Christian festival and there will be communion services in all our churches on Easter Day.  The events of Holy Week are important and give perspective to the miracle of Easter.   At Easter we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead, and that death does not have the final word.  This is the basis of our Christian hope.  I hope to see many of you in church over Holy Week and Easter.


With best wishes for a very happy Easter.




Church Services

St Helen’s Church, Albury

2 April

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

9 April Palm Sunday

9.30am Cluster Service Procession from Waterstock to Waterperry

16 April Easter Sunday

9.30am Family Communion and Easter Egg Hunt with Caroline King

23 April

8.00am Holy Communion with Caroline King

30 April

10.00am Cluster Holy Communion at Holton with St Mary’s and URC

7 May

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

14 May

10.00am Annual Team Service at Cuddesdon (no other services that day)

21 May

9.30am Morning Prayer to be arranged

28 May

8.00am Holy Communion with Caroline King



Easter Party for Young People at Holton Vicarage

Saturday, 22 April, 2.30 – 4.30pm

There will be games, refreshments and an opportunity to work with Juliet Seal, a local actress, to prepare a piece of drama for the annual Team Service on Sunday, 14 May.

Please come and bring your friends

More information from Rev Caroline King (01865 873451) or Rev Angela Butler (0118 9422055)


Lions Club of Thame & District

Ever wonder what the Lions do, or who and what they are?

Now’s your opportunity to meet with members of the Thame Club which covers Tiddington and the surrounding villages to satisfy that curiosity. You are invited to a

Plant Sale with Tea and Coffee, 8 North Close, Tiddington

Bank Holiday Monday, 29 May, 11.00am – 3.00pm

For more information on Lions contact Lion John Savell Tel: 01844 338078


Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


We enjoyed a visit from Peggy Long in February. A familiar figure as a traffic warden in Thame, she showed us the MBE received from the Queen and the photographs taken on her special day at Buckingham Palace.

At our Annual Meeting in March, we thanked Mrs Sue Cox for her five years as President and welcomed Miss Joan Wood as her replacement. We have nine committee members continuing from the previous year. The annual report showed just how busy we are with all the many activities participated in during the year. Finances are in a healthy state too, particularly following the enjoyable quiz evening in February.

On 13 April we look forward to a demonstration of the making of hand-made leather goods by Chris and Sally Hirst. The competition is for a picture of an owl in any medium. An appropriate subject as the winning entry will go forward to the Group Meeting, where the speaker will be from the Stonesfield Owl Rescue. Thame WI will host the meeting at the Town Hall on Thursday, 27 April.

We have our resolutions to discuss on 11 May. At the National Federation AGM in June, topical subjects are chosen for discussion and our members have a chance to put their views beforehand. The two subjects this year are Renewable Energy and Sport for a Healthy Population.

We meet on the second Thursday in the month at 7.30pm in Tiddington Village Hall.

Zena Knight



Thames Valley


0800 555 111

Call anonymously with information about crime


Tiddington Village Hall


Missing Chairs!

A slightly strange request this month but it has come to our attention that we are missing a number (19 to be precise) of brown chairs from the Village Hall. It is quite possible that someone may have borrowed the chairs and has simply forgotten to return them. If you have any ideas where they might be then I would be really grateful for any information which leads to their safe return.

Despite an excellent calendar of hall hirings, after the deduction of running costs we don't have a great deal of money to spend on keeping the hall in good order, so we'd like to avoid having to purchase new chairs.

Alan Stratton


Tiddington Village Hall Committee


Tiddington Cricket Club


Although we are still experiencing cold and windy days, the build up to a new cricket season is well under way. Questions like will the outfield mower start have already been answered (with a little persuasion) and the outfield has had its first cut.

The square is due to be handed back to us after the autumn renovation and care since.

Pre-season nets are already under way with the last sessions to take place at Lower School, Thame on Sunday 2 and 9 April, 12.00-1.00pm.  All players who have played senior cricket and prospective new players should attend.

It is really important to prepare the ground for the coming season. So this year we have two work parties: on Saturday 1 April at 10.00am and the traditional Good Friday session, also at 10.00am. Bacon butties, etc will be provided.

This year’s league fixtures start on Saturday, 13 May, again with 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI’s entered.

Pre-season friendlies start on Saturday, 22 April at home to Thame, whilst on the following day, Sunday 23 April we go straight into the Village KO at home to Great Tew.

Junior coaching this year will start on Wednesday, 26 April, 6.00-8.00pm to accommodate matches for age group teams on Sunday, 30 April and Monday, 1 May.

This year Riaan Krynauw is back from South Africa (now permanently) to lead the coaching again. Coaching is available to all boys and girls from 7 to 13 years and will follow a programme designed to teach basic skills during the course which runs to the end of July.

Progress is being made with the new pavilion. We are due to receive the schedule of works so that we can invite tenders prior to appointing a contractor.

The winter Aunt Sally league season has now finished with our team again finishing in an excellent third place. They have also reached the final of the Team Handicap knockout and the Triples competition. Two teams have again been entered into the SE Oxon Summer league on Fridays whilst our Wednesday team will play in the Oxford and District league.

On the Darts front the “A” team is still very close in both singles and pairs competitions with all to be decided in the last two matches.

The “B” team continues its roller coaster journey, sitting mid-table in Division 3.

The cribbage team continues to challenge in both singles and pairs competitions with everything to play for in the final rounds of matches.

New players and members are most welcome.


Ray Manning


Weather Statistics

Hose pipe ban

The rain we have had this year is only 60% of the normal for this region.

How we use the water (in litres):-

Brushing teeth with tap running    6

Flushing the toilet                           8

Dishwasher                                     20

Power shower                                 80

Car wash                                         480

Hosepipe for one hour                  600



We had 10 days only when some rain was recorded.

From the 5th we began to have the bitter cold weather from Russia. We had ten days of temperatures below freezing. We have not had the snow in Tiddington, unlike many parts of the country. The coldest temperature was in Aviemore      -11.7degC      10degF


No rain recorded for 18 days, 14 days of frost.

Coldest night in Tiddington was 11th, when the temperature dropped to -4degC 24degF

March up to the 16th

4 days of rain, 5 days of frost.


For most of us February is regarded as a winter month. It is sometimes the coldest month of the year. In the past 100 years February has been colder than January 48 times. The lowest temperature recorded in the country was 11th February 1895, it was

-10.9degC      12degF

Let us hope that Spring will arrive very shortly to cheer us all


Glen Evans


Thame and District

Citizens Advice Bureau

Opening Hours

Monday          10.00am-1.00pm       Open door

                       1.30pm-4.00pm         Appointments                                                        Phone advice

Tuesday         10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Wednesday    Closed

Thursday        Closed

Friday             10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Advice line: 01844 214827

Appointments line: 01844 217186

Wheatley Library



The next storytime will be held on Tuesday, 4 April from 11.00am to 12.00noon and is open to all 4 – 8 year olds. Please collect a FREE ticket from the library.

At the end of May we hope to have “Starting Out on the Internet” sessions. These will be FREE and pre-bookable. More details will be available in the library towards the end of April or telephone 01865 875267.

Why go out of the village to get your DVD or video? Save on time and petrol. We hold special promotional offers each month and our videos/DVDs can be kept for one week. We have a large selection available or we can order titles from other branches for you.

Carole Underwood

Library Manager


M40 Chilterns Environmental Group


The Highways Agency recognises that traffic noise is a big problem for a many of us living along the M40 between Junctions 3 (Loudwater) and 7 (Milton Common).   To gauge the extent of the problem, it will be assessing noise levels at a number of locations and will, hopefully, recommend appropriate remedial treatment – quiet surfaces, barriers, maybe even both.   All to the good, you may say, but don’t hold your breath – they don’t expect to have a budget for any activity until 2011 at the earliest! 

