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Parish Council News


Tree planting – two small hawthorn trees will be planted soon between the bus shelter and the VE Day seat. These will replace the one which was removed from the vicinity of the speed camera.


Planning process – following a request from the District Council for suggestions as to how the Council’s responses to planning applications can be speeded up, this Parish Council has appointed a sub-committee of Councillors Ken Field and Ian Malin, plus a councillor from the immediate area of the application. If any residents have concerns about a particular application, please contact a member of the sub-committee as quickly as possible after notice of any application is posted. The sub-committee will meet between monthly meetings of the Parish Council if necessary, but this does not preclude full discussion at the monthly meeting if the issue is contentious.


Thame Area Forum – Councillor Gerald Morrish represented the Council at the Forum held by SODC at Lewknor on 30 October. Oxfordshire County Council and the Vale of Aylesbury Primary Care Trust were also represented. Discussion took place on car parking charges in the District and the County


Tiddington with Albury Parish Council Members


Chairman          John Nowell-Smith        339650


Vice Chairman   William Tremayne         279797

                       Public transport,planning

Councillor         Ken Field                     339671


Councillor         Ian Malin                     338126

                       Health & safety,crime

Councillor         Gerald Morrish             339409


Councillor         Alan Stratton              339430


Clerk               Zena Knight                 339340

                       24 Albury View, Tiddington

Council strategy for care homes was outlined. In particular, the replacement of the 45 residential places at Meadowcroft in Thame with a new care home offering 40 nursing places and 20 residential places was announced. It was hoped that a new site in Thame could be developed before Meadowcroft was demolished, thus minimising disruption to residents.

The next Forum will be held on 13 January at 7.00pm at Watlington Primary School.


Publication schemes – under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Parish Councils have to produce a publication scheme by the deadline of 31 December. In it the Council will list all items which they publish in some form and which can be made available to the public.


Police news – Ian Brown has been appointed Wheatley Sector Supervisor for Thames Valley Police in place of Stewart Dunbar.


Payments – membership of the Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association has been renewed and a donation made to the Friends of Meadowcroft. It was agreed to contribute to the financing of a youth shelter in the new financial year.




Your Council needs you!


In May 2003, Parish Council elections will be held


§        We need new people with fresh ideas

§        Could you give a little time to the village?

§        Contact a serving Councillor to learn more

§        Consider standing for election next May


Refuse skips


Sat 7 December 9.40-11.00 Station Approach

Wed 5 February 8.00-9.50 Three Pigeons

Wed 5 February 10.20-12.10 Station Approach

Sat 15 March 9.40-11.00 Station Approach


For dates of skips in neighbouring villages

please see the Parish notice board


From a Parish Councillor

Here are a few lines from your environmentally friendly Parish Councillor, about recycling. Judging from the amount of green boxes put out every week, we are definitely playing our part in this village. But you know what it is, as soon as we get near our personal targets, someone comes along to say “we must do better”!

Although all our recycled waste is put into one truck, do not be discouraged. Once they have it, they do sort it out at the processing centre. Rather, focus on our own handling of the things we put in these bins. How about a few supermarket carrier bags, one for plastic, one for paper and one for tins or other metal objects. Large plastic oil containers and plastic sacks, etc can be made into a separate bundle. Squash whatever you can to save space. Remember it’s more in the green box and less in the black bags. Sorry, glass has still got to go to the recycling bins at your local supermarket.






There are a few Golden Jubilee commemorative mugs still available at a cost of

£4.00 each

Contact the Parish Clerk on

Tel. 339340

In the run up to Christmas, please make sure you have something extra around to handle all that wrapping paper and packaging, cans and bottles, which we tend to accumulate at this time of year.

If you do not already attempt to recycle anything, watch out!! The SODC waste management officers may have special plans for you. Get a Green Box and start now. A new supply of green boxes is expected at the Garage shortly. Read your latest OUTLOOK News or look out!!!

Green bags for garden waste can be obtained from our Parish Clerk for a small charge - pensioners at a special rate – and these can be put out with your normal rubbish.

We are lucky this year that there will be no changes to our Monday rubbish collection days over Christmas and the New Year, but generally put your rubbish out on the day of collection so that cats and foxes do not get a chance to scavenge.

Merry Christmas.

