U  From the editor


At the time of preparing this edition, the weather is glorious. Long may it continue (with some rain at convenient times for the flowers and vegetables!) and may everyone have a happy Easter break and enjoy the holidays that come in May too.




As you may be aware, in recent months there has been a series of "attacks” on the Village Hall, a building that many of us value as a focal point for the village. Incidents have included severe damage to one of the CCTV cameras, breaking the toilet windows (which had only just been replaced) and the progressive destruction of the timber cladding on the hall.

We know that some of the people destroying our amenities live in the village and are sometimes joined by outsiders.

Regrettably we are now having to spend our limited resources on repairing damage rather than improving the amenities for the benefit of everyone. The hall and facilities on the recreation ground are for the village as a whole and it needs everyone to help keep it that way.

If you see anyone vandalising our facilities please call the Police immediately and report it (01235 776000) or contact one of the Village Hall Committee members.

Village Hall Committee

A local success story…

Hazel Galbraith, of Albury, is currently appearing in the West End production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The show is on for a year, the star role is currently being played by Stephen Gately (ex of Boyzone) and there is a brand new set and costumes. Hazel is part of the Children’s Choir and is appearing for the whole year on selected dates (to allow her to continue her education). If anyone is interested in seeing the show when Hazel is appearing contact Janette Galbraith at Church Farm Cottage or email at jkg@excite.com.

Hazel has also just completed a photo shoot for the BBC Website and was chosen to be part of the choir for the annual Children’s Entertainment Awards in February.

Hazel is a singer in the Wheatley Park Soul Band who has recently toured Prague and performs locally.

Janette Galbraith


Parish Council News


Drainage and flooding problems – the Council attended a site meeting in early February with OCC and SODC together with the District and County Councillors, to discuss the problems near the Village Hall, on the A418 and the Ickford Road. The County Council has promised to jet through the drainage system to establish where the problems lie and the Parish Council has been told that money will be forthcoming in the new financial year to remedy the situation. The District Council is also to survey the Brook watercourse for any problems there.


Litter blitz – a spring clean of the Parish is to be held over the weekend of 12-13 April. Please let the Clerk know which section you would like to clear of rubbish and special sacks will be provided. These will be available at the Village Hall at 10.00am on Saturday, 12 April or anytime by appointment from the Clerk. The collection points for the rubbish will be the Village Hall and Sandy Lane, Milton Common


Recycling – plastic and can recycling banks are to be removed from their amenity locations, as these items are collected from the kerbside. Residents are reminded that green boxes can be obtained from Tiddington Garage.


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members


Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650


Vice Chairman   William Tremayne         279797

                       Public transport,planning

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671


Councillor         Ian Malin                     338126

                       Health & safety,crime

Councillor         Gerald Morrish             339409


Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430


Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

M40 Junction signing – another sign has now been erected at the M40/A418 roundabout and

it is hoped that this will solve the problem of turning lorries in Tiddington. The Council would welcome reports by villagers of any numbers of

lorries still turning round. Please tell a Councillor or the Clerk so that the situation can be monitored.


Pelican crossing – a site meeting with the County Council established a suitable position for a crossing on the A418 and a points system has been applied to the scheme for its place in a future programme of works. The dangerous nature of the A418 and volume of vehicle traffic gave a high number of points, but any further details of incidents, near misses, etc would strengthen the case. Residents are asked to write to David Deriaz, Senior Traffic Engineer, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford, OX1 1NE with any relevant information.


Planning – the Council approved the application from the Cricket Club for the demolition of the existing clubhouse and replacement with a new single storey pavilion.


Milton Common – the Council has yet again asked the Royal Mail to consider providing a post box near the Sandy Lane junction but it looks like a lost cause. However, the company has  not yet made a final decision.

There is to be a new road sign at the Sandy Lane junction with the western end of the Old London Road, and the damaged sign at the further end is to be replaced.


Grasscutting of recreation ground – the contract for 2003 has been awarded to Robinson’s Garden Care.


Payments – donations have been made to the East Oxfordshire Education Business Partnership and to the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind.

Freedom of Information Act publication scheme – the Information Commissioner has accepted the Council’s code and residents of the Parish can see the records of the Council held by the Parish Clerk or learn where they may be accessed. Records will include minutes, financial information and responses to planning consultations. Application can be made to the Clerk (Tel: 339340) and documents viewed by appointment. Any copies required will be charged at 10p per page.



From the Chairman

This is the last Newsletter before the elections of a new Parish Council on 1 May. It is therefore a good opportunity to say good-bye to Gerry Morrish and Ian Malin, who have indicated that they will not be standing for re-election, and to thank them for all their hard work – especially Gerry for keeping the bus shelter clean and his litter clearing. They have both given valuable service and, needless to say, will be sorely missed.

We look forward to some new faces on the Council – even at the expense of some old ones.

The Chairman’s Review of the Year will appear in the next edition. In the meantime there is nothing special to report except that I am standing for election to SODC in May, when the sitting Councillor, Chris Neail, is retiring.


John Nowell-Smith


From our County Councillor

The speed and, quite frankly the bad manners, of so much of the “rat running” traffic in Sandy Lane has concerned quite a number of people in Tiddington. Traffic calming of some type for Sandy Lane has been promised for years without us seeing any action, but I have at last heard the news that design work will start in a month. However, it does not look much more at the moment than some treatment at the London Road end of Sandy Lane near the junction, aimed at discouraging traffic from slipping through to Tiddington.

Sandy Lane gives every impression of being a road where some people drive in a quite reckless manner, and it can certainly feel dangerous when you meet another car. I am frequently asked why we have to wait for an accident to happen before anything is done. While I know it sounds dreadful to say that the priority for putting in any traffic measures is linked to the number and severity of people injured on a particular stretch of road, nevertheless, sadly where there is not enough money to go round, the best place to use limited funds is where accidents are most likely to occur. The best measure we have to predict accidents is where they have already happened. So one of the statistics used when justifying traffic calming, etc is the accident injury record as given to the County Council by the police.

Records show four slight injuries to people on Sandy Lane in the last five years – only two of which happened in the last three years. This seems lower than I had expected, and so I would be grateful if anyone who has knowledge of accidents resulting in injury occurring along Sandy Lane in the last five years would contact me with what details they have.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone about this, or about any other aspect of County Council duties.

Please contact me by letter at The Cottage, Otmoor Lane, Beckley, by telephone on 01865 351404, or by email at


Anne Purse

County Councillor


Refuse skips

Sat 12 April 9.40-11.00 Station Approach

Wed 28 May 8.00-9.50 Three Pigeons

Wed 28 May 10.20-12.10 Station Approach


For dates of skips in neighbouring villages

please see the Parish notice board

Church News

Chris Taylor has now left and been installed in his new Parish in Leeds, taking with him all our best wishes. We are now set for an interregnum, which we are assured will only last a few months, but this optimism has not been borne out in the past. We are not being offered a direct replacement for Chris, but a “House for Duty Priest” who will be responsible for the same four parishes, Albury, Holton, Waterperry and Waterstock, but will not be paid and will only work part-time. In exchange he/she will live rent free in the Vicarage at Holton. The duties are to take services every Sunday and to work the equivalent of two days a week. He/she will be an ordained minister so, given Chris’s responsibilities at Wheatley Park, we will not be much worse off.

Interviews for the new “House for Duty Priest” are due to be held in June – if there are any applicants – with a view to the incumbent taking up his/her post in September.

During the interregnum our services will be as follows:-

1st Sunday of the month. 9.30 Holy Communion

2nd Sunday of the month. No service except by arrangement

3rd Sunday of the month. 9.30 Morning Prayer

4th Sunday of the month. 8.00 Holy Communion


I am prepared to conduct a matins or evensong service on occasion by request.


Services for April and May throughout the Cluster are set out below.


John Nowell-Smith



Church Services





6 April

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Evening Prayer


13 April

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Procession and Eucharist

Waterstock to Waterperry


18 April

Good Friday

Service of Meditation



20 April

Easter Day

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


27 April


Holy Communion


Family Service


Evening Prayer


Holy Communion



4 May

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Evening Prayer


11 May

No service unless

specially arranged




18 May

Morning Prayer





25 May

Holy Communion





Please note that the Easter Service will be Holy Communion at 9.30am but will be in a format suitable for children and we hope to see as many of you as possible, old or young.


Just 49 days from Shrove Tuesday until Easter Day

To see if you could give up chocolate, crisps or even alcohol!

Could you take up the challenge?

Could you pledge your Lent challenge savings to the St Helen’s Church Altar Fund?

Any donations great or small would be gratefully received, and can be forwarded to

Tracey Smith

On behalf of St Helen’s Church PCC

Thank  you


Tiddington Cricket Club


April always heralds the start of the playing season with high hopes and expectations for continuing the progress made last year. In preparation, the final net sessions are on Sunday, 6 and 13 April from 1.00-300pm at the Park Sports Centre, Holton and the last two fitness sessions are at Ickford Village Hall on Thursday 3 and 10 April at 7.30pm.

The season starts on 19 April at Thame and the opening round of the National Village Knockout sees us travel to Great and Little Tew on Sunday, 27 April. The traditional match vs John Bull's (Presidents) XI will take place on Monday, 5 May and the league season starts on the following Saturday, 10 May.

Junior coaching starts on Sunday, 11 May from 10.00am-12.00noon and continues into August. All children from 7 years and upwards are welcome.

Progress continues to be made towards presenting a final bid for lottery funding which, if successful, will see the new pavilion started at the end of this year’s cricket season. In respect of this, fundraising continues on Easter Saturday, 19 April, with a Disco and Buffet starting at 8.00pm in the Village Hall. Tickets £3.00 available from Ray (Tel:338911) or in the Clubhouse.

Winter Darts continues with both the men’s “A” and ladies’ teams challenging for honours. Cribbage continues on Mondays and with indoor Aunt Sally finishing, the new outdoor season starts in May with teams on Wednesdays and Fridays (2 teams).

Other dates for the diary:

Preseason golf will now be on Saturday, 12 April and the annual work party needs to meet at 10.00am on Good Friday to prepare for the coming season.

New players and members are always welcome.

Club Profile

§         3 Senior League Teams playing in the Cherwell League Divisions 3, 5 and 9.

§         A team playing in the Maidenhead Advertiser Sunday League

§         Junior teams at U11, U13, U15 and U17 levels all playing competitive cricket.

Looking forward to the new season and a continuation of the current spring weather.


Ray Manning


Ragwort – now is the time to act!

Common Ragwort is an obvious weed in July and August but it is now that it needs to be eradicated.

§        It is a listed weed and allowing it to grow contravenes the law.

§        It needs treating with a MCPA or a 2.4-D herbicide as soon as the young plants appear in April.

§        Never allow animals into areas where it has been sprayed until all have rotted into the ground.

§        Fully grown ragwort should be pulled and burned.

§        Always wear gloves and long sleeves when handling ragwort.

Report infestations to Miss D M Harris on 01993 702844 or

 OCC on 01869 241144

Digital Photography

Following its mention in the last edition of the Newsletter, the SODC Rural Learning Scheme is offering a subsidised 3-hour Introduction to Digital Photography class to be held in Tiddington Village Hall on Monday, 28 April from 2.00-5.00pm

The session will give you an insight into Digital Photography, and will cover both the cameras and the associated computer software that’s available. Subject to numbers and available time, you will also get some “hands on” experience using a digital camera.

The cost is £12.00 per person. As an added bonus, if you have not been on any of the other SODC RLS introduction courses, then you can attend for FREE! as all residents of South Oxfordshire are entitled to one free lesson.

If you are interested in attending then please call Alan Stratton (01844 339430) to register.



 United Neighbours In Tiddington


Our AGM was held on 21 January and changes to the committee were made. After several years, I decided that I would step down and Julie Smith has taken on the Chairperson’s position and Joyce Stratton is now Treasurer, taking over from Lynn Farrell. The full committee list is on the UNIT notice board in the Village Hall, and I would like to thank all those who have held committee positions, not always an enviable task, and wish the current ones success.