It is important to know the views of those who are suffering from this problem before decisions on surfaces or barriers are made BUT who exactly are you and where do you actually live?

To find the answers, we want to carry out our own noise monitoring, without having to rent expensive equipment or stand on windy footpaths or bridges for hours on end.   In fact, our sort of monitoring can be done at the front door or in the garden, day and night, and you can involve your neighbours too - the more results, the better!

We need to plot the relative M40 noise levels throughout the whole of our parishes, not just adjacent to the motorway itself.   It may be unscientific but even a wholly subjective judgement will tell us a great deal about the actual extent of this noise problem.

Here’s how it works.  

1.          Judge the noise level, as you experience it, on a scale of 1 (no noise at all) to 5 (can’t hear myself think).   Ideally, do it once in the day and again at night.   Note the day and time and, if possible, the wind direction.

2.         E-mail your findings and village location and postcode to: M40cc@btinternet.com.   If you don’t have e-mail, please ask a friend to send the results for you because it is important.  

What happens then?   We collate the results received from the various parishes affected and draw up our own “noise footprint” map showing the areas of most and least noise.  We then compare our findings to those from the Highways Agency to get an overall picture of the problem.

Hope to hear from you!

Ross Osborn


Great Milton C of E Primary School


With Christmas now a distant memory and spring (nearly) ready to “spring” the School has already had a very busy 2006.

Comenius Project. In September 2005 a new member of staff began to teach French across the school. This has been a very popular addition to the curriculum! As a further step towards broadening our horizons we welcomed visiting teachers from three partner schools in Europe. These schools are in Weissach in Germany, Livorno in Italy and Huelva in Spain. Together we have now planned the initial stages of a joint project which will enable our communities to share the similarities and differences of our lives, celebrations, interests and environments.  This venture will span the next three years and in this time there will be exchanges of work between the children in the partner schools and visits between schools for staff and others also.

The Great Milton after School Club which has been running for almost a year now. The club can accommodate “drop-ins” as well as planned weekly places. The children have a wide range of activities ranging from “Art and Craft” to outdoor treasure hunts and seasonal activities. They have a snack which they make from a range of healthy options. The cost is £7.00 per session with a concession for families. The club will also be running “holiday” sessions during the Easter, Whit, and Summer School Holidays. Please contact the school for more information.

Charity. The collection money from the Christmas Carol Service has been sent to Helen House and the Paynter Home Orphanage in Sri Lanka. This was decided by the school council, who have expressed an interest in continuing to support the Orphanage. Classes 1 and 3 raised money for Marie Curie Cancer Research with their daffodil mini pots of care.

The Sensory Garden project was launched on Thursday, 9 March with a Garden Tea. Thank you to class 1 for their delicious scones and those children from class 6 who served refreshments.

Caretaker. The School is looking for a cleaner to work 22.5 hours per week (out of school hours). Enquiries to the school on 01844 279388.

Friends of Great Milton School. The Friends have been VERY busy since the start of the school year organising three fantastic events.  In October we held our first “Gorgeous Goodies” shopping evening which provided some wonderful retail therapy.  Hot on its heels was our Firework and Music Evening which gets even more spectacular each year.  To round off 2005, the Christmas Cracker, a party for the children and parents of the school, was our biggest ever.  We were delighted to present a donation to the School and were overwhelmed by the response of the children to the “big cheque”.  Our thanks to Le Manoir, Countax, Waterstock Golf Club, as well as all the other local businesses for their support, and of course, to the children and parents of the school for joining us at all our events. 

Friends Diary Dates. 20 May - Spring Fete and Fun Day, 13 October - Gorgeous Goodies Too (Crafts and Indulgence), 3 Nov – Fireworks and Music Evening

The school web site has had a facelift. It will be kept updated throughout the year with articles and pictures of activities taking place at the school. The web site can be viewed at www.great-milton.oxon.sch.uk.


Mark Stoker (Governor)







The Anthony Nolan Trust is a charity that runs a register of potential bone marrow donors for patients suffering from illnesses such as leukaemia.


We’re currently looking for volunteers with office skills to help us out with a busy summer of fundraising that lies ahead.


If you have a day or even a couple of hours to spare each week we’d love to hear from you.


We are based at 1 Ashurst Court, London Road, Wheatley, although we would be willing to pay reasonable travelling expenses.


For more details please call 01865 875757 and ask for Christine Chatfield.                           Charity no:803716



The Society was started in Great Haseley in the 50’s but has been a joint society shared by all the surrounding villages for many years, with members and committee members from the whole district. We are truly an inter-village society.

Our original purpose was to put on an annual traditional horticultural show in August every year, but the society is now active all the year round.

Advantages of joining the Society

·        Newsletter sent three times a year

·        Receive the Schedule for the Show and entry to classes for adults and children

·        Advance notice of winter lectures on garden and garden design subjects

·        Private visits in the summer to gardens of interest, some not open to the public

·        Seeds at 30% discount from Mr Fothergill Seeds - worth the membership fee alone!

The Annual Show is held on August Bank Holiday Saturday, has many keen competitors, but also plenty of novices and people who just enjoy the fun of entering. There are classes for photography, cookery, crafts as well as the flower and vegetable classes. There is a thriving and growing children’s section with hot competition amongst the children! The Show rotates round the local villages and is held in a different village each year.

The annual membership fee is only £3.

Why not join us to enjoy some of our activities through the year and see what an enthusiastic lively society we are!

For further information contact Membership Secretary Sally Orriss at The Old Stores, Great Milton OX44 7NL or on 01844 279231.


This year the show will be held in the beautiful setting of Rycote Park on Saturday 26th August at 2pm and we need lots of entries so get growing!


Here are a few tips for April

Vegetables - Plant onion sets, you can buy these from the garden centre, they are very easy to grow.  Earth up new potatoes as soon as shoots appear, cover with fleece if night frosts are forecast.  If you are growing potatoes in a bucket to enter in the show remember to have some drainage holes in the bottom of your bucket.

Herbs - Now is the time to plant herbs, parsley, coriander and chive.  Small growing pots from the supermarket can be planted out in the garden, this gives you a head start and works well.  Plant mint in a pot sunk into the ground as it takes over.

Prune winter and spring flowering shrubs after flowering e.g. forsythia, early clematis, viburnum.  They will flower next year on the new growth.

Keep on top of the weeds with regular hoeing.  Try mulching thickly with compost or wood chip to prevent regrowth and conserve moisture, as we are told water will be in short supply this summer.



Court Farm, Worminghall, Thursday 15 June at 6.30pm

We have organised a repeat visit to this wonderful garden after our very successful visit last August. We were all so impressed by the beautiful borders filled with wonderful plants and the amazing vegetable garden that we have asked Phil Kusmishko, the Head Gardener, for a further guided tour - but at a different time of year - to see what the garden is like in June.

This is a quite fabulous garden and created with such artistry - if you didn’t come last time, do come - it is not to be missed!

Members  £2   Non members  £3

Ryton Organic Gardens,  Saturday 15 July

We have organised a coach to take us to the Ryton Organic gardens, home of HYDRA the organic organisation, near Coventry.

Here there are 30 gardens in 10 acres,  that illustrate how to grow organically. There are special gardens for vegetables, flowers, fruit, herbs, wildflowers, roses, trees, children’s garden, composting, organic control of pests and diseases.

We are also lucky that we have arranged for the visit to coincide with the Wine and Food Fair weekend when we can taste and buy organic products as well as cookery demonstrations, talks and garden tours.

There is also a garden café or restaurant to have lunch, or you can take a picnic.

The coach will pick up at Great Haseley Village Hall and Great Milton School at 9.30am and return at approximately 6.00pm

Cost: transport by coach and entry to gardens and wine and food fair

Members :  £12.50      Non members: £15.50

There is a limit of 36 for this visit and all bookings must be paid for in advance.

Le Manoir Great Milton Gardens - Wednesday 6 Sept & Thursday 7 Sept at 6.00pm

A visit to Le Manoir, to see the garden and vegetable garden in its late summer glory. We will be taken round by Anne Marie Owens, the Head Gardener. She would prefer small groups, so we have arranged for two groups, on successive nights in September.

There is a limit of 10 people for each group.

Members £2    Non Members £3

Please contact Mary Isaac on 01844 279606 or maryisaac606@hotmail.com for further information or to make a booking.




Benson 10k Road Race

Sunday, 9 April 2006, 10.30am

It’s time to put those trainers on and get your entries in for the third Benson 10k Road Race starting from Benson Parish Hall. Money raised will go to local charity groups. £2,500 was raised in 2005. All finishers will receive a medal, a hot cross bun, sponsored by Cottage Kitchen of Benson, and a jar of honey sponsored by Rowse’s Honey of Wallingford.

Entry forms are available from Benson shops and www.bensonbulletin.com.

For more details please contact Les Bond on 01491 838585 or email benson10k@btinternet.com



Where do old computers go?

What happens to computers taken to recycling centres in Oxfordshire?

There have been items in the media recently about computers being dismantled in India, China etc by people working in conditions that are hazardous both to them and to the environment.

The computers left at Redbridge are collected by a company called DTC, who in turn take them to a prison in Nottinghamshire, where they are broken down into their individual components.

The reusable bits are used to build computers for local schools and the non-reusable items are recycled. Some of this recyclate may be bought on the open market, so could be transported outside of the UK – only as a single recyclate stream, not as a whole computer.

All of the other Waste Recycling Centres collect TVs and monitors and these stay within the UK, where they are recycled.

CAG Oxfordshire


Newington Nurseries

Spring is here!

This is the month to turn thoughts into action in the garden.  Gearing up for spring is great fun, made even better by the choice of shrubs on offer that will give sure-fire colour in the coming weeks.

Pieris japonica is a real winner. This compact shrub is one of the hardiest and easiest pieris to grow. It produces lovely, glossy evergreen foliage and fabulous flowers that develop in gorgeous clusters at the tips of shoots in early spring.  Planting in combination with colourful early perennials is an effective way of setting off the white pieris flowers.  For example, spring bulbs and heathers make good companion plants.

The great thing about pieris is that the evergreen foliage offers structural benefits all year round, particularly in winter and early spring when beds and borders can look bare.  Great in a shrub border or a woodland garden, Pieris japonica comes from an acid-loving family. However, its compact size means that if you don't have acid soil, container growing in ericaceous compost is a practical way of bringing the benefits of pieris to your garden.  This plant is also very well suited to smaller gardens.

Best results in terms of flowering will come if you're able to plant in a sunny position but it will be happy enough in dappled shade.  Moist soils are ideal with moderate levels of fertility.  Fully grown, Pieris japonica can reach a height and spread of 4m and 3m respectively.  Maintenance couldn't be simpler - a light trim following flowering to remove any untidy shoots is all that's required.

There are few things better than being outside during the glorious afternoons we sometimes get around now.  The blackbirds and thrushes keep us company with their songs and squabbles, glad to leave winter behind.  Make a promise to yourself to enjoy as many of these times as you can - and plant some spring flowering shrubs as well!

For more inspiration and advice, visit Newington Nurseries on the A329 just outside Stadhampton.

Tel:  01865 400533 ~ www.newington-nurseries.co.uk


Easter Activities Programme for Young People 2006

For information contact SODC Leisure

Tel: 01491 823417

Email: leisure@southoxon.gov.uk

Website: www.southoxon.gov.uk