Monthly Meeting

Monday 7 January 2008, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mr D Turner (County Councillor), Mrs J Willis, and one member of the public.



1.             Apologies for Absence

No apologies.


2.             Declarations of Interest

Mr Nowell-Smith – planning application P07/W1309/10LB - owner of adjacent property.


3.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.     


4.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.             OCC Highways matters.  Pelican crossing – Mr Turner reported ongoing correspondence between himself and Highways regarding the misleading information that has been supplied to the Parish Council so far.  This will be held over to the next meeting by which time Mr Turner is expecting to have received a detailed reply with input from senior officers. Mr Turner reported that it had been agreed to make a cost assessment to put a pavement from the M40 service station to the Wheatley Middle Ground site and on to Wheatley.  Speeding on the A418 - the Clerk has been advised that this query has been forwarded to Road Policing at Milton Keynes for a response.   M40 – Mr Nowell-Smith has discussed the noise abatement issue with the Chief Executive of SODC, David Buckle, and is hopeful that he may be able to provide further help depending on the costs of the works involved. Mrs Horne advised that representatives from the M40CEG are meeting Tom Harris from the Department of Transport on 23 January.  Drainage and potholes – these matters continue to be dealt with unsatisfactorily, and there is a pothole on the Ickford Road that is particularly bad.  Mr Turner will contact Brian Purcell-Smith for a site visit with Mr Field.

b.            Provision of dog bins – the Clerk has received an estimate of £140 from Scion to erect the bins and it was agreed to go ahead.

c.             SODC core strategy response – an extension to the deadline for responses would be sought in order to compile the Parish Council’s response.

d.            ROSPA report – the village hall committee are to be asked to bring the next report to the Parish Council’s monthly meeting for discussion before authorising any remedial work next time this is required.


5.             Planning matters

a.            Tree preservation order 39/2007 Station Yard – notification of application of this order has been received and circulated via the wallet.  The Parish Council has no comments at this stage. 

b.            P07/W1309/10LB – Albury Grange, Albury  – construction of single storey rear extension to form garden room and listed building consent.  Decision – approved subject to the views of neighbours.

c.            P07/W1416 Oxford Belfry, Milton Common – Construction of new two storey staff accommodation building and storage to replace existing.  Decision - approved subject to the views of neighbours.

d.            SODC consultation referral of applications to Committee – a letter has been received proposing that only major and minor applications should be referred to Planning Committee where a parish/town council objects and the officer’s recommendation is for approval.  The Parish Council does not support this proposal and the Clerk is to add that this would be an erosion of Parish Council duty on behalf of its parishioners.

e.            SODC planning applications consultation – an email has been received and forwarded to all councillors advising that new planning application forms for applicants are being introduced and inviting comments by 18 February. 


6.             Correspondence

a.             ORCC Changes to the Post Office Network - advance notice has been received of a meeting to be held on Thursday 14 February at 2pm at the Holt Hotel, Steeple Aston for parishes affected by the review.  The Clerk will advise all present once the outcome of the review is known and which is due to be published on 5 February. 


7.             Financial matters

a.             Payment of £69.59 to SODC for fees and charges for Parish Council elections of 3 May 2007 was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.

b.            A request for a donation to the Starlight Children’s Foundation was declined.

c.             Payment of £263.61 to Parchments of Oxford for newsletter printing was proposed by Mr Field and seconded by Mrs Horne.

d.            Payment of £9.00 to Mrs F A Hughes for the Three Villages Hospital Car Service was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.


8.             Open discussion

a.             Mr Turner reported that the works on the A329 motorway bridge have been put back to August.  A presentation is to be made on 21 February at the District Council and Mr Turner plans to raise the issue of alternative methods to full bridge closure that have been suggested in previous discussions.

b.            Mr Turner advised that the 50mph speed limit from Milton Common to Thame was now in place on the A329.  The derestricted status of this road running from Stadhampton to Chilselhampton is to be changed to 40mph.

c.             Mr Turner explained that the budget process was underway at the County Council and that some very challenging criteria had been set.

d.            Vacancies – there has been one applicant for the role of Clerk and Mr Nowell-Smith will follow this up.  The Clerk has been advised by the Returns Officer that there have been no requests for an election in response to the advertisement for a Parish Councillor, and that we may now co-opt someone.  It was agreed to put this on next month’s agenda.

e.             Mrs Knight reported that there had been some vandalism to cars on New Year’s Eve.  It is believed that the perpetrators can be identified. Mrs Horne and Mr Field will follow this up.

f.             Mrs Knight reminded all present that the deadline for the newsletter was 20 January.

g.            Mrs Willis advised that the light in the bus shelter opposite the Fox had not yet been fixed.  The Clerk is to send a reminder.

h.             Mrs Horne reported that Thames Valley Police are advising all residents to ensure that their properties and cars are secure and that individuals take precautions to guard against identity theft by shredding important documents.  They are also asking that the community keeps an eye on the elderly as bogus callers are becoming more prevalent.  Mrs Horne also advised that no-one had come forward for Neighbourhood Watch in Tiddington, but that she had been asked to include Sandy Lane in her area. 

i.              Mr Field reported that the inner bin on the waste bin adjacent to Tudor Cottage and the old railway bridge requires replacing.  The Clerk will contact the District Council accordingly.

j.              The Clerk is to report the poor road surface on the roundabout next to the golf course at Waterstock.


9.         Date of next meeting

Monday 4 February 2008 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm.