From the editor


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers


There will be a variety of celebrations during December, including the annual Carol Evening (see page 5), two Christmas parties on one day! (see page 10) and the favourite Village Hall Christmas Bingo session (see page 8). The Cricket Club will have the annual Christmas Draw on 18 December. Support these fund raising events and have a good time as well during the festive season!


Zena Knight



Joan Wood would like to thank everyone for the get well cards and messages received during her recent illness. She would especially like to express her thanks for all the support given to her family during the difficult time.

(Good to see you home from hospital, Joan - Ed)


Joan Wood


World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Relief

Held on 26 September at “Byways” Milton Common, the event was organised by Sylvia Mott, Elaine Horne and Lisa Bosley. The coffee morning between 10.30am and 12.30pm raised £68.00 from donated raffle prizes and have a go at winning a Renault car. Sylvia and Lisa had provided some very delicious biscuits and cakes, which also contributed to the donation. The event was enjoyed by all present. We were among 33,000 people in the UK that joined in the coffee morning, helping towards a target of 3.5 million for Macmillan Cancer Relief. Next year the event will be held on Friday, 24 September 2004 – venue to be advised.


Elaine Horne

Milton Common



Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen

The coffee morning held for the above fund on 13 September raised £220.00. Dot Wood and family would like to thank all who supported this worthwhile cause.


Dot Wood



Affordable housing survey – 60 forms were returned, a 24% response and seven households completed the second part of the questionnaire. As a result of the analysis of the responses, Suzanne Willers of ORCC recommended that four new homes might be built if a suitable site of about half an acre could be found. Councillors Field and Tremayne and the Clerk have met with Suzanne to discuss the sites suggested by residents and enquiries are proceeding. 


Planning enforcement – SODC has now produced a form for use when contacting the District Council about development, which may be taking place without the necessary planning permission. Residents are being encouraged to put their concerns in writing to help avoid any misunderstanding. Any comments are, of course, confidential. The form is available from the Clerk or on SODC’s website.


Community waste service – refuse and recycling collections during the Christmas and New Year period will be as normal on Mondays, although they may occur at a different time of day compared to the usual. Therefore refuse should be ready by 7.00am.


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members

Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650

                       Econ.development, businesses

Vice Chairman   William Tremayne         279797

                       Public transport, planning, highways,

                       footpaths, street furniture

Councillor         Roy Boughton                339497

                       Health and safety

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671

                       Housing, planning, building & controls

Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430

                       Sport, recreation, arts, tourism, grants,

                       awards, lottery

Councillor         Janet Willis                339415

                       Environment, conservation, recycling,


Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

All residents will receive a clear plastic sack to collect all their extra recyclables over Christmas (see notice on page 3 with startling statistics). The sack can be used for tins, cans, card, paper and plastic, and be placed alongside green boxes or on its own. Do not include non-recyclable waste in the sack. There will also be the opportunity to recycle Christmas trees (see page 3 for sites and dates).


Highway problems – the Council hopes that recent works completed by Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department will go some way towards alleviating the flooding problems experienced during recent years. Residents are asked to report serious flooding to the Clerk or a Councillor and provide photographic evidence if possible.


Blood donor clinic – the Council has investigated the possibility of holding blood donor sessions in the Village Hall. A minimum of 100 donors would need to be guaranteed, and the clinic would visit three times a year for two sessions each time between 2.00-4.00pm and 5.00-8.00pm. Contact Councillor Janet Willis, Tel: 339415 if you would be interested in using the facility in the Village Hall or complete the questionnaire on page 5.


Milton Common notice board – it is proposed that a notice board for the Parish Council is erected at Milton Common near the telegraph pole adjacent to the Sandy Lane/1-9 Old London Road junction. This is subject to the approval of the County Council Highways Department – and residents of course! Let the Clerk or Councillor Tremayne know if you have any objections or require further information on siting.


Payments – donations have been made to the Thame and District Citizens Advice Bureau and the South and Vale Carers Centre. Membership of the Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association has been renewed.

Thame Area Forum 20 November – the Clerk represented the Council at the Forum and heard about the good work which Age Concern Oxfordshire performs for the community over the age of 50. They are keen to recruit volunteers for a footcare service which is being developed in the Thame area. Contact Age Concern Oxfordshire on Tel: 01235 849400 if you are interested. The Forum also heard from the Aylesbury Vale Primary Care Trust about the problems of securing a National Health dentist and the efforts being made to solve them.

The next Thame Area Forum will be at 7.00pm on Monday, 26 January 2004 at a venue to be confirmed.


Soxon’s Guide to Christmas Recycling


During the festive season we fill 12.5 million dustbins with:-

§         1 billion Christmas cards

§         125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging

§         80,000 tonnes of old clothes & other waste textiles

§         An extra 750 million glass bottles

§         An extra 500 million drink cans

§         83 square kilometres of wrapping paper

§         Plus 6 million Christmas trees

Please use the clear plastic sack supplied to all households for the extra recyclables over Christmas



Recycle your Christmas Tree

The District Council will provide a tree recycling service after Christmas.

Trees can be taken to any one of the following sites:-

Tuesday 6 January

8.00-11.00am Chinnor (Mill Lane Car Park)

Friday 9 January

8.00-11.00am Chalgrove (Village Car Park)

Saturday 10 January

8.00-12.00 Thame (Cattle Market Car Park)


From your District Councillor


You may have noticed a heap of customer surveys coming your way from SODC. This is because by Government command the District Council is subjected to a Comprehensive Performance Assessment to compare it with other Councils. One of the matters being assessed is keeping in touch with our electorate and this has resulted, in the opinion of many Councillors including me, in a degree of overkill, for which I apologise!


The other main preoccupation of the Council has been the Second Deposit Draft of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011 and how it differs from the County Structure Plan. In particular the County’s proposals for building in the Green Belt and extracting gravel near Stadhampton are both opposed by the District Council.


Waste collection is also up for review. Hopefully we will get our skip back next year – that would be a nice Christmas present!


John Nowell-Smith

Tel: 339650


Refuse skips

Skips are available every Saturday at:

Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Rd

8.00 – 12.00

1st & 3rd Saturday for garden waste

2nd & 4th Saturday for non-recyclables

Thame Cattlemarket

8.00 – 12.00

or until full


Changes to Mobile Library Times

Please note that from 15 January 2004 the Tiddington stop at the Cricket Club entrance will be on alternate Fridays from


See Diary Dates for actual weeks


From your County Councillor


What a waste

Ten years or so ago we were used to throwing away our rubbish in a bin. Something bigger went to "the tip" as most of us referred to our local Waste Recycling Centre. Then things began to change. We had our green boxes from SODC and began to learn about recycling. At the County Council Waste Recycling Centres we now find we can recycle everything from fridges to batteries; from sheet glass to unused paint and unwanted wood. But there is still a long way to go and we have all got to try even harder to make sure we recycle everything we can. Even those who do not recycle at the moment will have to learn to stop filling bin bag after bin bag with things that could be recycled, but will end up in landfill, because people are taking the easy old route of “chucking it away”.

Although Oxfordshire has one of the better records in the UK with around 20% of household rubbish getting recycled compared with 13% nationally, this still leaves us with 78% going to landfill. The Government is consulting Oxfordshire County Council on proposals to introduce tradeable permits for the amount of rubbish we put in landfill sites. That means that from next year, we will have to reduce the amount going to landfill, or else buy expensive permits off another authority. Landfill tax itself is increasing. By 2010 it will cost over £50 per tonne to put waste in landfill. However, buying permits could cost as much as £150 per tonne. In the end, that can only be paid for out of the Council Tax we pay.

The County Council is already making changes. At Redbridge Waste Recycling Centre, people are being expected to sort recyclable materials from their other rubbish and put them in the clearly marked receptacles. New initiatives to reduce the amount of waste produced are already in place. Did you know that new mums leaving the John Radcliffe are offered vouchers for either laundry service for re-usable nappies (nothing at all like the old terry towelling squares and safety pins!) or to cut the cost of the products themselves? Also, anyone can get a pack from the County to help deal with unwanted junk mail – a nuisance to you and an unnecessary cost if it ends up in landfill. Give me a ring for further details.

I know that most people in this area are some of the best when it comes to things like recycling, but can I ask anyone who has not really got going with recycling or composting to give it a try? If you want help, ask me or your District Councillor. We no longer really have a choice; we just have to stop such a lot of waste going to landfill.

If you would like to contact me about this or anything else, please use these details



Tel: 01865 351404

Anne Purse, The Cottage, Otmoor Lane, Beckley, Oxford, OX3 9UX


Anne Purse

County Councillor


Church News

The Revd James Watson has now been installed as Vicar of Wheatley and Team Rector. He took the Matins service on 16 November and we hope to see him at regular intervals in the future. An applicant for the post of House for Duty Priest in our Cluster has been interviewed and I am very happy to be able to tell you that we have appointed Caroline King, whom many of you know. She is currently a Curate at Wheatley and has taken services here on several occasions. She will take up her appointment at the end of February and I will give further details in the next Newsletter.

December is, of course, a busy month in the life of the Church, culminating in Christmas. We will be having our normal service of Lessons and Carols at 6.00pm on Christmas Eve. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see as many children as possible. If anyone would like to read a lesson please let me know. The Christmas Bazaar was held in the Village Hall on 15 November and raised £548.00. Thank you to all our helpers for their hard work. One other date to remember – carols in aid of Cancer Research UK on 15 December in the Village Hall.

Happy Christmas to you all.

 John Nowell-Smith




Church Services





7 December

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Evening Prayer


14 December




Holy Communion




21 December


Morning Prayer






Crib Service


24 December

Carols and Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Crib Service




Services for January have not yet been finalised



Monday, 15 December, 7.30pm

Tiddington Village Hall


Admission          Adults £2.00

Children £1.00

(to include mince pies and coffee)

Tickets available from

Anne Edwards 339794 or

Pauline Field 339671


Proceeds to Cancer Research UK






Can you help please?

Do you own or do you know of someone that owns an allotment here in Tiddington?

My garden does not have enough room or sufficient light for me to achieve the results I would like from growing vegetables. I would love to have an allotment just to see what I can grow!

Please call me on 339415 if you can help.

Janet Willis




Blood Donor Clinic Questionnaire

(see details on page 2)

Would you be interested in attending at Village Hall?            Yes/No

If yes, which session?    2.00 – 4.00          5.00 – 8.00   (please tick preferred session)


Please complete and hand in to Tiddington Garage or to Janet Willis at Spring Cottage.

Many thanks.


Weather statistics

21 – 30 September

During the whole of September there were four wet days with .45 inches of rain.

Highest temperature on 8th, 15th and 22nd was

           78degF          26degC

Coldest night on 24th with 32degF          0degC


5 wet days with total of .9in rainfall.

Highest temperature         66degF          18degC

Coldest night on 28th with 28degF          -2degC

There were four nights of frost.

November to 21st

So far we have only had .3 inches of rain. This is why the water companies are worried. The Farmoor reservoir is only half full and will create problems, unless it rains heavily for the next few days.

The temperatures in the country have been well above average for the time of year. Tiddington made 61degF          16degC.

Kensington was 65.1degF  18.4degC

The sunshine record for one year has been broken in London and most of the country. It works out at an average of six hours a day. The previous record was in 1959. This year could finish with 2,000 hours for the year. This would compare with Bordeaux, Biarritz, Boston and Melbourne.  

Glen Evans


United Neighbours In Tiddington


At our October meeting, Ken Wells returned for the third time to give us an insight into how murder investigations are progressed from start to finish. Ken is a retired long-serving police officer, who actually was part of the Great Train Robbery investigation, although a very young constable then. He is now the curator of the Thames Valley Museum and obviously enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences. The talk this time was based on a murder where the body was found with no identification and many miles away from his home. It proved to be very interesting and, backed up with slides, kept us on the edge of our seats.

A visit to the dogs was enjoyed by around twenty of us in October, despite a misunderstanding of the seating arrangements. Our Race Night on 15 November raised over £6oo.oo and will enable us to be generous to our charities this year - Sobell House and Douglas House. Our annual Dinner Dance is on 6 December and we have sixty members, partners and friends who will enjoy our pre-Christmas party.


We will be running the usual Christmas card service for delivery in the village only. Please look out for notices as to when they can be posted (usually Post Office and Bingo days). On 9 December we are holding our Christmas meeting and this will be an ideal night for anyone to come along and see what we are all about.

Our first meeting in 2004 will be on 27 January at 7.45pm in the Village Hall.

If you need more information about our club please contact Josie Adams, Julie Smith or any committee member.

May I take this opportunity to wish all a very happy time over Christmas and the New Year.


Pat Wise


Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


In October David Lovegrove of the RSPB greatly enriched our knowledge of the Red Kites that we see regularly circling the village. His slides of the birds’ plumage and their natural habitat were beautiful.

The museum treasures from Waterperry, which Gordon Dempster brought to show us in November, kept us all guessing as to their uses, and we were able to handle the pieces and admire the quality of manufacture. The highlight was a demonstration of apple peelers that cored and made apple rings too.

The Produce and Handicraft Show back in October was a great success with about 150 entries on display. Our Institute members won several prizes – congratulations to them all.

On 11 December we hold our Christmas meeting and will be entertained by the “Bakehouse Buskers”. The committee will provide seasonal refreshments and we will celebrate with a glass of sherry and an exchange of Christmas presents. The competition is for an item of woodware or treen.

A change of mood on 8 January as we shall be “Rafting down the Zambezi” with Betty Collins. The subject for the competition is xylographs – wood engravings to the uninitiated! Difficult finding a suitable subject beginning with X!

The County Federation is having a programme of Christmas songs and entertainment at Oxford Town Hall on 1 December. Our President, Sue Cox, as a member of the organising committee will be performing on stage and we wish her well.

Our monthly meetings are held in Tiddington Village Hall on the second Thursday in the month at 7.30pm. Visitors and new members will be made very welcome.

Zena Knight



Monday, 26 January, 7.00pm

Venue and subjects for discussion to be announced

Representatives from SODC, OCC & Aylesbury Vale PCT will attend



Photographs wanted!

Has anyone any photographs of Tiddington taken before the 1950’s that would be suitable for making into postcards to be sold in aid of Church funds?

If you would be willing to lend them please contact Moo Nowell-Smith on Tel: 339650

News from Newington Nurseries

For our mid-winter column, we return to the subject of why indoor plants are good for us and – more importantly for this time of year – how they can help us combat winter ills.

All plant lovers know that indoor plants help us psychologically by brightening up our homes and offices. Many, however, don’t realise that they can also help beat the harmful effects of dry, centrally heated air and they can fight infections.

How do they do this? Plants are natural humidifiers. German environmental biologist, Manfred R Radtke, is an expert on the subject. He points out that up to 97% of the water given to a plant is returned to the air. Not only does this improve humidity, it also makes us feel warmer by making our environment more comfortable – saving us the trouble of turning up the central heating!

To benefit most from this surprising statistic, we should choose those plants for our homes and offices that drink the most water. Radtke lists Sparmannia (African Hemp), Cyperus (Umbrella Plant) and other grass plants. These thirsty plants all have tiny openings on the undersides of their leaves which allow water back into the air around them. They also have a “high metabolism” in the winter months, so that even when the light is relatively low they achieve a proportionally high respiration level.

And the humidity these plants give us is far better than that which can be created by artificial humidifiers or natural ventilation. According to Radtke, this is because artificial humidifiers and even natural ventilation simply recirculate the air which still contains bacteria. This means that airborne ailments like colds, flu, eye and skin infections, as well as other minor illnesses can still be passed on. Houseplants, on the other hand, actually absorb toxins from the air, so they can be effective in significantly reducing minor ailments such as headaches, coughs, blocked noses and skin complaints. In fact, dedicated research undertaken in Norway has shown the incidence of headaches reduce by as much as 47% and dry hoarse coughs by 37% just by the effective use of plants.

So, the proof is there. Keep your houseplants happy and healthy and they will do the same for you!


§         Newington Nurseries is on the A329 just outside Stadhampton

§         Tel: 01865 400533




Ickford Pre-School






Ickford Pre-school offers education and care for children below school age.  We offer children the opportunity to learn through play in a stimulating and nurturing environment.  We are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and registered with OFSTED and the Charity Commission (No. 1036452).


Our Pre-school has 8 allocated places for 2½ year olds and we currently have spaces available.  We also have Government funded places for 3-year olds and 4-year-olds. 


Pre-school sessions are held during term time in Ickford Village Hall, 9.15-11.45 am, and from September will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; and on Fridays at Ickford School hall.



New Baby/Toddler Session


Our new additional Tuesday toddler session has been very well attended.  The children and babies enjoy our new music session – singing songs and playing musical instruments.  Our toddler sessions are held every Tuesday (including new music session) and Wednesday, 9.15-10.30 am, with specific craft area for Babies and Toddlers to enjoy.


Christmas Nativity &

Coffee Morning


Our annual Nativity Play and fundraising

coffee morning will be held on Wednesday 10th

December, 10.30-11.45 am.

There will be a Christmas Raffle (win Pantomime Tickets to see Jack & The Beanstalk –kindly donated by The Oxford Playhouse), Luxury Christmas Hamper, Wines, Toiletries etc.  Hunt the Christmas Pudding and lots more.


Everyone is welcome to come along to see the children perform their Nativity Play, have a cup of coffee and a mince pie and join in the festive fun.  We look forward to seeing you.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Playgroup children and After School Club children, Parents/Carers, Staff and Committee "A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


If you wish to find out more about our Pre-School, Baby & Toddler Group, funded place availability, or to put your child's name dawn on our waiting list, please contact

Meryl Munson, Supervisor, on 01844 339608.





The Willows

(a poem inspired by the cutting down of willow trees behind Fernhill Close)

The willows are felled – no more is a screen

Of delicate branches beyond our garden to be seen,

Black-clad rooks like bonfire scraps scatter

To seek further boughs for their parliament meetings.


With the harsh rasp of saws and thrashing of branches

I knew the willows that had shaded our gardens

Were shining and sheltering them no more.


Alas for the roseate banners of sunrise

Which once hailed the mornings as I looked out the door,

Alas for the sunset which crimsoned no more.


Stars and full moon of harvest will peep through no more,

To silver the bushes as they hung before,

No mid-morning sunshine to warm up the lawns.


There is a wider sky now where red kites wheel

And swoop over Fernhill, while white trails of vapour

Show where planes journey to countries afar.

I think the angels are drawing lines

For the cherubs to play on their floor.

Dot Wood


Under new management!

You may have heard that there are changes afoot at your CAB in Thame. Our new manager, Sarah Westcott, who started in early July, also manages Henley CAB. Henley and Thame CAB trustees are working closely together to merge the two legal entities. But fear not, the service to residents in Thame and the surrounding district, will continue and, we hope improve. We aim to build up the service to provide better access to our high quality advice and information service. We want to offer longer opening hours on more days. But we can’t do that without more volunteer advisers. Only Sarah and an Advice Session Supervisor are paid staff. Everyone else in the bureau is a volunteer. We urgently need more. Free and comprehensive training is given

Ring Sarah to find out more on 01844 261376




Carers, need a hand?

Not sure what a carer is? It is confusing when so many organisations use the term to describe different people and paid work. At your local Carers Centre you are a Carer if you look after a friend or member of your family who, because of old age, disability or long term illness relies on you for either practical or emotional support. The person you care for can be any age and have any type of disabilities including problems with mental health. We have Carers Outreach workers in every area who will visit you at home and offer information and advice on benefits and help with the long forms, holidays, housing, aids and specialist equipment to help you, services, support groups, residential care and a great deal more. The Centre through their “Time for Carers” project also offers short-term respite care, small items of equipment to help you in your daily task, a shopping service and outings and trips for Carers. Most of this is free.

If you are under eighteen years old and look after, or help look after a member of your family, then there are Young Carers workers for you, who offer the chance to talk or join in trips and clubs.

Interested in this free and confidential service?

Then call us on 01235 510212, fax on 01235 512198 or email on carers@SVCC.fsnet.co.uk.

Or you can write to us at South and Vale Carers Centre, 5 Lydalls Road, Didcot OX11 7HX. Which ever way you contact us we can promise you a response within a week.


Christmas Concert

by local singers and musicians

Saturday, 13 December, 7.30pm

Methodist Church, High Street, Witney

in aid of Bridewell Organic Gardens

Tickets £5.00 (children free) including refreshments from:-

The Music Stand, High St. 01993 774890

Annabel Molyneaux 01367 860056

Mary Elford 01993 882717 or on the door

Tiddington Cricket Club


The closed season – not really the weather for outdoor cricket!

However, there is one annual event which comes at this time of the year – the Christmas Draw at the Cricket Club on Thursday, 18 December at 8.30pm.

Ray Manning


Tiddington Village Hall


The Heart of England Jazz Band made a welcome return to the Village Hall on 1 November for an evening of live jazz.

Other events arranged through the District Council AllSorts initiative will be coming to the Village Hall in February and March. Look out for further details in the next Newsletter and on posters.

Meanwhile come and enjoy a festive Christmas with Bingo on Tuesday, 16 December and Christmas parties on Saturday, 20 December for kids from 2.00-4.00pm and adults from 8.00pm.


Alan Stratton






Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Free public lectures

12 December 7pm Galileo Galilei

9 January 7pm Space weather

13 February 7pm What is nanotechnology

To reserve a place contact Lisa Faircloth Tel: 01235 445789

Open Day

28 January 1.30-4.30pm

To reserve a place contact Emma Gilgunn-Jones on 01235 445553