Gerald Morrish




Thames Valley



0800 555 111


To report anything suspicious and any acts of vandalism call the

Abingdon Police Office for a

same-day response

01235 776000

For non-emergencies call the

Wheatley Police Office

01865 875568


From our County Councillor

The Oxfordshire Structure Plan is being reviewed at the current time. The new plan will give a blueprint for Oxfordshire until 2016. One of the most important things that the plan has to do is to find a place or places for the increased allocations for new housing that we have been given from Central Government. The first round of consultations has been done, and it is clear that there are not going to be any easy solutions this time.

In previous structure plans there was a consensus that major housing developments should take place in the “country towns” of Bicester, Banbury, Witney and Didcot. Not only would that make sure that these towns could grow to a sustainable size, but also that there would not be pressure in the Green Belt, or in other sensitive areas of Oxfordshire.

Now it looks as if there may be only limited scope for further additions to the country towns, so other areas will have to be looked at as well. Suggestions are growth within Oxford City, in larger towns such as Abingdon, and a possible new town. Also, it is said that the Green Belt can now no longer be automatically discounted as an area where new housing can take place. Investigations into the possibility of these options to take housing are taking place, and a draft Structure Plan will be available for comment next year.



Carol Evening

Thursday, 19 December 2002 7.30pm

Tiddington Village Hall

Coffee and mince pies                  Raffle

Tickets £2 (children £1) from

Anne Edwards 339674 or

Pauline Field 339671

Proceeds to

Cancer Research UK

Churchill Hospital

Another aspect of the Structure Plan will be to attempt to find solutions to the lack of affordable housing in the county that is hitting not only the low paid, but also key workers such as teachers, nurses etc.

People will have the chance to comment on the draft plan, and I hope that everyone who is concerned will do so, as this new plan could bring dramatic changes to parts of Oxfordshire.

For any information on this or any other County Council issue, please contact Anne Purse

Tel - 01864 351404

Email – anne.purse@oxfordshire.gov.uk


2      News from Sandy Lane Farm

Most farmers have an aversion to anything that comes out of Brussels, and sprouts are probably at the top of many people’s lists. I have a fantastic crop this year, and of course I love to sell what people love to hate.

The origins of traditions are so interesting, often initiated by some royal fancy. I recall one family who always trimmed the legs of the Christmas turkey because… well, her mother always did and her mother and so on. Eventually it transpired that the great grandmother’s oven was too small!

It is especially interesting to hear of traditions from other cultures. Ghana is flavour of the month at the moment and Sam’s descriptions of wedding parties make our English celebrations look like queueing at an Asda checkout. He has a newly married friend who is returning home with the intention of “picking seed”. We would say “starting a family”. That reminds me, where did I file those seed catalogues?

I asked one of our Hungarian helpers if he had fed the pigs. He replied “No, I had fish and chips!” Farmers so often miss out on these cultural exchanges. Maybe asylum seekers (genuine ones) should spread out thinly through the rural communities. They would be better integrated and we would learn a lot too. That idea might be a bit before its time.

I was intrigued about how the sugar beet was going to be harvested. The £250,000 answer came this afternoon. It was quite a spectacle – topping and lifting ten rows at a time at a fast walking pace. I’d never thought about how much effort goes into a bit of sugar. Our sweet tooth began with the slave trade in the West Indies. I wonder who the slaves are today? I’m a “small is beautiful” person myself. Anyway, I digress. What was I looking for? Ah yes, the seed catalogue.

Charles Bennett


National Children’s Home

The annual collection made in September amounted to £211.41.

Thank you to all who contributed.

Anne Edwards


Royal National Mission to

Deep Sea Fishermen

The coffee morning held on Saturday, 28 September raised £150.00.

Mrs Wood and family would like to thank all who contributed to this worthy cause.

Dot Wood



From the Vicar

Suddenly it’s Advent, and the next thing we know it will be Christmas.

The Indian Summer in September was glorious but made me, at least, forget that winter was just around the corner. Now it feels more like the beginning of autumn than the middle of winter. Now it’s going to be the rush to get cards, presents – but only after the Carol Services and Nativity Celebrations and Christmas worship are ready. As so often happens, we realise that life is full of surprises, even when we think we know exactly what’s going on and kid ourselves that we are absolutely in control.

For me this sudden change was even more memorable this autumn since, as I am sure many of you know, I now have a new job. In February we will move to Leeds, where I will become Vicar of Holy Trinity, in the centre of the city, and Chaplain to the Arts and Recreation to Leeds. Among other things, I will be exploring turning an elegant Georgian church into a worship centre and arts venue for concerts, exhibitions, conferences and such activities. A challenging and very exciting project, and one which I could not think of doing without all the opportunities in pastoral work and worship, in creative and dramatic undertakings across church, school and village communities that the last three years have given. As they say, in all sincerity, I could not have done it without you, so thank you all very much for all you have given since my arrival.

Christmas approaches and it is a time to get together, to celebrate, to remember that a baby born 2000 years ago changed the world for ever, and offers still a message of peace and love which all babies share, and which we should, if we listen to the carols and readings at our Christmas services.

But Christmas is also a time of uncertainty. How will the baby grow? What will happen to the family? Why should anyone want to slaughter new-born children? When did Jesus and his family become refugees and asylum-



Cluster Nativity Service

15 December, 11.00am

Holton Village Hall

This is an event for all our churches and villages. A lot of people have given generously of their time and expertise to produce a beautiful wall hanging illustrating stories Jesus told.

The Sunday School will perform a brand new Nativity written by Bec Matthews and our readings will be led by young people from the United Reformed Church.

The service will be a joint one with families from Holton, Sandhills and Wheatley taking part. Anything could happen and probably will. Everyone will be welcome.

Please join us for an exciting build up to Christmas.

seekers? The message is that under the uncertainty are love and faith. God shows them both, and we must try and echo them in our own lives. If we do, we can live with the uncertainty, even see it as exciting.


The future of our parishes suddenly looks less certain. I don’t know just what will happen in the centre of Leeds (but the shopping is amazing). I do know that if we keep the Christmas message alive in our own families and communities then we can live with the uncertainties, and even sometimes welcome them.

And on the subject of uncertainty:


A passage from a nativity play, written, directed and acted by a class of nine-year-olds, opens with the scene at the inn. Joseph and Mary ask for a room

Innkeeper: Can’t you see the “No Vacancy” sign?

Joseph: Yes, but can’t you see that my wife is expecting a baby any minute?

Innkeeper: Well, that’s not my fault.

Joseph: Well, it’s not mine either!


May the peace, love and excitement of Christmas be with you all.

Chris Taylor



From the Registers

Holy Matrimony                 19 October at Holton                              Jayne Dettmer and Paul Livett

                                             May God bless them in their new life


Christian Funeral               15 November at St Helen’s, Albury        Richard Luckett

                                             May he rest in peace and rise in glory



Church Services





1 December

Advent Sunday



Holy Communion

& Baptism



Advent Carols &

Christingle Serv. 4.00pm

8 December

Morning Prayer


Sunday School


Evening Prayer


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


14 December


Christmas Cheer, Carols and Mince Pies

The Merry Bells, Wheatley 10.00am-12.00noon

15 December


Cluster Nativity Service, Vill Hall


Village Carol



Village Carol Service


22 December

Holy Communion


Village Carol Service



Holy Communion


24 December

Christmas Eve


Carols & Eucharist


Crib Service


Midnight Mass




Church Services





25 December

Christmas Day



Family Communion


Family Communion


29 December



Morning Prayer




5 January

Holy Communion


Holy Communion


Holy Communion




12 January

Morning Prayer


Evening Prayer


Holy Communion


Holy Communion


19 January



Holy Communion


Morning Prayer


Morning Prayer

26 January

Holy Communion


Family Communion





Holy Communion





Tiddington Village Hall


Christmas at Tiddington Village Hall


The Tiddington Village Hall Committee is organising three events this December.

On Sunday, 15 December, instead of the usual Kids’ Christmas Party, we’ve got a theatre group coming in to perform “The Toy Theatre” by Anthony Peters. It’s not just for the children either; all ages are welcome, so why not bring the Family for a pre-Christmas treat in the Village Hall. There’s also a rumour going round that Father Christmas might just drop by! See the main advert on page 5 for more details.

Then on Tuesday, 17 December, it’s the annual Christmas Bingo starting at 8.00pm, with great fun for all ages. Over the years residents have been very kind with their donations for prizes. This year we need your help again, so please if you can, give generously when a member of the Committee calls. If for any reason you don’t get a visit and have something to donate, please call the prize co-ordinator Pauline Field on 339671.


Finally we end the month with a traditional New Year's Eve Party in the Village Hall (see advert on page 13) The aim is to have a relaxed informal evening with games and music for all ages. Then at midnight there will be fireworks, which have been kindly donated by Stephen Bowley Planning Consultancy. For the food we will be asking all party-goers to contribute towards the American Supper Buffet. Tickets (which must be bought in advance) are very limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis (adults £5.00, 16 and under £2.50) so please speak to a Village Hall Committee member or call Alan (339430) to reserve yours.

From the Village Hall Committee may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joyce Stratton



Tiddington Village Hall

Annual General Meeting

Monday,9 December, 8.00pm


All are invited to attend

Please support your Village Hall

Tiddington Cricket Club

Whilst December and January are the two months furthest away from our own cricket season, our interest in cricket is sated by England’s uphill struggle in Australia.

Next year’s Village Knockout draw for Oxfordshire gives us a first round match at Great and Little Tew on Sunday, 27 April, with more strong oppositions to follow should we win.

In every cricket season, with all the time and organisation needed to make things run smoothly, some important issues tend to get put on ice. Most important of all is our need for a new pavilion. Progress is now being made towards submitting a bid for a Sport England Lottery Grant. We expect to be able to report significant progress at the Club’s AGM, which will be held in the Clubhouse on Sunday, 19 January, starting at 6.30 pm.

This year’s Christmas Draw will take place on Thursday, 19 December at 9.00 pm in the Clubhouse.

During the winter the Club opens on alternate Monday and Wednesday evenings for cribbage and Ladies darts respectively, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and Sunday lunchtime from 12.30 to 3.00pm.

Over the festive season the Club will open on Christmas Eve and Christmas and Boxing Day Lunchtimes.

New members are always welcome.

Although early, Seasons Greetings to all, especially to those who have supported, taken part and given of their time throughout the year.


Ray Manning


St Helen’s Church Bazaar

The proceeds of the Bazaar on 16 November amounted to £508.66.

Grateful thanks to all who supported this event.

Anne Edwards

United Neighbours In Tiddington


We have our last celebration to mark our twenty fifth birthday on 7 December. 70 members and their guests, an improved number from the last few years and a fitting end to our year, will hopefully enjoy the annual Dinner/Dance.

A talk at our October meeting by Shirley Smith was entitled “50 years in the life of a nanny” and at our November meeting we welcomed back Ken Wells, curator of the museum at Thames Valley Police , and he talked about the history of the police force, uniforms and accessories. Both of these talks were very enjoyable.

On 10 October, a group of ten enjoyed “The King and I” at the Oxford Apollo and a shopping trip to Cheltenham on 7 November put us in the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas meeting on 10 December will follow the usual plan with food, drink and presents.

We are operating the post box again this year at the Post Office, Bingo and UNIT dates 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th and 18th of December, where for a donation any Christmas cards for the village only will be delivered.

The first meeting next year is our AGM and will be on 21 January.

For any more information about our club please contact Josie Adams or myself.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked so hard to make this year the success it has been, to wish you all a happy time over the holiday period and let us hope we can celebrate many more years of UNIT.

Pat Wise



Full size pool table with cues, rests, overhead lights and a purpose built trolley to move it!

£500 including delivery

Call Alan on 01844 339430



Waterstock & Tiddington W.I.


In October, Mrs Christine Whild entertained us with excerpts from music depicting sounds from the countryside. There were selections for all tastes from Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony to Maple Leaf Rag, and printed notes to help members follow the music.

At our November meeting, Mrs Cundell inspired us with her beautiful floral arrangements for Christmas and her five completed displays were raffled. She also told us about her experiences showing at the Chelsea Flower Show, where she and her colleagues won a gold medal.

We look forward to our Christmas dinner on Thursday, 12 December, this year held at the Clifden Arms, Worminghall at 7.00pm for 7.30.

Members will exchange Christmas presents.

On 9 January, in a change to the published programme, Mrs Barbara Gray will demonstrate her “Posh Puds”.

A date for your diary – Saturday, 22 February in Tiddington Village Hall – a Skittles Evening including supper. This proved a popular event when held some two or three years ago, so make a note now. Further details on posters and in the next Newsletter.

January marks the start of our new subscription year. For just £1.65 per evening, members can enjoy hearing speakers on a wide variety of topics, join in meetings, activities and outings arranged locally and countywide, and have friendship, fun and fellowship together. Why not join us? A warm welcome will be extended to new members and visitors on the second Thursday in the month in Tiddington Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Meanwhile a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Zena Knight





Ickford Pre-school Playgroup




Ickford Pre-school Playgroup offers education and care for children below school age.  We offer children the opportunity to learn through play in a stimulating and nurturing environment. 


Our Playgroup has 8 allocated places for 2½ year olds and we currently have spaces available.  We also have Government funded places for 3-year olds and 4-year-olds.


Playgroup sessions are held during term time in Ickford Village Hall on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and on Fridays at Ickford School hall. 


Baby & Toddler Group


We also have a Baby & Toddler Group, which is held at Ickford Village Hall every Wednesday morning 9.15 am - 10.30 am, where we welcome babies and toddlers to come and enjoy the many toys and company of other children, parents/carers.


If you wish to find out more about funded place availability, further details on our Playgroup/Baby/Toddler Group, or to put your child’s name on our waiting list, please contact:

Meryl Munson (Playgroup Supervisor) on 01844 339608.


* * * * * *


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Playgroup children and After School Club children, Parents/Carers, Staff and Committee "A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Ickford After School Club





Ickford Pre-school Playgroup have extended their provision to include an After School Club for the children of Ickford Combined School.


The After School Club offers high quality, affordable and accessible childcare for children aged 4½ to 11 years of age.  Sessions are held during term time, in Ickford School Hall, 3.15 pm to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Session rates are £6.00 per child per session (with a discount rate of £5.50 for siblings).   We offer ad-hoc as well as regular termly bookings.


If you wish to find out more about the After School Club, or space availability, please contact Jan Thomas (Chairman) on 01844 338916 or Karen Taylor on 01844 339467.


ASC sessions resume on Tuesday 7th January 2003.


Registered Charity No. 1036452                        

Registered with OFSTED                         

Members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance





Weather Statistics


A very dry month over the entire country, due mainly to high pressure. Anticyclones controlled Britain’s weather for most of the month.

The average rainfall for the country was 1.64in – half the normal amount. In the past one hundred years only 18 Septembers have been drier, including 1996 and 1997.

Tiddington had two days of rain with a total of .7in.

One of the sunniest months for many years.


Number of dry days – 14

Total amount of rain – 3.2in

27th – storms throughout UK, winds of 90mph.

6 people killed including a 22-year-old lady in Oxford.

Warmest days – 1st and 2nd  75degF 24degC

November (to 21st)

Rain recorded on 19 days out of 21.

Total amount of rain – 3.8in

Floods recorded in Cornwall, NE Scotland and many other parts of the country.

Frost on the night of 18th /19th.

On average November is the wettest month of the year. The wettest years have been 1770, 1852, 1929 and 1940.


Glen Evans


The Porch

The Porch Steppin’ Stone Centre is looking for volunteers who are able to give a couple of hours a week to help in our East Oxford centre for homeless and vulnerably housed people. There is a range of times available – mornings, evenings and weekends. No criteria needed, only a willingness to help and a friendly disposition, although there are opportunities for people with skills in IT, cooking, art, and sports. For more information please contact Sarah or Laura on 01865 728545/251798 or email us on staff@tssc.fsnet.co.uk.

Special people for a special place


Tucked away in Latimer Road, Headington is McMaster House – anything but a standard sheltered housing scheme. Sharing a site with St Luke’s Hospital, it is entirely independent and individual. Flats are normally allocated to people 55 or over. Although there are no current vacancies, St Luke’s Housing Society would be pleased to provide information, or arrange a visit, for anyone interested in putting their name on the waiting list.

Keeping McMaster House special requires effort from the Management Committee and the Society is looking to recruit new members to the committee. If you have a little time to offer, especially if you have experience in the fields of housing, building maintenance, finance or social care, then the Management Committee would like to hear from you.

Contact Lorraine on 01865 769726 or write to

Chairman, St Luke’s Housing Society, McMaster House, Latimer Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7PX



South Oxfordshire Rural Strategy

And Action Plan

The Rural Strategy was prepared in 1999 and identified the issues affecting the quality of life for those living in South Oxfordshire. An Action Plan was drawn up and is now being reviewed. The District Council would welcome comments from the public before producing a final version of the Rural Strategy in mid-2003

The Strategy, Action Plan and comments form are available on the Council’s website www.southoxon.gov.uk, on CD-Rom, at local libraries or on paper from the Council.

Comments must be received by 14 February

For more information or copies please contact Rebekah Robinson

Tel: 01491 823017 or

email: rebekah.robinson@southoxon.gov.uk