Monthly Meeting

Monday 5 November 2007, 8.00pm – at Tiddington Village Hall




Present:           Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mrs J Willis, Mr D Turner (County Councillor) and one member of the public.


1.             Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


2.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.     


3.             Matters arising from previous minutes

a.             OCC Highways matters.  Electronic 30mph sign – Mr Turner confirmed that the data for Tiddington showed that the criteria were not met to qualify for sign, and that Mr Ronald has confirmed that the Parish Council may not proceed on this basis.  The criteria are met at Milton Common.  The criteria are that 40% of vehicles must be travelling at over 35mph in a 24 hour period.  The cost for a solar sign is £5000 and non-solar is £3000. The Clerk has written to the police to ascertain the number of speeders caught and is awaiting a reply.   M40 – Mr Nowell-Smith will approach Rodney Mann at SODC about additional funds to support noise abatement.  The Clerk advised that a works order has been placed by Highways for hedging obscuring traffic signs along the A40 in Milton Common to be trimmed, but that budget constraints mean that this will not be carried out for some time. Pelican crossing – a copy of a letter to Boris Johnson from a junior minister from the Ministry of Transport has been received advising that funding decisions are a local issue and are not dictated by the Ministry or prescribed accident rates.  This would seem to be at odds with the information being received from the OCC Highways department.  A copy of this letter is to be given to Mr Turner who will write to Mr Roberts again before any further more radical action is taken.  A329 from Milton Common to Thame – the 50mph limit is to be extended to this stretch of road; the signs are in place but not yet in force.  Heavy goods traffic is re-routing from the Milton Common-Stadhampton-Grenoble Road route via the Headington roundabout.

b.            Affordable housing – Mr Nowell-Smith has received a letter from Charles Shaw from OCHA expressing disappointment that the Parish Council is no longer in support of the development and confirming that further discussions have taken place with near neighbours.  However, Mr Shaw wrote that they would still be proceeding with the scheme.  The Clerk has received an email from Anna Kennedy from ORCC giving details of other Parish Councils who would be happy to be approached for their views on recent affordable housing projects and asking if the Parish Council would like any further information to assist with resolving any outstanding issues.  The Clerk is to request a copy of the decontamination report requested at a previous meeting.


4.             Planning matters

a.            P04/W1327 – Meadow View – addition of windows to garage on previously approved plans.  Decision – approved.

b.            P07/W0958 – Lantern Service Station – the application was refused at planning committee, however this outcome has triggered an internal planning review, and the developers may take the application to further appeal.


5.             Correspondence

a.             SODC review of licensing policy – this is a statutory requirement and details were circulated in the wallet.

b.            SODC planning policy review – Mrs Knight had attended a workshop on planning policy and the results have now been published.  Details were circulated in the wallet.

c.             SODC community facilities and services survey – the Clerk is to check and amend the entries for Tiddington with Albury on the Parish Council’s behalf.

d.            SODC recycling participation monitoring – there is a countywide review due to take place in 2009.  Some addresses in the village will be included in the audit of what is being put out for recycling for inclusion in the preparation of the review.

e.             SODC tree warden scheme – details of the scheme are to be published in the newsletter.

f.             Oxford Green Belt Network AGM – this will be attended by Mrs Knight and Mrs Horne.  Mrs Willis may join them.

g.            M40 Chilterns Environmental Group AGM  – Mrs Horne will attend.


6.             Financial matters

a.             Payment of £240 to Pete Pridmore for bus shelter and bench refurbishment was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.

b.            A donation of £30 to South and Vale Carers was proposed by Mrs Horne and seconded by Mrs Willis.

c.             Payment of £30 to OPFA for membership was proposed by Mr Field and seconded by Mrs Horne.

d.            A donation of £100 to the M40CEG was proposed by Mrs Willis and seconded by Mrs Knight.

e.             Payment of £7.50 to Mrs J Stoker for reimbursement of payment for HSE booklet was proposed by Mrs Willis and seconded by Mrs Knight.


7.             Open discussion

a.             The councillors had no further information about young carers who may be interested in being interviewed as part of the project Mr Turner is involved with which aims to support these young people.

b.            Mrs Knight reminded all present of the deadline for the parish newsletter.

c.             Mrs Willis reported that the light at the bus shelter opposite the Fox requires replacing.  The Clerk to contact OCC.

d.            Mr Field asked that the Clerk check that the Parish Council has the correct insurance to allow him to erect the dog waste bins now that all the paperwork is in order.

e.             It was reported that there is still a problem with some residents dumping garden waste in ditches and hedgerows.  A letter is to be drafted once the clerk has been advised of the address involved.

f.             The Clerk advised that a mobile police station would be visiting the village on Friday 9th November and this would be using the village hall car park.  Notices are to be put on the village notice boards and the garage.

g.            Mr Field asked if there could be a path made to run alongside the Motorway Service Area towards Wheatley because the number of pedestrians along this stretch of busy road is increasing.  Whilst this is not in our parish, Mr Turner will make further enquiries on our behalf.

h.             It was confirmed that an advert for a councillor to fill the vacancy left by Mr Boughton is to be placed in the next newsletter.

i.              It was agreed to change the seating arrangements from the current layout to a slightly less formal boardroom table format for the next meeting.


8.         Date of next meeting

Monday 3 December 2007 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm.