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Tiddington Village Hall

New Smoking Policy


Everyone is directed to the article and questionnaire on page 7.

Please take a few moments to consider the question posed and respond by completing the slip at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks


Alan Stratton


Village Hall Committee



Lady Mary Bertie Foundation

This Trust was founded by will in the year 1737 and regulated in recent years by a Scheme made by the Board of Education on 27 August 1926. With the closure of the Village School, this Scheme was updated on 12 May 1967.

The Scheme provides for making payments to assist in promoting the education (including social and physical training) of boys and girls in the Parish who, in the opinion of the Trustees, are in need of financial assistance.

Anyone interested in seeking a grant, or further information, is invited to apply in writing to the Secretary – Anne Edwards, 6 Sandy Lane Estate. The closing date for this half year will be 20 April. All applications will be considered by the Trustees.

Anne Edwards


Garden waste skip

It is possible that the skip lorry will be reinstated this summer for garden waste only. Details will be posted on the notice boards when known.


Parish Council News


Pelican crossing – it would appear that we have been successful in our campaign for a crossing on the A418, because, hot off the press, the County Council has announced allocation of money for the scheme in the new financial year 2005/06. Our Councillor, Alan Stratton, compiled a video of traffic as evidence on a cold, snowy February morning and a pedestrian was timed standing for two minutes before being able to cross the road.


Parking problems – attention has been drawn to the Council of inconsiderate parking, this time in Brookside Close. We know that things are difficult with the building works going on at the moment, but please consider whether you are causing a hazard and blocking emergency vehicle access. One day a neighbour may urgently need an ambulance or fire engine.


Concessionary fares tokens – the Council will provide tokens to the value of £13.00 for the year beginning in April 2005.


Planning – the application for the building of a veterinary practice at Sandy Lane Farmhouse has been refused by the District Council.

Tiddington Village Hall Management Committee has applied for a single storey extension to the hall, with internal alterations to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. The Parish Council recommended approval of the application.




Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Councillor         Roy Boughton                339497

                       Health and safety

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430

                       Sport, recreation, arts, tourism, grants,

                       awards, lottery

Councillor         Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington


Tree preservation order – a provisional order has been placed on the woodland to the west of the junction of Albury Lane with the A418.


Recycling collection containers – the following containers can be used to ensure collection of materials for recycling:-

¨       Green boxes from the District Council

¨       Clear plastic sacks

¨       Carrier bags

¨       Bins clearly labelled “recycling”

This list has been agreed with the contractors.


Litter blitz – the weekend of 9 and 10 April has been agreed for the spring clean of the parish. See page 4 for details. Help would be very much appreciated so that the job is not too arduous for everyone.


Parish Council Annual Meeting – this will be held on 9 May and every parishioner is welcome to attend to hear what has been happening during the past year and to have their say.


County Council elections – these will be held on Thursday, 5 May. The electoral boundaries have been reviewed and changed. This parish is now in the Chalgrove division containing eleven parishes within the wards of Chalgrove, Garsington and Great Milton. See also the article from our County Councillor below.


Donations – the Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau has been given a donation.


And finally... – we do have amusing items come our way sometimes. In asking for details of local cemeteries, the Home Office said “we are sending a questionnaire that we should like all burial grounds to complete” !!


From your County Councillor


This is a happy occasion for Tiddington. The really good news is that a few days ago money was put aside in the County Council’s capital programme for 2005/06 for a pedestrian crossing over the A418 in Tiddington. This is something that both the Parish Council and I have been working to get for a number of years, and i am delighted that it is to be provided at last.

I hope that another long-standing problem for Tiddington – large lorries doing U-turns in the middle of the village – may soon be a thing of the past. As well as new signing at the roundabout to try to avoid drivers making a wrong turn on to the A418, there is also a firm promise to get an additional sign to “London M40” at the junction with the A40, so letting anyone who has made a mistake to carry on to London without having to turn in Tiddington. Without being able to survey the lorry drivers doing U-turns, it is hard to be sure of the reason behind their dangerous behaviour on such a main road. However, with these actions, I think the County Council has gone a long way to address potential problems.

It is quite a sad occasion for me. Whatever the results of the County Council elections on 5 May, I will no longer be your County Councillor, as your village, along with Waterperry and Waterstock moves into Chalgrove Division. I have made a number of friends here over the last twelve years that I have represented you, and I have enjoyed working with local people and your Parish Council on County Council matters concerning the village. I will miss that. I would like to say how grateful I am that you did me the honour of electing me on three occasions to serve as your County Councillor, and for making me so welcome in your village.


Councillor Anne Purse



Freedom of Information Act

Publication Scheme

Residents of the Parish can see the records of the Council held by the Parish Clerk or learn where they may be accessed. Records include minutes, financial information and responses to planning consultations.

Application can be made to the Clerk (Tel: 339340) and documents viewed by appointment. Any copies required will be charged at 10p per page.



Refuse skips

Skips are available every Saturday at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Rd

8.00 – 12.00

1st & 3rd Saturday for garden waste

2nd & 4th Saturday for non-recyclables

There is no skip on 5th Saturday or the Saturday after Bank Holidays

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00 or until full



From the Vicar

Easter was very early this year, but in the life of the church the season of Easter begins on Easter morning, and continues until Pentecost.  All four gospels portray the Resurrection in slightly different ways.  This I feel is very human and I feel adds to their authenticity.  Today no witness statement ever describes the same event using the same words.  Different people highlight different things depending on their viewpoint and their own personality.  Yet the same basic facts are preserved and presented.  Somehow Jesus was alive; they knew it because they had experienced his presence.

The gospels are not unbiased accounts; they are written from a particular point of view.  The writers are all convinced that Jesus died a real death on the cross.  His death was a free act of selfless love, and he endured a real and cruel death.  But it is the Christian faith that death did not have the final word and that he was resurrected and appeared first to Mary in the garden and then to his disciples, and now miraculously to us.

How can we know it to be true?  I believe we can trust the written accounts; they describe the resurrection with a kind of breathless enthusiasm.  One of my favourite accounts is the Emmaus story in Luke 24.  Here two disconsolate disciples walk with a stranger on the evening of the resurrection.  It is not until they share bread together they realise they have been walking with the Lord and their grief is transformed.

Jesus’ new life is resurrection not resuscitation.  He was not immediately recognisable to the disciples on the road to Emmaus or to Mary in the garden.  But once


they experienced his presence they realised the life giving power of the resurrection. We can also look to the history and the continued presence of the Christian Church.   The church throughout history has been guided by the Holy Spirit and built up because people have known and experienced the risen Christ in their own lives.

We know the message of Easter to be true in our own lives because we experience Christ’s presence with us in different ways.  Christ is present to us through the breaking of bread in the Eucharist.  We also experience Christ’s presence through the ministry of loving Christian men and women in often unsung quiet moments of good neighbourliness. I hope and pray that the risen Christ will enter our lives and excite and change us by his presence.


With best wishes                           Caroline King


Church Services

St Helen’s Church, Albury

3 April

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

10 April

9.30am Matins with John Nowell-Smith

17 April

9.30am Morning Prayer with Richard Bainbridge

24 April

8.00am Holy Communion with Caroline King

1 May

9.30am Holy Communion with Caroline King

8 May

9.30am Matins with John Nowell-Smith

15 May

9.30am Morning Prayer

22 May

8.00am Holy Communion

29 May

10.00am Cluster Service at Holton



The Prince of Wales is to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles at Windsor Castle, followed by a service of dedication led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  This announcement, which has been broadly welcomed, has led to a number of questions about the Church of England’s attitude to marriage in general and second marriages in particular.  I thought it would be helpful if I used a few column inches to explain the position as I understand it.

The Church of England’s teaching on marriage is clear and in agreement with other mainstream denominations.  The church holds that marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.  When a couple make their marriage vows together they intend to stay together “till death do them part”.  Vows of marriage mark the beginning of a lifelong commitment.  I have prepared a number of couples for marriage and almost without exception that is their understanding of marriage and their fervent hope.

It is a sad fact that things do not always work out like that, and we are told that approximately one third of new marriages will end in divorce.  As far as we can tell church marriages echo the national trend.  The decision to end a marriage is always difficult and causes a huge amount of pain to all who are involved.  It is now possible for divorcees to remarry in church.  Not all priests feel able to offer remarriage to divorcees, but for those that do, clear guidelines about how to proceed have been issued.

Those who have been previously married can remarry in church provided that the present relationship is not responsible for the break up of the previous relationship.  Most clergy would also want to ensure that any dependant children of the previous relationship were adequately provided for, supported their parent’s wishes and enjoyed a constructive relationship with the new partner.  It would also be appropriate to enquire whether lessons had been drawn from the break up of the previous relationship. 

I have conducted a number of remarriages in church provided the circumstances are in line with church policy, which also requires one partner to be demonstrably resident in the parish.  My own view is that the guidelines offer a pastoral and constructive way forward.   If you think this may be relevant to you or would like to discuss it further please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Young peoples group

The young peoples group meets again on Friday, 22 April at 7.00pm in Holton Vicarage. Many congratulations to this group for their talent show on 6 March. They put on a wonderful show and raised £95.00 for the tsunami appeal. If you would like to join or have more information, please ring Caroline on 01865 873451.



Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


The speaker at our February meeting, Diane Wilson, enthralled us with her delightful photographs of the wildlife found in her former extensive garden in Northamptonshire. Close-ups of badgers, foxes and hedgehogs feeding just outside her lounge window were amazing and suggestions were given on the types of food to put out to attract wildlife to our own gardens.

At the annual meeting in March, we were pleased to welcome Jenny Berrill from Waterstock as a new committee member. Sue Cox continues as president.

On 14 April, a representative from the RSPCA will tell us about the local animal centre at Blackberry Farm. The meeting will include a bring and buy stall and the competition is for the Group Meeting - a model of a man or woman made out of fruit and vegetables.

The Group Meeting for members only at Holton Village Hall on 20 April will include a Gardeners’ Question Time with Mary Spiller and friends.

The Public Affairs Resolutions which will be discussed at the National AGM in June are 1. care of our environment and 2. farmgate milk prices. Our members will discuss these on 12 May and vote on them. There will be a sales table and the competition is for an iris.

Members thoroughly enjoyed the music taster sessions at Benson and our institute made tea and coffee for nearly 200 people at the third session.

We would like to thank all those who supported the quiz evening on 19 February. Everyone was so generous that we were able to send £300.00 to the Oxford Children’s Hospital Appeal. The County WI as a whole has raised £17,000 during the last year.

We meet on the second Thursday in the month and you would be made very welcome.

Zena Knight

Yoga classes

Classes are held in

Tiddington Village Hall


Thursdays at 10.30am



Tiddington Village Hall


Organ for sale

In order to create some space in our store, the Village Hall Committee would like to offer villagers the chance to give a good home to the organ. It has two keyboards, a built in drum machine and a set of bass pedals. We are not looking to charge anyone for this (but you may wish to make a donation!)

If you are interested and would like to take a look, please call Alan on 01844 339430.




New smoking policy

The Village Hall Committee has been debating the option of introducing a ban on smoking in the Hall. This could apply to all functions which are held there, including private parties, village events, meetings, etc.

Although the law does not yet insist we do this, we are considering it now and would like to ask villagers what they think. Below you will find a simple response form. If you would like to give us your opinion then please complete it and hand it in to Sue or Bill at The Garage.

Then at our meeting on 16 May, we will debate the issues raised. We want to hear from as many of you as possible, whether your views are for or against a ban.

If, of course, we don’t hear from you we will have to assume you are not worried and are happy to leave it to the committee to decide.

As I’ve said before, it is your hall and we want you to have your say, so please let us know.


Alan Stratton


Village Hall Management Committee



Thames Valley



0800 555 111



Tiddington Cricket Club


The one thing that always creates the feel good factor is when the clocks go forward and daylight hours are longer. Mowers that have been hibernating or being serviced during the close season are now being pressed into action, and Gerry has performed his annual miracle in persuading the roller to work!


Our final work party to prepare the ground for the season is on Saturday, 9 April starting at 10.00am. Reward – coffee and bacon butties!


The last two indoor net sessions in the Sports Hall at Lord Williams’ Lower School, Thame take place on Sundays 3rd and 10th April from 5–6pm. Thereafter practice moves out of doors at the cricket field every Thursday evening from 6.00pm.


Early season fixtures

Saturday 16 April vs Thame

Saturday 23 April vs Tetsworth and vs Oxford and Bletchingdon Nondescripts

Sunday 24 April vs Charlton on Otmoor, first round National Village KO

Monday 2 May vs President’s XI

Saturday 7 May Cherwell League starts.

This year we have 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI’s playing in Divisions 2, 6 and 9.


Enrolment and the first Junior coaching session takes place on Wednesday 28 April from 6 – 8pm and continues every Wednesday through to the end of July. These sessions are for all children between 8 – 14years and are supported by qualified coaches.


On the darts front the men’s “A” team continues to head the pair’s table as the season is coming to a close, whilst the “B” team remains comfortably mid-table in both singles and pairs competitions.


A new Aunt Sally season starts in May with two teams playing on Friday nights and a team playing in the Oxford and District League on Wednesday nights.


More dates for the diary

A quiz night on Saturday, 23 April starting at 8.30pm, maximum 5 per team.

This year’s Promises Auction – 18 June.

Anybody wishing to donate a promise or a prize, please call Tracy Smith on 339178. Further details will be included in the next Newsletter.

Ray Manning


Great Milton School

The cold and snowy weather at the end of February seems a long way off now the sun has come out and temperatures are starting to rise. The grounds have been tidied up and the grass areas re-opened to the children after being re-seeded and repaired. Thank you to Countax for their continued help with this.

The Friends of Great Milton School organised an Indulgence evening on 25 February. The school was transformed as twenty therapists took their places in the classrooms, offering diverse treatments, ranging from manicures to massage, reflexology to reiki and even hypnotherapy. The evening raised approximately £800 for the school.

Other events during the past few months have included World Book Day, where the children wrote postcards about their favourite books and why they would recommend them. Comic Relief Day as ever was well supported by the school and the month ended with the Easter Disco.

The school web site will be kept updated throughout the year with articles and pictures of activities taking place at the school. The web site can be viewed at



Mark Stoker (Governor)

Weather Statistics


We had very little rain for the second half of January, with a total of .3in. There were seven nights of frost.


February was another dry month, with only 1.5in of rain. The coldest night was on the 28th with a low of 19degF          -7degC.

The month ended with 24 consecutive days of temperatures below the seasonal average.

March up to 20th

We had very low temperatures for the first two weeks of March. This is due to change, so that we could end up with temperatures of 60degF (16-18degC)

Do not depend on this weather continuing for too long, because the weather in this part of the world has a habit of lurching from one extreme to the other.

Glen Evans


Calling all artists and craftspeople

Following our very successful combined Gardens Open and Craft Fair at Holton in June 2003, the Village Hall Management Committee would like to repeat the event on the afternoon of Sunday, 12 June 2005.


We ask artists, sculptors and craft people of all kinds to come and join us for this very pleasant afternoon.


¨       We do not intend to charge for a pitch.

¨       Artwork will be exhibited in the hall or gardens as appropriate.

¨       Advertising will promote both gardens and art equally.

¨       Tickets will include admittance to both gardens and exhibits.


If you think you might be interested in joining us and would like more details, please contact Kate Cooke Tel: 01865 875020 or

Email: oxfordfoot@aol.com.

Thame and District

Citizens Advice Bureau

Opening Hours


Monday          10.00am-1.00pm       Open door

                       1.30pm-4.00pm         Appointments                                                        Phone advice

Tuesday         10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice

Wednesday    Closed

Thursday        Closed

Friday             10.00am-1.00pm       Appointments

                                                        Phone advice


Advice line: 01844 214827

Appointments line: 01844 217186


The Neighbours’ Club

Great Milton

Forthcoming outings

20 April        Evening mystery tour with fish and chip supper. Cost: coach only

18 May         Severn Valley Railway. 1.25 hour train ride from Kidderminster to Bridgenorth. Cost: train with tea and biscuits £5.50 + coach.

For further details and booking contact

Celia Cope on 01844 279459





Hedgerows are an important feature of the English landscape. Some of them are very ancient, dating back a thousand years, and give the landscape much of its charm and identity as being special to these islands. Many are of historical significance in relation to changing field patterns over the centuries and are an important habitat for birds, wild flowers and small mammals as well as preventing soil erosion.


Since WW2, with changes in farming practice, there has been a huge increase in the destruction of hedgerows with many thousands of miles of hedge lost. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has campaigned for many years to persuade the Government to protect this part of our heritage and the Government finally agreed and set up protection by law. However this only protects a limited number of hedges and therefore wilful destruction does still take place and we as residents of Oxfordshire have to be vigilant.


CPRE has an Oxfordshire Hedgerow Database, a hedgerow survey of the different parishes. If a parish has had its hedges surveyed it offers some protection, as the hedge will have been catalogued and this information can be used if a hedge is threatened with destruction. However there are still hedges where little or no survey has been carried out.


 CPRE has produced a Hedgerow Survey Pack and if you would like to help in this important conservation work or would like more information about CPRE, please contact Amanda Garrett on 01844 278326 or Mary Isaac on 01844 279606 or the CPRE Branch Office on 01865 874780 — and help us protect the future.




Thame Leisure Centre

Monday 11 April, 2.30pm

£4.50 to members of SOLL

£6.00 to non-members

£12.00/16.00 family ticket (2 adults and 2 children)


Clive King’s wonderful story of Barney and his Neolithic friend. Stig has been a firm favourite with children and adults since first published in the early 1960’s.

Join the half-hour rehearsal, some children are chosen and rehearsed into their parts, while the rest of the audience learn the chorus to three new songs. The show then runs seamlessly for one hour.


Would you like to work in Leisure?

SOLL have vacancies for:

¨       Membership advisers

¨       Sales and Fitness Consultants

¨       Lifeguards

¨       Swimming teachers

¨       Receptionists


For further details contact your local SOLL Sports Centre