In February we had a talk by Emma Leckie from the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, who was very committed to the welfare of the strays and unwanted pets from guinea pigs to donkeys. If you are looking for a pet, think of the Sanctuary, as there are many animals to choose from.

On 18 March we had Norman who talked about self-defence.

A members’ meal in March, ten pin bowling and a Coffee Morning (24 May in the garden of Kim Morrish) in May, bingo in July, a trip to the dogs in October, a race night in November and the Dinner Dance in December are some of our activities for 2003.

Please come along to any meeting (2003 dates will be included in the Dates for your Diary) as our guest if you would like to see what we are all about, or for any more information about our club, please contact Josie Adams, Julie Smith or any committee member.


Pat Wise



British Red Cross

Oxfordshire Branch


Out and about on Community Service….


Working closely with Oxfordshire Social Services and many other important agencies, the Red Cross minibuses are a welcome sight outside care homes and day centres throughout the County.

Driven by volunteers, the minibuses have regular daily runs collecting customers for local day centres and luncheon clubs. It’s rewarding work and the morning welcome from a Red Cross driver can launch a happy and fulfilling day to many otherwise lonely and isolated people.

Red Cross needs more drivers to help with this interesting and enjoyable work.

Volunteers should have a reasonably clean driving licence with their test passed before 1997, together with a free morning, afternoon or full day every week or so.

Full training is provided – and anyone interested in learning more should contact Tricia Earp on 01235 552685 or

David Cook on 01235 552673.



Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


At the February meeting, Mr Sheasby delighted us with his beautiful slides of the wild flowers which could be found in the spring in South Africa. His knowledge of the Latin names of all these plants was truly amazing.

Our Annual Meeting in March saw Mrs Sue Cox re-elected as President and the committee and other officers remained the same as last year. We shall continue with competitions where members bring an item depicting a subject beginning with a letter of the alphabet. In May we reach the letter R for rattles. We shall have fun when we reach X! In April, however, the competition will be for “tomorrow’s antique”, the winning entry going forward to the Group Meeting.

On 10 April, Mrs Christine Bloxham will tell us about collecting buttons, while on 8 May, Mrs Barbara Gray will guide us through the Resolutions which will be debated at the National AGM. The subjects for discussion are

§         Concern at the increase in obesity and diet-related health problems in children

§         Promotion of apprenticeship schemes to provide future skilled workers

§         Provision of facilities and services to enable elderly persons to spend their remaining years in comfort and dignity, irrespective of their means.

The Skittles Evening appeared to be enjoyed by all - it was good to see so many friends of WI members supporting the event. Many thanks to the members who helped to make it a success – and not forgetting the WI husbands as well!

Members look forward to the Group Meeting in Thame Town Hall on 17 April, a chance to meet with neighbouring institutes and to hear Bridget Tubb speak about and show antiques of the future.

It has been good to welcome some new members during the last few months.

We hold our monthly meetings on the second Thursday in the month in Tiddington Village Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors are always very welcome.

Zena Knight



Refuse Collection days will be on the Tuesdays after the Bank Holiday Mondays


Weather statistics


Number of wet days – 12 with 1/2in 10mm on the 22nd.

Warmest day – 26th                       52deg F         11deg C

Coldest days – 8th & 12th    22deg F         -5deg C

30th  - blizzard conditions over many parts of the country, bringing chaos on the roads.


For people who love to holiday in Majorca – avoid it in February. This year they had some heavy snowfalls.

Number of wet days in Tiddington – 4.

Coldest days – 15th & 16th  22deg F         -5deg C

No rain from 12th – 28th

Sunshine was above average for the country, with an average of 100 hours. There have only been 5 sunnier Februarys since records began 125 years ago.

March up to 22nd

Number of dry days – 14.

We have enjoyed the best average daily hours of sunshine for over 20 years. This was only beaten in 1907 and 1933.

Coldest nights–17th, 19th & 22nd 28degF  –2degC


Spare a thought for our forces in Iraq, as they put up with temperatures of 29degC,  84degF in March, April 35degC, 95degF, May 38degC, 100deg, June & July 40degC, 104degF, with dangerous levels of humidity. Terrific sandstorms occur mostly in May and June. They can cut visibility down to 200 metres.

Glen Evans




News from Newington Nurseries

April is an exciting time for any gardening enthusiast. Gardens everywhere are bursting into life and we can truly indulge our passion for plants. It's a particularly exciting time at Newington Nurseries because on Good Friday we open our hardy exotic area, home to our newest and most unusual herbaceous and hardy exotic plants. We’ve been really busy during the winter, seeking new varieties from around the world which, as always, offer something a little bit different. The result is a fantastic range of architectural plants we know our visitors will love. Top of the list are some new varieties of bamboo which are ideal for small or courtyard gardens. Look out for Fargesia “Rufa”. This structural clump-forming plant grows to three and a half metres high. The shorter Shibataea Kumasaca grows to just over one metre and loves the damp. Staying with damp environments, we have two stunning varieties of tree fern. Both enjoy moist, shady conditions, and will tolerate temperatures down to minus five degrees centigrade. Dicksonia Squarrosa from New Zealand is extremely elegant, while Dicksonia Fibrosa is slow-growing and more suitable for the smaller garden. Also for the smaller garden, you might like to look out for our new dwarf varieties of Phormium which grow to only about 60cm. Platts Black is a distinctive, almost black variety, while Jack Spratt is a contrasting pinky-brown. Finally, returning to the statuesque, we must mention the Chamaerops Humilis, a fantastic palm which, despite its exotic fan-shaped blue grey foliage, is extremely tolerant of the cold. We are sure you will enjoy visiting our hardy exotic area. Come and see us and find inspiration for your own garden.

§         Newington Nurseries is on the A329 just outside Stadhampton

§         Tel: 01865 400533


Sobell House Hospice Charity

Can you help us to provide funding for the running costs of your local hospice by holding a fundraising event?

The Charity needs to raise around £800,000 this year to provide hospice care, which is not covered by the NHS. Would you consider holding a summer fundraising event such as a BBQ, garden party or open garden event?

If you are interested please contact the Charity Office on 01865 883339


Ickford Pre-school





Ickford Pre-school offers education and care for children below school age.  We offer children the opportunity to learn through play in a stimulating and nurturing environment. 


Our Pre-school has 8 allocated places for 2½ year olds and we currently have spaces available.  We also have Government funded places for 3-year olds and 4-year-olds.


Sessions are held during term time in Ickford Village Hall on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and on Fridays at Ickford School hall. 




We also have a Baby & Toddler Group, which is held at Ickford Village Hall every Wednesday morning 9.15 am - 10.30 am, where we welcome babies and toddlers to come and enjoy the many toys and company of other children, parents/carers.




The After School Club offers high quality, affordable and accessible childcare for children aged 4½ to 11 years of age.  Sessions are held during term time, in Ickford School Hall, 3.15 pm to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Session rates are £6.00 per child per session (with a discount rate of £5.50 for siblings).   We offer ad-hoc as well as regular termly bookings.


If you wish to find out more about the After School Club, or space availability, please contact Jan Thomas (Chairman) on 01844 338916 or Karen Taylor on 01844 339467.




Easter Coffee Morning & Raffle


We are holding our Easter Coffee fundraising morning on Wednesday 9th April, 10.30 - 11.45 am.  Win an Easter Hamper in our Raffle and find the Easter Egg in our Hunt the Easter Egg Treasure Map.  Refreshments including tea, coffee, hot-cross buns and cakes will be served.


We do hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you.  All proceeds to Ickford Pre-School.


If you wish to find out more about our Playgroup, Baby & Toddler Group, funded place availability, or to put your child's name dawn on our waiting list, please contact Meryl Munson, Playgroup Supervisor, on 01844 339608.


Registered Charity No. 1036452                  

Registered with OFSTED                    

Members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance