Monthly Meeting

Monday 3 December 2007, 8.00pm at Tiddington Village Hall




Present: Mr J Nowell-Smith (Chairman and District Councillor), Mr K Field, Mrs E Horne, Mrs Z Knight, Mrs J Stoker (Clerk), Mrs J Willis, and one member of the public.



1.             Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Mr D Turner (County Councillor).


2.             Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


3.             Approval of previously circulated minutes

The minutes were approved and signed.


4.                   Matters arising from previous minutes

a.             OCC Highways matters. Pelican crossing a copy of a letter to Boris Johnson from a junior minister from the Ministry of Transport has been sent to Mr Turner who will make contact with Cllr. David Robertson at County Hall to discuss the discrepancy in what he told the Parish Council and what the Minister is saying. Mr Turner is also in discussion about the possibility of a pavement from the M40 service station to the Wheatley Middle Ground site and on to Wheatley. Speeding on the A418 - the Clerk has sent a reminder to the police to ascertain the number of speeders caught and is awaiting a reply. M40 Mr Nowell-Smith has discussed the noise abatement issue with the Chief Executive of SODC, and is hopeful that he may be able to provide further help.

b.            Provision of dog bins it was confirmed that the Parish Council is not covered by the insurance for Mr Field to erect the bins as a sub-contractor. He would only be covered if he was an employee of the Parish Council. The Clerk is obtaining quotes from Knowles and Scion for this work. Mr Field will also find out how much it would cost for him to have cover of 10m in case it would be more cost effective for the Parish Council to pay for this instead of hiring another contractor.


5.             Planning matters

a.            P07/W1344 Highfield House addition of WC to previously approved plans. Decision approved.

b.            Lassco request for brown tourist signs no objection in principle, however more details will be required via the planning process before a definitive decision may be made.


6.             Correspondence

a.             SODC core strategy over the next 18 months, SODC and others will be developing plans and policies for the future including where new houses will be sited and the services and facilities communities require. A questionnaire has been received and was circulated in the wallet. The clerk will consolidate the responses on behalf of the Parish Council and questionnaires will be returned by the councillors at the next monthly meeting. A leaflet will accompany the forthcoming Village Hall committee leaflet drop to advise residents that the Clerk has a copy of the report and questionnaires. Mr Nowell-Smith noted that plans for a large settlement at Milton Common have been ruled out in the current proposal.

b.            Lassco Mrs Garrett has emailed to let the Parish Council know that Lassco plan to hold an art week in May, which will coincide with an anniversary party. Residents will be welcome.


7.             Financial matters

a.             The Clerk presented the budget for consideration. There were additional unbudgeted costs this year. A grant of 3000 was made for village hall refurbishment; 2000 of this was budgeted for the prior year 2006/07 but not paid until this financial year, and a further 1000 was unbudgeted. The costs of play area repairs of 1110 were also not budgeted. It was agreed to increase the precept to 10,000.

b.            Internal Auditor Mr Rob McKinney had agreed to take this on.

c.             A donation of 50 to the Friends of Meadowcroft was proposed by Mr Nowell-Smith and seconded by Mrs Knight.

d.            Payment of 1,304.25 to Trevor Stewart Play Equipment for play area repairs was proposed by Mrs Horne and seconded by Mrs Knight. The Clerk was asked to circulate the ROSPA report detailing the repairs.

e.             Payment of 552.96 to Raymond J Bradley for village hall entrance flooring was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Horne.

f.             Payment of 423.01 to Robinsons Garden Care for mowing the playing field and churchyard was proposed by Mrs Knight and seconded by Mrs Willis.


8.             Open discussion

a.             Mrs Knight asked that planning decision notices from SODC be included on the agenda in future.

b.            Neighbourhood policing Mrs Horne and Mrs Knight will attend the meeting on 5th December at Wheatley Primary School. Mr Nowell-Smith may also attend.

c.             Mrs Horne reported that there had been a burglary at Milton Common. It appears that the perpetrators are after cash only. There had also been an attempted break in at Lassco, and there were more instances of immigrants being dropped off at the Lantern and on the A418. Mrs Horne asked that if anyone in the village sees anything suspicious to contact her.

d.            Neighbourhood Watch for Tiddington no one has come forward yet.

e.             Vacancy for Parish Councillor one or two enquiries had been made to councillors, but nothing official has been received.

f.             Mrs Willis reported that the light at the bus shelter opposite the Fox has not yet been replaced despite being reported. The Clerk to contact OCC again.

g.            Mr Field noted that there were a lot of water leaks at the moment.

h.             Mrs Knight reported that the gully outside Chestnut cottage is blocked again; the Clerk is to contact OCC.

i.              The Clerk has tendered her resignation which was accepted by the Parish Council. The post has been advertised in the recent newsletter.

j.              It was agreed that the boardroom table arrangement was a change for the better and that this would be kept for future meetings.


9. Date of next meeting

Monday 7 January 2008 at 8.00pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm.