Monthly Meeting

Monday 4 February 2008, 8.00pm at Tiddington Village Hall




Present: Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mr B Price, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mr D Turner (County Councillor), Mrs J Willis and three members of the public.



1.             Apologies for Absence

No apologies.


2.             Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest.


3.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.             Co-option of new Councillor

Mr Field proposed the co-option of Mr Brian Price and this was seconded by Mrs Willis. Co-option was approved and Mr Price was welcomed to the Council. Mr Price signed the declaration of acceptance.


5.             Matters arising from previous minutes

a.             OCC Highways matters. Pelican crossing Mr Turner is not satisfied with the response he has received from Mr Robertson regarding the misleading information that has been supplied to the Parish Council so far. Mr Turner and Mr Nowell-Smith will arrange a meeting with Boris Johnson to ask for his help in resolving these differences. Speeding on the A418 the Clerk has received some statistics from Road Policing at Milton Keynes, and is to check the time period that these figures relate to. M40 noise abatement nothing further has been heard from the Chief Executive of SODC, David Buckle, who is on sabbatical. Mrs Horne advised that the meeting between the M40CEG and Tom Harris from the Department of Transport on 23 January had been postponed until 28 February. A329 bridge closure - a presentation is to be made on 21 February at the District Council and Mr Turner plans to raise the issue of alternative methods to full bridge closure that have been suggested in previous discussions. Drainage and potholes a site visit has been arranged for 20th February at 9.30 (meet at the village hall car park) for Mr Tim Wilde with Mr Turner and Mr Field. A list of drainage problems and potholes is to be provided in advance Patching has taken place on the roundabout next to the Waterstock golf course, however this has still left one pothole only half filled in. Footway from MSA to Middle Ground Mr Turner has received a response that this will be too costly and that there have been no injuries to pedestrians on this stretch of road. There was a fatality of a young man late last year, however, and Mr Turner will challenge the response he has received. Dog waste bins are in place and will be emptied once a week and twice in summer.

b.            SODC core strategy response responses are to be with the Clerk by the end of the week, 8 February. Mrs Horne and Mrs Knight attended the recent meeting held to discuss the core strategy and reported that concerns were raised about affordable and new housing developments and the associated lack of infrastructure, and support for elderly residents.


6.             Commemorative tree

It is understood that there was an article in the Oxford Mail about the cutting of trees in Tiddington because of tree matter blocking drains. The Clerk is to find a copy of the article. The Clerk read a letter received from Mr Timothy Shickle at OCC regarding the replacement of the tree with a 20ft specimen, plaque and fence as part of the 1000 years of Oxfordshire celebrations. The Clerk is to request that the wording also incorporates the fact that this replaces a tree that was planted to commemorate the silver jubilee of George V, a letter from OCC to be published in the newsletter, and that a representative of the village is consulted on the location of the new tree.


7.             Planning matters

a.            P07/W1497 Station Yard, Tiddington a two storey development of 11 affordable dwellings with associated ground works and access. Decision refused. The Parish Council does not agree that use of the land as a rural exception site meets local need. The Clerk is to write to the Planning Office with the Councillors comments and request details of the 106 agreement.

b.            P07/W1416 Oxford Belfry, Milton Common Construction of new two storey staff accommodation building and storage to replace existing amendment. Decision approved.

c.            P07/1344 Highfield House, Tiddington erection of double garage and two storey rear extension and utility room. SODC decision approved.

d.            Sandy Lane Farmhouse a query was received regarding the status of the veterinary surgery and the Clerk was asked to write to the planning enforcement officers at SODC.


8.             Correspondence

a.             Police visits the Clerk is to check whether Milton Common is to be included in the forthcoming visits from community police officers.

b.            Consultation conduct of local authorities papers were circulated for Councillors review.

c.             Oxfordshire Public Transport Guide this was received and circulated via the wallet. The letter also asked whether free papers were available in the village. The Clerk is to respond.

d.            Play area and bus shelter tidying a letter has been received from Mr G Morrish advising that he would no longer be able to help with the play area and bus shelter. Mrs Willis volunteered to take this on and the Clerk is to write to Mr Morrish to thank him for his help over the years.


9.             Financial matters

a.             Payment of 59 to SLCC for membership fees was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mr Field.

b.            Payment of 8.81 to Mrs Willis for photocopying for the Core Strategy leaflet drop was proposed by Mrs Horne and seconded by Mrs Knight.

c.             Payment of 241.68 to Parchments of Oxford for newsletter printing was proposed by Mr Field and seconded by Mrs Horne. It was noted that prices had increased slightly to 85p for a 24 page newsletter.

d.            Payment of 183.30 to MediaLane International for BT line and broadband for village hall CCTV was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.

e.             Payment of 105.75 to MediaLane International for website management was proposed by Mrs Willis and seconded by Mr Field.

f.             The Clerk reported that new pay scales had been received and that SCP15 is now 8.041.

g.            The Clerk reported that BDO Stoy Hayward have been appointed as external auditors.


10.          Open discussion

a.             Mr Nowell-Smith advised that there had been one applicant for the role of clerk, Mr Ken Poyser, who introduced himself to the Councillors. Mr Poyser was present at the meeting as an observer.


11. Date of next meeting

Monday 3 March 2008 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.30pm.